Sunday, July 28, 2019

Anger, Frustration, Injustice And Burped Bile

If you have the feeling of acid swirling around in your stomach when you are around certain situations, people, or (in some cases) yourself, you might be needing a good ol' fashioned self-check on your anger.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that for 99% of my life I was the classic "door mat" personality type. I allowed everyone to take advantage of my good nature. I was indoctrinated in the Judeo-Christian philosophies of "Do unto others..." 

The only thing left out of that sweeping and almost universal philosophy was the little bit about, "Jesus gets pissed too..."

Buddha also was pissed.

Mohammed was super pissed.

All of the Hindu gods were pissed.

Zoroaster was pissed.

St. Francis was REALLY pissed off.

Mother Teresa... her catalyst? Yeah, she was pissed.

Gandhi- Quietly pissed but still really pissed. 

All the headliners of spiritual enlightenment were super pissed off.

I think there would be less atheist in the world if THIS was taught more than the hippy dippy stuff mixed with this schizophrenic "hail and brimstone, blood sacrifices..." type stuff. It made no sense to me either.

The Gnostic scholars were pissed too... all of the middle super important parts of our Hebraic religions as well as the Early Christian accounts were all left out of the mass produced Holy Book. A group of rich dudes called the Counsel of Nicea, (think Bilderberg Group with religious agendas of global domination)
decided it probably wasn't a great idea to tell the stupid mouth breathing masses about the origins of everything, why they are in the mess they are in, and how this life isn't the only life we've had or will have.  It's best to keep it confusing- Said ALL OF THEM in that Counsel of Nicea meeting. In fact, let's go ahead and get rid of all the scholars, libraries and any ancient scroll still hanging around from 10,000 years ago... burn it all, kill it all, hide it all.

I say all of that to say this....

We have been rinse and repeating this search for truth since the beginning. Each time we get close to it, some sort of stupid distraction fuels the fire of our anger and deepest sense of doubt and fear.
We never get to the "love thy neighbor" nor do we FULLY understand the concept in its entirety because we are PISSED OFF AND WANT EVERYONE TO BE COOL MAN!

As I type this there's a kid around 12 years old next door that screams constantly and is THE MOST IRRITATING child I've ever met in my life. He is currently screaming and flailing around within the window I was just watching birds out of. The fire that burns in my stomach is palpable. I want to go out there and get 1 inch from his face (or his parent's face) and put the fear of a thousand volcanos into them. I can't do that because it will get on the news.  This kid is taking the peace from me but who is allowing it? Me. So am I a slave to that kid? Yep. How does that 12 year old spoiled terrible child have such control over how I feel? 

Is it because I am viewing him as separate from me? Something I can "do something about." Sure he's separate from me in bodily form. But he's not really separate from me in an energetic way. Our energy is inhabiting the same space. Our frequencies are dissonant tones. If you could only perceive the frequencies of our energy you would hear the worst horror movie sound ever constructed. I can't "tune in" to that kid's frequency or he can't attune into mine until one of us decides to balance the polarities and create balance. 
Because this kid is unimaginably ignorant and damn near feral, I must be the one that tunes my own frequencies/feelings/output so that balance can be achieved. It may not be harmonious sounds, but it won't be the styrofoam shrieking of what it is now.

When I was the "old me" as in the door mat I mentioned above, it was because I repressed being pissed off. I thought it was wrong to be pissed off. When I had such anger, I didn't release it so I eventually in my early 20's had a bleeding ulcer in my stomach which required a tremendous dietary change, tons of doctor visits, and eventually the only thing that got rid of it was acupuncture. 

My stomach stopped burning but then the panic attacks began. The feeling had moved up and into my heart area.

There was one particular event that happened that was so unfair and awful and abusive toward me (but mostly my dog) that all of the years of repressed rage came out in one big violent anime level chakra blast toward the aggressor.  The rage was so powerful and happened so fast that I had sort of blacked out.
When I "came to" from that experience, there was a hole the size of a watermelon in the kitchen wall and the person who had been the horrible ABUSER was unconscious lying on the floor bleeding.

My stomach stopped hurting, my heart no longer hurt, and I was clear about a lot of things. For one, I got out of that relationship. Secondly, I loved my dog enough to almost kill someone for hurting her.
Thirdly- I had a lot of untapped power that scared the hell out of me.

"What do I do now," I thought to myself as I waited for the police and ambulance to show up. Well, I tell the truth. That's all I can do. I just tell the truth.

I told the truth and it was such a real truth that I had never told before that I believe it was the sole reason I never had to deal with that outburst in any legal way. The police understood what had happened and they also saw the older bruises I had from previous encounters with this person, along with neighbors and family coming to my defense.

After all of that, the old creeping guilt came roaring back like a starved lion. I wish I had known back then that it was almost dead n' gone. The guilt of a completely justified action of self-defense and the defense of the defenseless was completely justified and possibly applauded!

Yet, there I was thinking "I shouldn't have been that mad or done that.." I actually at one point fell sorry for the a**hole who threw a puppy and me across the room?! A person who was not stupid, not on drugs, and quite successful. This person had the world at his fingertips and yet, and yet...

Let's fast forward to 2019.

I still get angry. A lot. Now it's more often than when I had every reason to be angry way back when.
The "release valve" is hair trigger sensitive. I do not find this to be destructive because it never turns into the volcanic explosion it did 20 years ago. However, I find that this anger or frustration, irritation and annoyance is justified but not worth the bile it produces in the pit of my stomach.

Anyone who has been pushed around by life a bit too much and overcome it, has this hair trigger response to injustice. This is a common thread. Action is the only way to get the inner voice that says "fight fight fight for what is right right right," but we don't fight.  Instead we must find ways with compassion and integrity to state why we feel the way we do and how that feeling is on the path to "Do unto others..." utopia.  We can't "do unto others" if we don't know who our neighbor, metaphorically speaking- Is?

If we are looking only at self. Surface self says I need money, I need food, I need better friends, I need a better car, my friend things they are better than me, I'm better than my friend... etc..
It's jealousy, hatred, envy, desire, and fear that are calibrating your personality construct. 

These people who make you feel frustrated, angry, hopeless.. these situations that make you feel angry, hopeless, fed up... They are the result of someone else's free will.  Do you have free will? Sure you do. Nobody can get into your mind and change your thoughts unless you allow them to. You are the gatekeeper. Would you give everyone you know keys to your house? So why do you give them keys to your emotional mind? Your most precious gifts are stored in there as well as your power. Is this not true?

There's an old wisdom teacher from India who says, "Instead of saying 'i think this' or 'i think that' you must say the reality which is 'i make of this and I make that,' because you are making, not thinking."  
-Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

We teach what me most need to learn... and do not take this article as "Oh Melodee thinks she's some sort of spiritual leader...she's soooo not even close."  Yeah I know.  Duh.
I'm a human that is dealing with being human. That doesn't mean 'human' is less than anything... it means that within us we contain good and bad.  The balance of the universe is within human beings. We are extremely resilient beings in that way. 
If the animal kingdom were as conflicted as we are, we certainly wouldn't have pets.

We are all all good and we are all bad. We carry the pivot point within us. When we are out of balance we can swing too good(how I was growing up) and we become doormats and enable negative people to feel more powerful. If we are out of balance on the negative side, we run amuck inside a self-created facade of destructive power.  Both out of balance positive and out of balance negative destroy themselves in the end.  What happens when light gets near a black hole? They cancel each other out and neither really exist as Matter. It is Anti-Matter.  It's not the Light vs. Dark it's the Balance vs. Imbalance that we should be trying to perfect.

Be the pivot point. The center of the umbrella. The apex of the pyramid of Giza. 
The reason all those spiritual leaders and wise old ones of ancient texts were so wise is because they DID get pissed. They were balanced. How can you learn from any teacher who hasn't experienced the ignorance of the subject they are teaching about? 

Enlightenment as defined in the ancient literal translations of Coptic Christian, Hindu, Buddhist texts, means: The Seeking of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  When we do not seek we are ignorant and remain blind to ourselves and others. When we seek to know, to understand,  we are En-Lightened. We BECOME lighter. We lighten our load. We decrease the harsh density and confusion of the material world. Meditation on a mountain with no resistance, no distractions, no temptation is one way... but in our world of media, technology, diversity of foods, people, art, music, clothing... to continue to SEEK understanding, wisdom, and knowledge is living within the pivot point/the balance/the center of the umbrella.  Allowing life to happen while SEEKING understanding of life IS Enlightenment.

So... get pissed sometimes. It's okay. You are the balance. Accept all within you with gentleness and understanding and seek to apply this understanding and compassion to the world around you. Let the anger, frustration and irritation have its circuitry within you and accept it, admit it to yourself, and then say "I own my thoughts. My thoughts do not OWN me."  But do KNOW them. That is the root of all understanding within and without.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Socialism and Why It Is A Thing Again: And A LOT More You Don't Want To Hear But Need To

An Idealistic perspective is needed in every society. Someone who thinks above what the material world is showing as "reality," and envisions a world of goodness and hope...That is a beautiful thing.
Everyone loves an optimistic person. The world would've fallen apart had it not been for optimistic people.

It's 2019 and Socialism is rising in the United States. Some people would say it is because of an idealistic type mentality in the youth of America.  They being  the catalyst for this rise in socialistic ideals.

Maybe only a portion of that statement is the truth, but the majority of those who want socialism want it because they are lost and afraid of hard knocks and  differences of opinions which force them to think outside of what has been programmed into them via their smartphones and tablets...Oh and the dread of  hard work/responsibility. They really hate "real stuff," like understanding credit ratings, how a car loan works, and they have an even worse time understanding that they aren't the most clever generation in the history of mankind. (FAR from it) Though some of them are "in it for the right reasons," they are ignorant of the full picture and are therefore manipulated easily by....


The young people that I know that are getting on board the socialism train are people who can't pay their rent,  can't do their own laundry, and can't really participate in life in any type of "grown up" way.
Bottomline: They want free shit and an authority figure to pass it out to them.

If you gave them free education, they would like that option, but they wouldn't actually follow through with attaining a degree in anything because THAT circles us right back around to that ol' hard work "thing."

Right now they want "free stuff" because it's an excuse for why they don't have stuff. The mean ol' people that own things are making it impossible for them to make their way in the world. Right? Wrong. So, so, so, so wrong.

Feel The Bern
In 2016, I loved Bernie Sanders. I just..I don't know, I just liked him. I liked that he was calling out the corruption of big banking cartels, lobbyist, and corrupt corporations. I loved his honesty.  Older people, like my Dad, a Veteran born in 1943, kept saying, "you know he's a socialist, right?"  I would read up on Bernie's platforms and the way in which it was pitched was more like "well, I'm an idealist, and in an ideal society we would help each other and there wouldn't be such a huge difference in our country between the haves and the have nots."  It was hard to find the term "socialist" anywhere on the campaign site.  There was a sneakier thing though called, "Democratic Socialism."  There is no such thing.  You cannot have socialism and democracy because somewhere, somehow, someone is going to have to give up their civil liberties. Ultimately the government decides what is best for the people because after all, they are giving you your free shit... so they don't really care if you have a problem with it, i.e. "why are you complaining, it's free?"
 The water in Mexico is free too and I wouldn't drink it if you paid me.

Having been a kid who didn't have college as an option, I thought how great it would be if everyone could get a fair shake at being able to go to a 2 year community college for free without racking up loans and getting in debt before the age of 21. I mean, after all, the government spends billions on bombs and military weapons designed to murder thousands of people, so what is a few billion devoted to getting a 2 year associates degree for free? A drop in the bucket, right?

I say all of that to say this:
You can see both sides or rather, the multi-faceted geometry to this rabbit hole of "Socialist ideals."

Having been an avid researcher of the controversial hidden facets of our government, I was drawn into Bernie's energy of what seemed to be transparency and triumph for the "little guy." Here's why we all though that...

The Change Lie

The Obama Administration was not rooting for the little guy.  It was big government and it was silently governed behind thick walls and closed doors and it had a propaganda machine that was the best we've ever seen in this country. We had had enough of the Obama media machine. I'll be the first to admit that the hardest truth for me to swallow was the idea that Obama might not be the man I thought he was. I mean, it really sucked to think that I was wrong about him. From a very detached position I could observe his body language, his smile, his eyes, and somewhere I knew there was a really good man who really did want to be everything that the propaganda machine was claiming he was. However... The actions of that administration seemed to negate the Warhol looking posters.

I remember when he received the nomination for the Democrat candidate. I was in Israel. I was standing outside watching a television at a bar with my good friend Assa.  Assa, tough as nails, a tank commander with the IDF, had a concerned look on his face. I said, "dude, what's up? Isn't it great to see the dissolving of racism in the States. Who would have thought even 50 years ago that we could've come this far."
I was elated by the idea that the American Dream was attainable at last. "Free at last, free at last," echoed in my mind. Being a child born in the late 70's, I never understood what all the fuss was about regarding race?
As a child, I didn't see skin color at all. We were all people, so why are the old people at church giving me a dirty look for holding hands with my best friend who was Black? My best friend was just my best friend?! I found out through the wisdom of my Grandmother who suffered a great deal of repression back in the 1920's and 30's due to the hidden nature of her family's identity. She said, "Melodee, people haven't caught up to what Jesus was trying to teach us. Maybe one day they will. I'm sorry you don't understand yet, and I hope you never have to."   I didn't understand. 

Anyway, back to the story....I'm in  Israel, standing outside watching the big TV screen in Jerusalem.  Obama is giving his nomination acceptance speech. My friend Assa said, "I know why the people want him, but there's something more behind this. I've seen this before. This type of zealousness is dangerous. It creates dictatorships or  socialism."  I blew off that statement because I was ignorant of what he was talking about.  I thought he was basing his opinion off of the relations in the Middle East that he was used to. Yet, it stuck in my head and looped around for years... it was almost as if God was saying, "Mel, remember this." I did. 

What is ISIS and WHY is ISIS?

Not long after Barack Obama was elected for a second term, the chatter of a new group in the Middle East started to emerge.

 I can remember seeing 1080p footage of ISIS blowing the shit out of ANCIENT Assyrian artifacts and World Heritage sites around the world. I thought, "why is anyone letting this happen?  Aren't those protected by UNESCO? This is the world's history that is being destroyed like the library of Alexandria!" I was appalled. I started digging and found that Vladimir Putin was blowing the whistle daily about the ISIS militants and was showing his satellite footage of the huge caravans of tanks and armored vehicles that were minutes away from an American Military base in Turkey.  *Bookmark the Putin thing because what better way to discredit him than to make him out to be a horribly dishonest and conniving leader... nobody would watch or listen to what Putin was saying, right? Isn't that like listening to the devil himself? No. No it isn't.*


Obama never uttered a word, he just said generalized statements and vague things like "we are trying to gather information and see what we an do to stop this sort of violence." Pacifying everyone with a beautifully constructed sentence and the milky smooth voice that lured us all into a false sense of, "it's all going to be okay."

 We have technology that can see what you are doing in your bathroom all the way from space. We have pinpoint accurate ways of taking out each leader of ISIS without being anywhere near them.
My point? It was allowed to happen, it was paid for, and it was a regime that did not begin the way the Taliban did. Meaning- ISIS was not an organically formed group. They were killing everyone of every faith, everywhere. WE know because they had very well put together 4k footage on social media.

Think about that. The production value of an ISIS video was better than half of the stuff you see on the Travel Channel.  Sometimes they live streamed on Youtube! LIVE STREAMED. Think about that.

Meanwhile we saw Russia taking care of the ISIS problem and doing rescue missions left and right. Russia? Why did Russia step in? If Russia is this evil empire as we've been told they are, why are they going in and doing the right thing?  None of this was adding up. What did Putin know that "they" didn't want to leak? Some sort of long-game lie was being constructed and we wouldn't know what that was all about until it was too late.


Fast forward to 2018-19 and if you say anything positive about Russia, you are immediately cast into the MAGA HAT wearing "deplorables." If you question anything about Antifa, BLM, Hilary, Pelosi, or question any of the stuff they try to force feed down our throats on television or in print, you get your Youtube shut down, your Twitter banned, or your Facebook frozen.  Remember that ISIS did Live Streams of beheadings. They were not taken off Youtube until fairly recently. My friend who is a retired Marine did a video blog asking a simple question about why the Antifa symbol looked exactly like the symbol in Nazi Germany, and he was removed and banned for life from YouTube. Just so you know, here's the comparison he was trying to make.

 Julian Assange is a perfect example of someone who did nothing illegal and is literally a prisoner in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London because if he leaves, he goes to jail for life. He did nothing wrong. You know what he did? He published the TRUTH. That's it. He didn't hack into anything, he was given thumb drives of information that showed the REAL truth of what it means to say "deep state" in the same breath as the Clinton Foundation and the DNC.  #FactsMatter and Wikileaks had stacks of facts.


Back in 2016, The thought of Hilary Clinton becoming President scared the shit out of me. I have followed and researched her bad dirty dealings from the 90's White Water Scandal, then into the Haiti "relief fund," to the Child Trafficking of Haitian orphans by her friend (who went to jail but was released via Hilary's string pulling) and into the present day scandals of fake dossiers, strange "accidents" of close advisors who turned on her, and so much more. I've read the Wikileaks emails, I've seen the "bizarre deaths and suicides" of dozens of her closest advisors who turned whistleblowers. The strange death of Supreme Court Judge Scalia followed by an empty promise on a tarmac by Bill Clinton to a certain senior staff member who will "get the supreme court seat soon." All of it documented, none of it exaggerated, and only a fraction of it ever makes it to the mainstream media. Why is that? They are bought and paid for and have a vested interest in maintaining a broken system that has been rigged for decades.

 I've read things between her and her DNC buddies that made my head spin. I've put in the hard work to understand the machine that is the Clinton Foundation and the trail of devastation and corruption (and worse) that it has left in its path. In 2016 I thought "if Bernie doesn't get the nomination, I'll be shocked." The DNC rigged their own nomination system and Bernie stepped down and bowed down to the snake in a blazer, i.e. Hilary Clinton.

My respect for Mr. Sanders went from 100% to 3% in a matter of minutes. I couldn't believe this ball busting Jewish wizard of change would just cower to the evil Succubus and say, "it's the right thing to do." Why? Who threatened Bernie? Who told Bernie they would ruin his life if he pushed back? The same machine, same arm of the political landscape that has slowly rotted this country from the inside out.

Now, Bernie is back, right? Wrong. The lid is off. He's playing the game and creating division in the Democratic party by fully leaning into the most extreme left you can get... socialism. If you aren't scared, you should be. The wave of this has just begun to crest and before it hits the coastline, it will make sure to plant as much discontentment, division, and disinformation as it possibly can. It knows the base this time. Young, ignorant, living at home or living off of Daddy or Mommy's money, "I want free shit because I don't want to face reality," generation.

They will do anything not to step up and take responsibility for their lives. They love being victimized, love to scream at established hard working people who are saying, "you know this free shit thing isn't going to work, it's basic math kids."

The sowing of this discord has reached the walls of huge healthcare centers. Recently it was a required class that everyone had to take in order to address the changes in patient forms regarding gender. If your 7 year old wants to be the opposite sex from what they are, you have to respect that and mark the gender as such in their medical file.  Now little Johnny who wants to be Jennie, is marked as female in a permanent medical record. Maybe they heard this gender thing at school that week and thought it would be a cool way to get attention or be popular, so they decided they wanted to be the opposite gender as what they were born as being.  Do the parents have a say in this? NOPE.

 In fact, in Texas recently, a father of an 8 year old boy was paraded across CNN as being transphobic and "abusive" because he stated that his son was just trying to do what his mother said because she didn't accept her son and was unloving toward him because he wasn't a girl at birth. The father had divorced her and had custody of the child but the son had recently spent a few weeks with his mother and came back home wearing dresses.  Of course this is an extreme case I'm making to prove my point, but the fact is- THAT HAPPENED FOR REAL.  The court overturned custody of the child back to the mother because the Dad refused to honor the boy's gender change. He was 8 years old. Eight. What did you think about gender when you were 8?

Did you think about it? I didn't. I thought about being like Indiana Jones, a mermaid, and a Ghostbuster or Ninja Turtle. When I was in middle school I wanted to be Mexican. When I was in high school, I thought that the greatest job I could possibly imagine would be being a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.  My point? We change. Nobody knows who they are in grade school and if I'm being honest, nobody really knows who they are in college either! If you got everything you wanted your whole life, if every single feeling you had was validated by the world of social media, how would you have turned out?

 Or the flip side to that is- What if everyone could watch who you were in high school and place judgement on you now as an adult at 40 years old?  Let me just say that if anyone saw who I was in my 20's, I would not have been given a chance in today's world of stone throwing zealots who are thirsty for blood and shaming.

 I wanted to be a mermaid when I was 7 years old, so I guess that would be a non-binary gender and if they didn't address me as a mermaid, then they are racist toward hybrid fish humans.  If you think we aren't close to that being a reality, just wait. Because- we are closer than you think.
It will get really stupid before it loses momentum.  As long as we fear being labeled as close minded or racist or sexist or transphobic, we will reward the victimization of every sub sub sub of a subgroup to be the self-righteous bullies who police your thoughts and throw you into the "ruined for life jail" of pubic shaming.

I also started seeing a huge movement that seemed to sprout overnight regarding inequality of women. What machine was behind this? I'm sure that there were many women who marched in the Women's March that were actually there to celebrate women's rights. In fact, I know a great many who went to the one in Dallas/Ft. Worth who are the greatest people I know, and were there for great reasons. They were totally unaware of anything sinister going on behind closed doors.  We all were. There was something sinister going on. Division. Separation. Self-righteousness. We have since witnessed the favoritism of groups who fall slowly on their sword of martyrdom in 4k Live Streams.

As a woman, I've always felt like I had an advantage in the work I do. I knew that I was a surprisingly original thinker and if a male felt that I wasn't because I was a woman, then he was the one with the problem of confidence and I would find work where I was respected and celebrated for my mind instead of filling some type of quota or percentile.

A hot button topic that seems to spin people off into a whirlwind of fear, chaos, and rioting behaviors. For as long as I can remember, I have known about Transgender people, Gay/Lesbian people, and civil rights for all races of people. I have a couple of friends that I went to high school with who have changed from 'she' to 'he."I liked them for who they were/are regardless of the pronoun they use to describe themselves. These friends of mine, who I can't name in this blog because they have wished to stay private, are clearly Men now. If you met either one of them you would never think they were ever female. There's a clear evidential way to determine how to address these friends of mine.

Yet, the Transgender "movement" is not so clear and seems to be pushed by people who aren't actually even transgender. It seems to me that the labels of Transgender or Non-Binary or whatever the term of the week is, is nothing more than a trap to ensnare people who may not have the terminology correct. People who, instead, are just addressing people as they see them because that's how they have spoken English for the entirety of their lives. They aren't being transphobic or bigoted, they are trying to adapt to something that seems to change terminology as fast as the latest hairstyle trends. It's a lethal trap. A trap that is by design and construction, a purposeful path to division among all of  humanity.  I'm speaking about the terminology and it's proper usage, not the people who are actually Transgender.


The problems is, the generation who are living in their parent's basements and playing around in Cosplay groups or dressing in black hoodies and harassing people on the street as "Antifa," are not giving you any breaks in identifying their gender because they WANT to be a victim. The Victim of the suppressed system - "the way life really is."
They want to be offended. We reward it nowadays. You get to be famous on CNN or MSNBC... you get your face plastered in the New York Times, you get the smug clapping and closed eyed "we applaud your bravery" on The View  or GMA...
You might get a movie deal, book deal, a huge social media presence... You become (clinch for this word) an "Influencer."   Why wouldn't you want that overnight fame? You are basically considered a hero for being overly sensitive to words and phrases that aren't exactly correct to YOU because nobody can read your mind and find out what you "identify" with.

Heroes in the past like Martin Luther King, Jr. started grass roots movements based in something that was evidentially clear to anyone living in the 1960's who appeared to be 'not white.'  He was assassinated for his ideals. He and his followers were hosed down with high powered sand blasting water pressure hoses in the street, had police dogs ripping them to shreds...
He marched anyway. He spoke anyway. He knew it was going to suck really super hard but he took it for the team. He was not a victim, he was a HERO. THAT is/was bravery.

He watched Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek and told Nichelle Nichols that she needed to stick to the series as Liet. Ahura because it was important for WOMEN and more important for Black women to see that they could be in space one day.  The female black astronaut Mae Jemison (one of my heroes) watched Star Trek as a child and thought, "If SHE can do it, I can do it."  The movement of Martin Luther King Jr. was much bigger than black vs. white. It was about the constitution of the United States of America.

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Constitutionalist? He was.

He wasn't dividing the nation, he was trying to Unify it, sow the seeds of brotherly love, find our commonalities instead of our differences, celebrate our individuality whilst respecting our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In those days, and the years that followed the Civil Rights Movement,  the United States was watching the world suffer due to socialism and communism. We were seeing how the fascist regimes were killing free speech, restricting original thought, and only allowing citizens to have the bare minimum of housing, food, healthcare, money...

They were "provided for" as long as they stayed small, silent, and poor.  The ideals you put on the same pedestal as God benefitted the State, not the people. Did you get free food and housing? Yes. But at any point you could be arrested just for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Your family would also be imprisoned as well. It didn't start out that harshly, it built to that by the slow drip of propaganda. In as much the same way, the faucet is dripping right now in the United States with the far left's massive disinformation campaigns. This is how it begins. The youth are the first to be brainwashed and then comes the disenchanted, the outcasts, the poverty stricken, the lost, the ignorant... Eventually the fear of having your life ruined by someone claiming you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, and every other horrible accusation keeps you from standing up for free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion,  or just freedom itself.

Sure, there is a disgusting side of Capitalism, no secret there.  It has been corrupted just like everything has been. There are evil people in every society and there are always people who want and crave power at any cost. Who is at the top of the Socialist food chain? The people? No. The Government makes all the decisions for you. What you can buy, eat, where you can worship, if you can worship, how many children you can have, where you live, what job you have, what you can say, not say, etc...

Socialism is letting Big Brother do everything for you so that you can function without thriving. There is no "I have a dream," speeches  anymore. There is no "I think I want to be an inventor." There is no "I am going to play professional basketball one day and drive a Ferrari."  You may be a inventor, a basketball player, a brilliant philosopher and writer, but you will do it for the State and you will say, and do, only what we tell you to say or do.

Every single socialist country has been destroyed from the inside out. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

But what about healthcare? We are the only Western country without free healthcare? Yeah, I know. Do you know where people fly when they have a really horrific and rare disease requiring treatment? The United States. You get what you pay for.  People die waiting for insulin in some of the socialized healthcare countries. Insulin! If I had diabetes, I could go to any of the Urgent Care clinics in my neighborhood and get my insulin within 30 minutes with or without insurance. A condition like Diabetes is one of those long-term maintenance diseases that without the proper meds, you will die. So insurance or not, by United States Federal Law, you must be helped.

The latest laws that have been passed in Health care are actually progressive and are 200 times better than what Obamacare's hidden stipulations had to offer. It's true. Look it up. No more penalties, no more false claims, no more loop holes that only work for undocumented immigrants.
We are a country of immigrants who were fleeing socialist regimes and oppressive rule. They worked hard and were proud when they became Citizens of the United States. They learned English, even if they learned it poorly, they tried. And TRYING is what this country is all about. America has always been a collection of success or failure stories dependent upon whether or not you TRIED.

I can remember when I needed emergency surgery back in 2014 for a horrible infection in my jaw bone joint. I tried to get assistance for this. I was asked if I had children. (nope) I was asked if I was married(nope) I was asked if I was hispanic, black or white. (I'm white) I was asked if I had employment. (yes)   Then the government worker said, "I'm sorry Ms. Lenz, you do not qualify."
I was so poor that year and the previous year that I had literally a roll of quarters to my name after my  bills were paid. My car had no radiator so I had to drive it with the heater on because I couldn't afford to fix it.  That car had 400k miles on it, no liner in the vehicle, no radio, and the seats had mold growing out of them due to a flood.   I pawned everything I owned to buy gasoline to get to my job(s).... My dog had just died too... It was a SHIT year.

I didn't qualify for food stamps, Medicaid, or even a payment plan for the surgery I needed. The only way I received it was I was in so much pain and I was so afraid that I would die, I went into a local urgent care facility and they took an x-ray and determined that the infection was spreading to my brain and they needed to do surgery at that very second.  Next thing I know, I'm waking up from the surgery and I'm told that I owe 1200 dollars.

 I thought to myself, "Wow, I've been working full time since I was 15 years old, I've busted my ass my entire life, moved to other states and countries chasing a dream, and for the first time in my life I'm flat broke, chronically depressed, working odd jobs to pay the gas to get to other odd jobs and these programs that exist to help out Americans, I do not qualify for?" It was a wake up call to say the least.  Every single male in my family served in the Armed Forces, nobody in my family no matter how poor they were ever got food stamps or didn't pay their taxes. How is it that I cannot get help, even temporarily?

How did the system work again? How was the great Obamacare working for poverty stricken Americans? It wasn't. It didn't. It covered opioids though. If you wanted to become an addict it would definitely foot the bill for your "back pain."  If you had any type of actual issue, it did nothing.... If you were a responsible tax paying good person who didn't have 8 children with 7 different father's who you haven't seen in years, then you got NOTHING.

You know what Obamacare covered 100%? Abortions. Yep. If you wanted to get on birth control or have an abortion, it would cover you 100% of the time.


Are you seeing the big picture at all?

Those of you (which is probably most of you reading this) who have worked hard your entire life, filed your taxes, tried to better yourself and your community, have a great attitude even in hard times, have made mistakes but did a course correction through hard knocks... You do not get a Golden Free Ticket to Wonka Land.  You get to the back of the line.

I started looking at the numbers of people on EBT and Welfare and what districts they fell into. Of course I saw a correlation of high crime in these areas, single mother homes, foster kids stuck in the system, terrible schools, gang violence, etc... The common thread seemed to be poverty, but then I saw another commonality. These districts and cities were the ones run by far left Democrats who ran on platforms of "free shit."

The giant .0001% of the elite that rule the world, have always funded both sides of every war. The more divided we are, the more powerful and richer they become. Supply and Demand. It doesn't matter who needs what, they will supply it. The people who do their bidding take bribes, create false narratives for the Sheep to believe, and do you know what they fear more than anything....

YOU and Me joining together and figuring out the big scam and disinformation campaigns they've waterboarded us with for decades.

We've come close to being the country that we know about in the Constitution, but we have never been fully FREE because there have always been factions of people who want what you have, want to keep what they have, and want to take what you were born with... your free will. This has been going on for thousands of years. The earliest I can trace is ancient Sumer/Babylonia but I'm sure it was going on in pre-history as well.

Sometimes speaking up and speaking out, even if you know you will be hated by everyone around you who has bought the lies, is worth it. We must not fear the Romans who crucify anyone who speaks anything different from the accepted "narrative" of the media. We must be unafraid to say things that might be labeled incorrectly by those who lie in wait for our demise. We have to stop apologizing for having thoughts, questions, or feelings that are different from the bullshit that is being looped on major news networks or parroted by celebrities on social media.
For those who say "Jesus was a socialist," you are dead wrong. Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesars, for that is the law of the land. As for me and my House, we serve the Lord which is Love." Jesus hated big government. That's why he overthrew the money changers and corruption in the temple. The lines between government and spiritual practice were blurred. Profiteering was happening even in the synagogues!

Jesus was part of a group of truth seekers called The Essenes. They were independent thinkers who respected the law of the land, but sought after knowledge, freedom of speech, thought, and the respect of all cultures who wished to live in harmony with the Earth and its people. They were radically conservative in their approach to life. Women could be teachers of the Jewish law within the Essenes and other races from the far East to Africa joined them in peaceful villages where everyone contributed a skill or trade happily and they were the first to implement "Fair Trade." You were paid fairly for what you grew or built. Knowledge and the freedom of radical questioning of laws were encouraged in the Essene schooling. There was no wrong way to think, or feel, no knowledge that should be feared. Truth reigned supreme, and if you read the Coptic texts of the suppressed books of the Bible in the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls, you will find several books that echo the Constitution of the United State's ideals.

You see, the Founding Father's of this country were knowledge keepers. They were very learned in the Greek, Egyptian and Hermetic texts of our ancient past. They knew that free will is the gift we have been given from a Higher Power. Free Will is our divine right. It is everyone's Divine Right. When we suppress or repress anyone's free will, we are sowing the seeds of fear, division and eventually bloodshed. It is wrong to infringe upon anyone's free will, free thought, feelings or actions. We are responsible as individuals for what we feel, think, and do with the life we've been given.


We have to face the shameful facts that maybe we were wrong to jump to conclusions about things. Maybe there's more positive things going on than what we are being sold by the media. Maybe it's uglier in the camp of "progressivism" than we are willing to admit or dare to look at.

Maybe it's okay to say "you know what, I was so wrong about this, and I can't believe how duped I've been into thinking in a herd mentality."

Stop being afraid to speak or think. Stop thinking that any politician has your best interest at heart. Stop looking for ways to label people racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic,  just because they aren't parading around with flags for a cause or hating the current president.

When are divided, the corrupt shadows of the elite powers who have controlled everything since the beginning of time- win.

It's not the bit players in office that are the issue, it's bigger than that. The real war is on our divine right to be consciously loving people who live fully, happily, and have the chance to be whomever we want to be and achieve whatever we want to achieve,. We should say what we want to say, think how we want to think. We cannot control each other's inner thoughts or feelings or we are just as bad as the corrupt sociopathic psychopaths who want power at any/all cost. We should educate our children and young people that they have a responsibility to grow and that there isn't always a cushion to fall on and that's part of becoming the person they signed up to be when they were born into this world. It won't always suck, but when it does, it isn't always the fault of government or parents or a failed system. Sometimes it sucks because we suck. Sometimes it's 100% our fault that we don't have what we need or aren't living the life we once envisioned. Sometimes it's okay to admit that so we can re-evaluate and set a new course on different path.

We must stop living in fear of offending other people. Those people will be offended no matter how many concessions are given to them because they aren't willing to see the fault in their "own stars."
We can help them to grow by not enabling this madness of wrong terminology or shaming someone for something they said 30 years ago when they were 15 years old.

"Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone."
We must understand that none of us are blameless. We are all victims at times and we are all heroes at other times. That is life's ebb and flow. We must stop allowing the media to guide our consciousness and manipulate our soft spots. We must see through the madness and seek truth. We will seek and we will find if we leave our ego and agendas at the doorstep and walk through uninhibited by the idea that we might be wrong, we may be duped, and everything we've been told to believe about our current state of affairs is a lie. We cannot be afraid to face that truth and stand in the light of it no matter how much mud is slung at our faces and how many stones are thrown.

If you are being sold something each and every day in the news or by people who are in positions of "celebrity" then you have to ask who is behind it... is it an organic movement based on something that you can actually feel/see/hear going on around you... or is it nothing more than someone else's agenda being pushed on a flat screen television to keep us all distracted from the dirty deeds, evil backdoor handshakes, and is it keeping the real truth from surfacing?

Socialism or any 'ism' will not fix anything. You are responsible for how you feel, what you do, and how you want to be remembered after you are gone. If you want to be at the mercy of your government or be led around by every news sound bite, Tweet, or False victim story designed to manipulate you and steal your peace of mind... then stay asleep, do what all the popular kids do, and make sure to tell future generations that you are sorry for not trying harder to understand the world around you.  

We have come too far to fall into this kind of polarity. Ask your heart to guide you, let your mind be the builder, and let your physical world be the result of your seeking and growth.

We've been lied to America. We've been sold a basket of rotten apples. You don't have to look that hard to find the truth, it is there. We are the news now, WE, The People.  Take your power back.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Stupid People Don't Know They Are Stupid

"Ignorance is bliss." 

We have always heard this quote and accepted it as being a fundamental truth, but it really isn't. 

A study was done that changed the face of what we know as being perceived intelligence verses Actual intelligence. This isn't related to IQ, or at least not related to how IQ is measured in the world of academia.  The study is known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect. This intensive study was not done with only college graduates or, "educated" people, it was a wide spectrum analysis of how people either underestimate or overestimate their abilities. 

In fact, most people believe just because they went to college and earned a degree in something, that it immediately deems them as an "expert" in 'said' field. When in reality, we all know that the degree of choice is only partially earned by the subject of one's interests.  
Example: If I were to get a degree in sociology, the majority of the classes required in my first 2 years would be math, science, government, literature, etc... 
Those topics have little to nothing to do with the degree of choice, i.e. Sociology. 

I could essentially blow past, intellectually speaking, 90% of Sociology majors just by voraciously reading books on that specific topic that have been done by the world's leading researchers who have spent decades studying sociological studies and observing family dynamics in controlled settings. 
Ironically enough, most of the researchers who have won awards for this research probably do not have a degree in 'said' field. They may hold a degree in Environmental Studies or Biology or Psychology. They may even be law enforcement persons or intelligence officers with a branch of the government. 

Back to the study. 

"Stupid people don't know they are stupid." 

We've all been there. I will relate a personal situation that happens frequently to me and one that has caused me to question my reality and whether or not I am meant to even socialize with certain people.  I'm the first to admit that I was a terrible student, slow to read, slow to comprehend, and socially awkward in pre-adolescent years. There are reasons for this, but those reasons were not seen by the school administration back then. What changed? I knew I wasn't smart. I knew I needed to play catch up if I were ever to succeed at anything in life. I felt inadequate in almost every academic endeavor or interpersonal relationship with the outside world. 

I knew I was stupid. Here is the paradox of the Dunning-Kruger Effect results: Intelligent people often underestimate their intelligence and therefore strive to become more intelligent by any means necessary. People with low intelligence do not feel they have low intelligence and therefore they are content to remain as they are.... stupid and overly positive about their "smarts." Ah ha! There you have it folks... "ignorance is bliss."  It's false happiness because that sense of well-being and contentment comes from an inflated sense that they are not lacking information, intelligence, or skill. 

Do you ever have this happen... 
You are in a meeting at work and you begin witnessing a discussion on some issue or problem. Within meta-seconds the correct solutions begin flooding your brain like a super highway of data. These solutions your brain has just generated seem so simple, logical, and obvious to you. 

So... You remain quiet because you ASSUME that these simple and effective solutions have obviously been brought to the table before and were deemed unfit. Or you may think, "maybe I don't have all the details of this problem and so I'm being ridiculous for assuming my brain somehow has the answer within seconds." 

There is the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action. You devalued your brains super conductive data stream of solutions because you are downgrading your own intelligence because it should be this obvious to everyone and if they aren't doing 'said' solution, then they must know better or more information than I do. The problem is... Stupid doesn't know it's stupid. They haven't thought of those solutions. They haven't thought of anything, but they are pretty certain that only their answer to the problem is "expert level."   

So... After a year of sitting in on meetings hearing really benign problems being discussed at length, and seeing that there are no results, no forward movement, and in some cases there is a devolving of the situation- You finally decide to speak up.  You may say, "I'm sorry to interrupt, and I know I'm not an expert at this, but have you thought about such n' such as a way to solve this problem." 

You may get some blank stares, you may get some half tilted heads, and then you will invariably be ignored as though you offered nothing in the way of a solution. When in fact, you offered THE solution but it buzzed right over their net of comprehension and they just go back to talking to each other.  

The most frustrating thing is when they come back two weeks later and present your solution as their own and all the other low functioning stupid people pat them on the back and feel good about themselves. All the while, you have been sitting there saying the exact same thing for months and you might as well have been talking to the paint on the walls. 

I'm sorry to say this but I can't think of anything that causes me more grief than this scenario. Not because my ego wants to have validation, but because of the time wasted week to week discussing something that wasn't a big deal to begin with.  Don't take my word for it...This is what Cornell University summarized regarding Dunning-Kruger Effect's Causes: 

Incompetence and Confidence

The most incompetent people I've ever known(some of whom I am working around these days) are brimming with an aura of confidence. They are usually middle management people who love to micro-manage every single person under them and are beholden to the idea that they are experts in everyone's field no matter how much experience someone else has.  They may know nothing about the thing you do, but they will use their "feeling" about what you do as being the judge and jury and executioner of your work.  You could have 20 years experience in something but you could be brought to your knees in humble pie within seconds of this incompetent person's criticism of your work. You are intelligent, therefore you underestimate your intelligence and eat humble pie or angry pie regularly. These idiots with name tags and larger pensions that are running the middle management "show" are also not inclined to like you. They will more often than not, promote the other idiots with name tags instead of you. Why is that? 

This next part of the study is fascinating... 

When an intelligent person begins showing their intelligence to someone stupid, the stupid or "cognitively incompetent" person shuts down. They actually don't hear you! They hear complex sounds and words coming out of your mouth but they can't "run the program" anymore. It's like trying to use a PS4 game disc inside of a PS2. It can't read the data. The format isn't compatible. It simply will not "read the disc." 

And now for.... 

This particular part of the study appealed to me greatly because I am literally paid to be funny, write funny shows and scripts, and come up with new material weekly that will entertain a wide spectrum of people from almost all levels of society. You guessed it, I'm in "family entertainment television." 

I have to navigate the mine fields of religious differences, gender defenders, academic quackademics, social variances in families, language barriers, cognitive differences in children of every age and background, and all the while remain relevant, funny, and clean. Try it sometime. It is like diffusing a bomb weekly and hoping that you remember what wires to keep and which ones can be cut without exploding your reputation and career in one badly written comedy bit or slip of the tongue. 
I envy those entertainers who had their peak before the time period of "everyone is offended and wants to watch you burn." 
Not fun. Challenging, yes. Fun = No. 

Knowledge of all things in your world is power of choice. You can choose what to educate people about or you can remain quiet because you are surrounded by what Dunning-Kruger claimed as being "stupid people." Stupid people have no interest in learning. If the word 'stupid' is a trigger word for you, then I ask that you calm down for a moment and re-read this blog. When I say "stupid people," I am speaking of willfully ignorant people who are 100% certain they are not ignorant. 

I'll end with a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect on a terribly out of control situation that will have you questioning why nobody saw it coming... 

Bill MacFarland, CEO of Fyre Festival and now high stakes criminal who is steeped in law suits and jail time, was one of these incompetent stupid people brimming with self-confidence. He is also a sociopath but that is a different blog all together. Really smart people bought into this guy's fraud. If you don't remember who his is, there's a HULU documentary or Netflix documentary regarding his decent into nail biting stupidity.  Look them up.  He created a music festival on an island in the Bahamas, sold the tickets for upwards of 200k each and didn't deliver anything. No music. No festival. Just hundreds upon hundreds of people stranded for days and weeks on a remote island with no food, no toilets, and water soaked FEMA tents and mattresses.  Bill MacFarland marketed this idea to really smart people who ran REALLY clever marketing companies and he began to sell something that actually didn't exist. He went on major news networks, got major people to sign their name to it, and he didn't have an island, musical acts, nothing... He didn't even have the money. It was fraud at the highest level all the way through. How did nobody see this coming?  

Well... A few people did. The most intelligent people started questioning what they were seeing and where the money was coming from. They were not heard, not listened to by anyone, and when they proposed such a preposterous claim of "this guy is totally full of shit," they were shut down and laughed at in the media. When you watch the interviews of these people who were lambasted for speaking their intuitive, logical, and experience based theory of why Bill MacFarland was 'full of shit," they kept doubting themselves but felt that even if their assessment and character deformation was inaccurate, they would feel better knowing that they said something rather than not say something. 

Turns out they were right, and it was even worse than what they had suspiciously intuited.  Did they get the credit they deserved for "knowing all along?" Hell no. 
The stupid people kept being stupid and acted shocked and dismayed about how nobody spoke up to take this guy down early on. People did speak up. Intelligent people spoke up but they were not heard. In other words, again... "cannot read disc." 

Why did anyone believe this sociopathic idiot Bill MacFarland? Confidence. 
In Dunning-Kruger's study, they found that these over inflated stupid confident people could convince a huge percentage of people that they were not only smart, but possibly a genius. This guy, MacFarland, had many failed attempts at his "enterprises" for several years. None of his ideas were even real things on their own merit. Example: Magnisus Black Credit Card.  This guy created a credit card for millennials who wanted to live in the social media "we are somebody" lifestyle. The credit card wasn't a real credit card. It was a piece of plastic with a magnetic strip that you could effectively copy your bank card magnetic strip onto the back of and use. You were still poor and living in your family's basement with your 200 bucks in the bank, but you could have the "appearance" of having a Black Elite Card so you wouldn't essentially be "embarrassed" with the "cool kids."  This idiot, MacFarland, was on every single news program and economic analysis show on TV promoting this stupid fake credit card. He was so gregarious and confident in his pitch that people were like, "look at this guy... he's like another Elon Musk!"   

WHAT THE F******!  Yeah. This idiot sociopath stupid person, Bill MacFarland, was compared to someone who created Tesla Motors and SpaceX. This guy created a fake credit card and a fake festival. And now he's in REAL jail. Good riddance. Bye bye stupid person! One down, 2 billion more to go! 

Fact is... Incompetent people act confident. So how can you tell the difference between real confidence and stupid people confidence? The devil is in the details. 

Stupid people do not listen to anything that is different from what other stupid people say. Hence why the epidemic of "fake news" and "click bait" fake stories hit an all time high on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Stupid people believe other stupid people therefore they share the shit out of their posts on social media.  All of a sudden you'll be hearing about some trending story that you know is fake, but you have to look at because how could it be that 1.7 million people have "liked it?" 

Well... they probably didn't even read it or bother to look any further than the headline. One of their stupid people friends shared it and then they did and then another idiot shared it and nobody questioned who wrote it, is it actually true, nor is anyone considering the aftermath of disinformation spreading that makes millions of people angry.... and stupid people make stupid impulsive decisions that result in a tidal wave of more stupid. We all are choking on the salty foam of stupid people's disasters. We have been for eons. 

If you engage in trying to educate a stupid person, remember that they do not think they are stupid. Therefore, you must appeal to that stupid facet of them by saying in a stupid shallow way, "did you hear such n' such? I thought you would love to know about it because you are so smart about these things..."   Of course you are lying to them, but it's for a good cause. You have cracked open the door of their brain just a fraction of an inch by appealing to their ego and they might actually try and learn something for a change. A little bit at a time we could make a difference in dispelling disinfo and replacing it with actual truths. I know it's hard to not lecture these idiots with the what's what of facts and research about your solution, or idea, or knowledge of something. After all, you know that you learned this information, so therefore why couldn't someone else learn it? 

If you are intelligent, you know that you got that way by learning something you didn't know and by asking questions about something that peaked your curiosity. You always know that you might be wrong about it, or that maybe you could learn more about it that would change your opinions, but you...if you are intelligent... will preface with that statement. "I may be wrong, but from what I have researched it looks like such and such may be such and such."  

Stupid people don't know they are stupid so they will never preface anything with, "I could be wrong about this" or "I don't know a lot about this, but from what I have researched in the last day..." That doesn't happen. These are the "feelings are facts" people.  

Going forward in your day to day life... if you find yourself clinching your jaw and wanting to go punch trees, you are probably surrounded by the Dunning-Kruger Effect. If everyone seems to be having a great time interacting, and you feel like you've missed something in the conversation that has created this friendly insider type vibe... you haven't. They are ignorant and incompetent and they are A-OKAY with other people who are as well. You are the outsider smarty pants. The disc won't read, the program won't run, so don't bother trying to retrofit and downgrade your good sense in order to have these people as friends. It's not worth it. 

Do not waste your ideas and energy trying to show them your worth, your enthusiasm for problem solving, or your ideas for streamlining something that desperately needs re-evaluation. 
The quote, "pearls cast out before swine," applies here. Do not give your best to people who cannot "run the program." You will slowly lose your mind doing this. Trust me, I know. 

I urge everyone to explore the Dunning-Kruger Effect in your life. Remember, it's not always what it seems. Confidence isn't always Competence, and Stupid Doesn't Know It Is Stupid. 

Live long and prosper
Written by Melodee Lenz 
To find out more about the Dunning-Kruger Effect:

Monday, November 19, 2018

Why Stan Lee Really Mattered, Bill Maher.

Stan Lee, the creative mastermind behind Marvel Comic's famous franchise died November 12, 2018.

The world mourned this legendary person, continues to do so and probably will continue to mourn and celebrate his vision of modern day mythology.

Recently, the explosively divisive Bill Maher, best known for his irreverent commentary on hot topics ranging from social justice, politics, global crisis, ET AL, has made himself relevant again by smugly farting in his own wine glass. Bill Maher loves the smell of his own farts so much that he dared to touch the one subject that isn't a divisive political issue...Our love of heroes.

While I respect anyone's right to voice their opinion on anything, I too must take this opportunity to voice my own.

Bill Maher in his blog post regarding the mourning of Marvel Comic's creator, Stan Lee, went as follows:

"The guy who created Spider-Man and the Hulk has died, and America is in mourning." He went on saying, "Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don't know, watch a movie, I guess." 

"They pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature." Maher said. 

"I don't think it's a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important." 

His criticisms seem to originate with HIS belief that comic books are for children.

I have long thought that what Bill Maher is lacking was creativity. Sure, he's got a show on HBO, a successful blog, and thousands of cynical followers who hang on to his every word as though he oozes brilliance and non-biased view points based in logic and reason only.

Truth is, he lost his spark a long time ago. Of course, that is my opinion. Bill Maher is entitled to his opinion as well, BUT....

The cynical nature of Mr. Maher is actually the reason why comic books/modern day mythos is so important and why it resonates with audiences ranging from 3 years old to 99 years old. l

In the ancient days of Greece, Egypt, Norway, Ireland, Africa, Meso-America people gathered around and spoke the stories of heroes who went against all odds to defeat something much greater than the mortal body they inhabited. They stood up for ideological subversion, broke the status quo, and were the Animus of We The People. These stories were spoken of and eventually became Archetypes.

An archetype is: A recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology.

A symbol. Something intangible, an ideology, the essence of, embodiment, prototype, a representative to something abstract like an IDEAL.

Stan Lee was born during a time when the "little guy" stood up to Nazi Germany, Fascism, Ruthless Power hungry dictators, plagues of Tuberculosis, Influenza, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movements, Vietnam, JFK being assassinated by the powers that wanted to silence and subvert the truth...all the way to 2018 where it seems that all of these issues are very much on the front page of every newspaper across the world.  Stan Lee knew that archetypes and stories were important for We The People. He knew that the best way to tell a story was with the several thousand year old method of the Hero Archetype, i.e. Mythology. 

Stan Lee was obsessed with finding real people who encompassed strange or unusual super human abilities and launched a show called, "Stan Lee's Superhumans." This show was more than just a ratings boon, it was Stan Lee's secret wish that we BELIEVE in more than what we've been told we are capable of being. 

"Marvel is a cornucopia of fantasy, a wild idea, a swashbuckling attitude, an escape from the humdrum and prosaic. It is a serendipitous feast for the mind, the eye, and the imagination, a literate celebration of unbridled creativity, coupled with a touch of rebellion and an insolent desire to spit in the eye of the Dragon." -Stan Lee 

"I wanted them to be diverse. The whole underlying principle of the X-Men was trying to be an anti-bigotry story to show there's good in every person." -Stan Lee 

Although Stan Lee often undercut his own genius, he was living a life of joy in his work. The joy that his work brought him is why he was very much aware and alive all the way up until he died on November 12th, 2018. 

The reason Stan Lee matters is the same reason why Archetypes matter in our psyche. In times of challenges, we need a symbol of hope. We need to hope. We need the story of the broken down ego of Tony Stark and rebirth into Iron Man. We need the below average eager and underweight Steve Rogers' rejection into the unbeatable yet ego-less patriot who was made by nefarious military black projects yet remained true to his ideals. Thus proving in our consciousness that Capt. America was his name's sake because of his willpower which was motivated solely by his higher ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All.  We need to see the warped thought processes of our enemies as well. Their distortions of power, their sense of right and wrong, and how they too are just broken fractured beings who made another choice- Service to Self instead of Service to Others.

If you went into a poverty stricken neighborhood right now and look at the children playing in the street, you would find a bunch of t-shirts with superhero logos on them. The kid from the hood needs to know that Luke Cage fights for what is right. The sick kid in the hospital with a bald head and a bed pan filled with the effects of his/her chemotherapy needs to know that Wolverine began his life as a feeble sick child who was expected to die any day. The little girl who gets molested by her family member behind closed doors needs a glimmer of hope to hang on to and may find the unleashed power of The Hulk to be her way of drumming up the courage to stop at nothing to destroy the abusive life she is being forced to live in.

As far as adults go... The soldiers who are thousands of miles away, wondering if they have a purpose anymore or questioning why they made the decisions they made need to see the story arc of the Punisher, Hawk-Eye, Falcon or Bucky.

Stan Lee knew this. He lived through this world's worst tragedies and biggest triumphs and he knew how to tell the story with unlikely heroes from all levels of society. The rejects, the PTSD soldiers, the rich philanthropist, the genius inventor, the silver spoon brilliant doctor, the abused mind controlled girl from communist Russia, the good neighborhood kid from Brooklyn who lost his parents, the rejects, orphans, the reformed inmate turning over a new leaf.... All of these are:
 We The People.

The entire wave of popularity of Marvel's various franchises are not because they are just, "good movies," as Bill Maher would so simply state in his nihilistic rant about the mourning of Stan Lee's death.

So this next bit is directed to you Bill Maher....
It is because of the, "why is anything, anything," cynical smut that people like you have peddled out of the backdoor of your Nihilistic Van that has seeped into the consciousness of the world in the last twenty years that has been the catalyst for grown-ups wanting to escape into the hopeful mythos of the Super Hero.  The clever little quote about how Donald Trump could only be elected in a society that reveres comic books as literature is the only interesting thing you said... But not for the reasons you think. You're right. Donald Trump, like him or hate him, is the unlikely vigilante that decided to pursue something at all odds. Love him or hate him, that mentality is how the kid from the ghetto dreams of being more than what he knows himself to be based on his surroundings.  Politics aside, breaking the status quo of "who can become President" is why Barack Obama was voted in as well. We The People like the story of the underdog rising up to do the impossible against all odds.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek Original Series) that the most important thing she could do for the African American youth and women of the world was to continue her role as Lieutenant Uhura.  "You don't need to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for." -Martin Luther King Jr. in response to Nichelle Nichols wanting to do something more "important." 

Two decades later, the first African American woman became an astronaut because, "I thought it was possible after seeing Star Trek." (Astronaut Mae Jemison) 

"When we see the impossible being possible, we reach beyond the stars." Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek

If everyone thought like Bill Maher, we wouldn't have anyone break the sound barrier, win Olympic gold medals without the use of their legs, become fighter pilots even though they were told they weren't smart enough, tall enough, or young enough. There would be no clean up of animals when oil spills ravage the wildlife, no fire fighters running into the infernos of California to contain something 4 stories tall that melts aluminum, no volunteers racing to save people and animals from the raging floods of hurricanes, no citizen journalists trying to find the truth against the secretive machine of propaganda, no scientists thinking, "what if we tried this instead" and saving the lives of millions with a new medical device... IF we all thought like Bill Maher, we would get up and drink ourselves back to sleep until the world ends... or we'd get a show on HBO that nobody cares about.

Point is... Stan Lee matters and those that think he matters, matter.

Mic Drop.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Spiritual Blocks, Your Determination and Rerouting The Brain

Spiritual blocks come in many forms. We often hear of "awareness" as being an attribute to a Buddhist monk or used in self-defense classes to teach us vigilance.

In my experience, awareness is the energy of mind in paying attention to the world you live in...but this is only the sensory level of awareness. Meaning: Awareness attained by the use of eyes, nose, ears, etc...

This level of awareness only informs the deeper level of mind to our supposed reality.

The deeper level of mind, the subconscious or super conscious mind could be visualized as a guard at a giant gate who is hearing knocking 24 hours of every day and has to determine who they "let in" to the palace.

If your "guardman" is a push-over, they could let in the criminals that are there to rob you of your way of life, peaceful state, or your precious resources.  The Guard is your lifeline. The Guard is the embodiment of what is typically called, "Deeper Awareness or Intuition."

As the world turns and days turn into months and months turn into years, your Guard can tire of hearing the incessant knocking at the gate.  Out of basic overwhelm, the Guard could just unlock the gate and let whatever is being brought in through sensory awareness into the "palace."

The Palace:

The Temple of You, The Palace of You, is the sacred part of you that belongs to the Infinite. It is perfect, complete, lacking in nothing. The imperfection came when you took notice of the material world and found it to be an indicator of your Inner world. This was the death of your Infinite perfection.
The first "sin" if you will. Take all religious connotation out of that statement.
The word 'sin' comes from the term used for archers or marksmen.. it simply means "to miss the mark."

Everyone is a little "off" the mark because you have to exist in a material existence. This is not our natural state of being. There is more to you than just electrons firing to a nervous system, pheromones, hormones, or carnal desires.
Hard core atheist will describe the human being as nothing more than cells informing other cells and impulse into action, then cause and effect of that autonomic response.

Even if that were all we knew, which it isn't, but for the sake of argument and in fairness to the atheist out there... That in and of itself implies a natural order that is intelligently designed. I think Atheist should rename themselves Accidentalists. If everything just happens by a spontaneous accidental process, (which is a paradoxical statement) then just check out of any process or system of life. Go live in the woods and live on impulse, carnal desires, and fear. You will not last long.

When we say someone is behaving like "an animal," this also is an unfair statement to animals! Animals have a respect for the natural order of things. A pack of wolves will only hunt what will sustain the pack. They are collaborative not competitive. There may be a hierarchy to their pack, but that is a natural order to sustain the pack against dangers and to prevent the cessation of the family unit's future in the world.

Moving along...

The sensory awareness is our way of navigating and informing us of the reality we perceive as being, "our life." We all have sensory awareness, animals have sensory awareness, insects have sensory awareness. But why? Because at the base level, we all love our life. No?  Even the smallest insect when it perceives a danger to it's life, it will move away from that perceived danger. (i.e. the human foot trying to smash it to bits or just walking on its pathway)

The current state of the world is due to relying on sensory awareness as being the Law instead of merely a Suggestion!
The Guard that is at the gate of Infinite Awareness or the Temple of the REAL you, doesn't have to tire or become complacent in who he lets into the gate. You can place an additional guard in place. You can see, hear, smell, and perceive your material physical world but with an awareness that it isn't what it seems to be. Why? Because everyone is existing using their senses so it has created the energy signature of the physical or material world. Meaning the world you can touch, taste, see, hear, and smell.

There is a moment that all human beings go through at some point when you are faced with something you see, hear, taste, smell, or perceive in any way that CANNOT be let into the gate that is being watched by The Guard, i.e. Your Subconscious.

It may be triggered by a bad relationship where someone is telling you they love you, but you are feeling on an emotional mind level something else. Something that isn't love. The Guard or your Super Self, knows what love is. It came from Love. Or in the ancient Coptic, Greek, and Latin.. the Logos.

Logos is the all caps proper noun LOVE. The Love that created the universe itself. Creation is love in action. Creating something from nothing requires an energy that is actively seeking to see a result that will be appreciated or loved.

So the subject of this blog is Spiritual blocks, determination, and rerouting the brain, right?

The brain in its physical functioning based on the nervous system, is not unlike a series of dog trails. You will see the route that your dog takes to bark at the postman every day. He may not know why he's barking at the postman 12 years into it. It's just what he instinctively does because he has a neurological pathway that is manifested in his actual dog pathway that he runs every single day.

We do the same thing. Take cigarette smoking... a scientist will tell you that it is just the nicotine people are addicted to. This isn't true. The neurological pathway that was formed by the physical actions and sensory awarenesses that were taken into the mind and taken to the Guard at the Gate, formed a path to that gate that is now worn down and the "obvious choice" mentally. When certain things are perceived by sensory awareness, as in seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, the conscious mind looks around and is constantly trying to deliver "a message" to the Guard of your Super Conscious Palace/Temple of You.
So... it looks around and after a while it is exactly like the route that the dog takes to bark at the postman.

I can say this because I use to be a smoker and went through years of quitting and starting again. The only time I was successful and remained that way was when I understood the "messages I was taking to the Guard."  I had to see that what I was perceiving was not related to the act of smoking a cigarette. If I was happy I smoked, if I was sad I smoked, if I had just eaten I smoked, if I was driving in the car... I SMOKED. All of these perceptions of the physical world were not being perceived accurately or if at all. It was taking me OUT of awareness and into the comfortable route I had developed to live in the physical world. It was in a sense, avoidance of Mind. Avoidance of the present Mind.

These are merely examples that I can share to put this into bite sized chunks for consumption.

I will say that before I began the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes at 16 years old, I had another route I had made that was essentially the same thing. It was the dog path of the previous dog who barked at the cyclist in the back alley but didn't bark at the postman!  Eventually the grass grew over that pathway and now a garden grows where once there wasn't even the slightest blade of grass.
That previous "dog path" for me before the age of 16 was food. Logically, the only thing I could use to cope with the physical world or to avoid it, was food. I ate when I was happy, sad, confused, relaxing, learning, overwhelmed, angry... Wait?! Those are the same feelings I had when I would reach for the cigarettes!
You see my point.

So how did I figure this out?

Now is the meat of this study. A study that is an active study for me. One that continuously is teaching me about my "dog pathssssssss"....

Suffering of all living things comes from just being alive. Yet all happiness we experience also comes from the same. Our suffering be it acute or benign is all dependant on what shit your Guard will take into the Palace of You.

Your Guard may be a big suspicious warrior that downvotes anything that seems "too good to be true." Or your Guard may be a sweet little old lady that is gullible and gets ripped off easily. Or you may have a Guard that is a bit of both depending on what is brought to the Gateway of your Palace... or Super Infinite/Subconscious Mind.

My Guard's weakness was guilt. When my Guard gets "too mean and rigid" then my Guard feels crumby about himself and paces around in a circle hashing over and over again about the why's of vetoing the "free pass into the Palace." The best way to get into my Subconscious Mind, past the Guard, is to guilt the Guard into feeling like he's hurt something by not letting in "in."  In other words, by telling my Guard that he's a "bad Guard." He will believe that and he will open the door, unfortunately.

This will take some introspection and practice because our dog paths don't grow grass overnight. They can, but unless you have the focus of Yoda, then I doubt you can do that in one 24 hour period. But desperation for change can propel you to focus that intensely if you are fully honest with how that path was created, what created it, and understand the nature of what can "grow back."

Some pathways can't re-grow grass. BUT... that doesn't mean you can't build on top of it! Good or bad.

Letting go of what you are perceiving in your physical world as being the reality of your life is the first step. You can still see the same things, hear the same things, smell the same things, touch the same things, but to have Awareness of what those things are triggering within you is the first step to "regrowing the grass over the dog path."

Example: I have had a tremendous amount of loss during the holiday seasons or events that happen that are out of the pattern of my routine. (going out of town, someone else going out of town that I live with, a season change, new workout routine, etc.)  So... when I go to (just an example) enjoy the holiday season or make plans to take a new dance class or whatever, this unsettling physical feeling happens in my solar plexus first, and then comes up to the mind and feels like panic or anxiety of some sort. I may get punchy or short with people, or bump into things or get clumsy because I have this chaotic energy that on a conscious level I am not understanding fully.

I may think, "come on Mel, you are being lazy." This is SHAMING THE GUARD at the gate. Remember how I said that the fastest way into my Subconscious Mind/Palace of Me/Temple is by shaming the guard?  This is how insidious the shaming can become. The dog wants so badly to bark at that mailman but there's now a big wheelbarrow in the way of the path. He will go around it, but will end up right back on the direct path he has worn down to bark at that mailman!

The mailman is going to come no matter what. We know this. This is a simple way of saying: If you are alive, living happens. So we must change our sensory awareness and fine tune it with a filter that doesn't perceive the same things as they are, but is perceiving with the help of The Guard of the gateway to your subconscious mind.

So back to my example above...
A new "thing" that I want to do or enjoy happens and when I start to do that thing, I somehow end up barking at the "mailman." Or in my case, some sort of traumatic situation will occur like my pet will get sick, or my father will get into a work related accident, or some weird bank account thing, or flat tire or care broken down, or I get sick....
Most people would just go back on the dog path of their mediocre awareness of the same routine, same sensory awareness without a second thought. Their first thought would be, "I don't like this gym," or "I hate Christmas," or "Yoga is not for me, it's stupid," or "I just don't like that person, I don't want to go out anymore with them." 

This is what I'm talking about regarding sensory awareness being a terrible indicator of our True Infinite reality. We've taken our primal perceptions to the Guard at the Gate and we've said, "Yeah, so this is what I've got again. Let me in please." The Guard hasn't been faced with new things in a while so he lets those sensory perceptions inside the Temple Gates. That's when the real shitstorm begins.

It can be anything from a breakdown like a panic attack, or worse. The Subconscious Mind remember is in constant communication with your Conscious mind. If the communication lines that are being utilized are the same old beaten pathways then there is no spiritual growth. In other words, a Spiritual Block will occur.

The only way to understand this and to prevent this is:
1. Awareness of Present Emotional Mind- How am I feeling? 
(there's no wrong answer here, any bread crumb will help you to remove the dog path that is pissing off your Guard and causing trouble in your life and preventing growth.)
*** As you deconstruct this, you will get more from just that simple question. Detach from it, do not judge how you are feeling, just accept it as how you are feeling. No guilt, no downplaying it, no shelving it for another time, no worry, no doubt... You must honor whatever the answer is by understanding that this is the truth of the Present Mind. It may not be a truth for long, but for that very moment it is the most truth you are capable of.

2. What are my sensory perceptions in my Present- What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching?  Pay attention. What colors are around? Are their males around you? Females? Birds singing in the trees? Is it sunny, warm, hot... cold, cloudy, rainy... day or night? What are you wearing? Who are you with? What day of the week is it? What different thing did you do? What did you eat? What has been said to you in the last few hours? Have you observed anything out of the normal routine? What sticks out in your mind? Or is it an ordinary day? If so, what is ordinary about it... get specific.

3. Isolating Unwanted Feeling- What category does my unwanted feeling fit into?
According to many ancient practices there are 8 spiritual fears:
*Ignorance(being faced with something you have no workable knowledge of nor understanding of)
* Pride (this is ego of the first... I know this better than anyone, how dare something confront me that denies me the superior feeling of Me... and no I will not ask for clarification or help. Who do think I am? An idiot? This is pride.)
*Anger (Anger comes from confusion first, and a sense of the first two I just listed... and this is destructive anger, not JUSTIFIED noble anger... yes there is a difference but it takes time to know what is motivating it)
*Jealousy (it's not normal and it's never helpful and it doesn't mean you care more. It's destructive and comes from a lack of wholeness in yourself)
*Erroneous Philosophies/Wrong View- (keeping old beliefs that are limiting to the growth of your spiritual life, your physical life, and tends to be the manifestation of a closed mind that lacks compassion)
*Greed (what's mine is mine and what is yours is also mine, and IF I give anything, it will only be a morsel that I will not need later but if I do, I will get it back double)
*Desire/Attachment- Endless wanting of material pleasures of the carnal mind. Attachment is unhealthy because it has no foundation, no roots. It is empty and provides only temporary satisfaction and typically grows and becomes more voracious over time. Vanity. (think about the people who are addicted to plastic surgery they cannot see themselves anymore, their vanity has taken the wheel of their mind)
*Doubt- The biggest of all the 8 spiritual fears is DOUBT. Doubt is an earthquake that shakes the foundation of your life. Doubting is the same as fearing but it cracks the window open that lets in all of the the rotten energies that want nothing more than to steal your peace and keep you locked in this world's suffering, violence, lack, and despair.

Think of the 8 Spiritual Fears in a circular pattern, each feeding to the next, the last feeding the first...
The term "spiraling out of control" comes from this. Enough cycling through these above Spiritual fears, you create momentum that spirals you to despair, depression, or worse... a sense of apathy about whom you hurt, including yourself.

4. Catch & Release- When you've gone through these steps and you've understood, even in the slightest sense, what is being given to the Guard of the Gate of your Subconscious Mind, you can give the Guard full power to catch the faulty conscious message coming from your sensory world and then you have the unique and opportune ability with your determination to oust or release it back from whence it came. It is not needed anymore. It is false. It is not allowed in. NONE SHALL PASS.

While you may feel silly saying that in your mind, I urge you to say it outloud. Don't worry, don't do it around other people, but in the car, or the bathroom or in the privacy of your own home say it out loud.
Say it with force. You will give your Guard a break for once because that guy has been fighting for you since you entered into this world. With both of you fending off the rotten stuff, you can get very savvy at seeing what the more subtle trickster perceptions are too. It is constant training of Present Mind Awareness, Catch and Release.   Ultimately you are the deciding factor in what you create for your life.

Does the energy that you have in your Present Mind Awareness feel good? Is it harmonious? Is it good for other people? Does it have love and kindness to life and living things? Is it understanding? Is it humble and a good steward of service to making the world better? Is it a trap? Is it desire? Is it greed? Is it doubt? Is it vanity? Is it Ignorance and Pride of the Ego unwilling to admit ignorance, or to humble itself to learn?

Whatever it is, you and You(The Guard) can build your reality and you will start having your physical sensory awareness see, hear, taste, smell and touch the things that build your purpose instead of keeping you stagnant or breaking you down.

I hope this reaches someone who really needs it. I am not a teacher, I am learning what I am trying to teach and teaching what I am learning, always.

.Live Long and Prosper.