Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Introduction: Looking Up, Stupid.

My name is Melodee Lenz. I have no qualms about stating on the record that I am no expert in the fields I'll be discussing in this blog. I am just like you, her, him, but nothing like, "them."

My secret internal quest for truth began when I was just a fat kid living in rural Texas. Remember the headache medicine, Nuprin? Their slogan was, "little, yellow, different- Nuprin."  Have I lost you on that reference? That's okay. I only bring up that slogan as a comedic ice breaker, to explain how I've always felt while living on this planet.

It hit me recently, like a bolt of lightning, that I needed to use my blogging in a much different way than I had been in the past 6 years. Normally, I write about funny stories that have happened to me in daily life, my view points on the craziness of working in children's entertainment, the circus, and as an entertainer living gig to gig.

I mostly rant out how I feel regarding manipulative vampiric people I've come in contact with that have fried my logic center and turned me into the Hulk. Hulk smash.

I'm almost done talking about myself, I promise. I'm just setting up this site so that you know who you are dealing with and why I'm not like the others who are covering subjects that I will be covering in the future. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but it can't hurt to deliver the same information through my non-expert filter.

My closest friends would probably say that I've had one of the strangest journey's in life. I've never hidden that from anyone. (well, some of it, but not for long)

I could go on and on about how I believe there are no coincidences. I believe/know that we choose our obstacles long before we arrive in the womb. You may not remember doing that, but I swear I do.
Yes, I said that. Wait for it... wait for it... don't log out... wait... I have no mental illness, so just stay tuned for my blog on "Epic Dreams," in future posts.


Conditions being what they were growing up, I was well suited for a life of questioning. I was adopted, I grew up with a collection of people, family and friends, all of which were the most bizarre collection of personalities that God himself could've put together.

I still have no idea how they all haven't killed each other...or killed me?  Yet, they were a perfect blend of being tuned in & tuned out. Enough of both created an environment that allowed me to explore, mentally/emotionally/spiritually the truth of who I am.  And boy howdy was I ever confused on that subject!  I didn't blend in social structures. (thank GOD!)

Now for the good stuff.  Rather, the point of this site and the content within it...

We are entering into a major shift that even the most closed minded person can feel happening. That 87 year old super conservative southern baptist that lives down the street- you know the one- Even THEY are feeling like a Bob Dylan song is swirling around them, "Times they are a changin'..." or "Subterranean Homesick Blues.."  (we'll get to that)

WE know something is happening, we just can't put our finger on it.

Some want to blame media for that. (partially true) Some want to say it is the internet. (also true) Some want to blame the government. (definitely true) Some want to blame the immigration problem.(it's NOT that) Some want to blame social media. (somewhat true) Some want to blame God. (In a very deep way that is true) Some want to blame geo-engineering of weather.(yep, that is part of it)
Some want to blame the music industry for corrupting the kids. (kind of, but it's only part of the puzzle) Some want to blame aliens. (maybe?) Some want to blame their spouse, their kids, their job.(No, it's not their fault. They are feeling the same thing you are and probably trying to blame you too.)

It IS everything you think is to blame; and yet NONE of what you think is to blame.
And why are we blaming?

We are conditioned to blame.

Things have to be someone else's fault, or the government, or the terrible traffic, or this country, or that country...Right?
It's not. I mean, it IS...but it's not.

We are all in this together,  and by "this" I mean- The Change.

If you are one of those people that thinks everyone who believes in a Divine architect/God is an idiot, or people who have had UFO experiences or angelic experiences are certifiable nut jobs,  anyone that claims to have seen ghosts needs medication, anyone who reads Gnostic texts is a blasphemer, or anyone who has any psychic ability is a fraud or of the devil...

If you are THAT person, then why are you reading this?
If you continue reading, just know, that I know- You aren't as rigid as you claim to be.
It's okay, it can be our little secret. Shhh!

I plan on delivering you information that will open your eyes a bit. Subjects I was skeptical about myself, but questioned, researched, and figured out. Plus some strange experiences I've had in my life, but kept quiet about.

My Motto:
 If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might NOT  be a duck.

I'm not trying to change your mind, or infringe upon your free will to be a rigid and closed off automaton. I just feel that if I don't start getting what I DO know out there in the ether, then I'm not being of service to others.

You can choose to accept it or reject it, but I ask you to refrain from telling me a boat load of hateful things that you've perfectly designed to hurt my feelings.  Not because my feelings will get hurt, but because you are blasting the atmosphere with more of "the problem." Don't be the problem.

Remember, we are in this together and it's up to us as the majority to start using some quantum entanglement. Collective conscious and direct thought intention, i.e.  power of collective thought, some call it prayer/meditation/good vibes...  Whatever you want to label it, that's fine. Choose a  label that will allow you to sleep better at night. I'm just here to tell you that it WORKS. If you are a science geek, look into "intention experiments."  We have a co-creative power to change the world and we rarely intentionally self-direct that power. We allow the mass media news outlets to sell us fear porn. We trust that what they are reporting is accurate, and that it is in our best interest to know such information. We blindly follow systems that are set up, literally, to extract our fear and co-creative power/energy- and use it against us.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Start questioning what you are being told. Start asking yourself, "does this feel right?" Use the inner compass you've been given!  Stop driving to work in a daze, clocking in, and clocking out of life.

 Is that what being alive is supposed to be? Who's winning? Not you. Question that! You aren't supposed to feel drained, sick, overweight, depressed, or anxious yet exhausted! You aren't!  "God never gives you more than you can handle." I have heard that so much that it makes me sick. Do you think an altruistic loving God gives you pain and suffering? No.

You've been giving it to yourself because the majority of us have been told to how to feel, think, and act. It's a system that only benefits about 11,000 people who are at the very top of the chain of command. I'm not going to tell you about things you've already seen in the mass media news outlets. I'm going to give you resources and information so that you can decide for yourself! Deciding for yourself is what "they" don't want you to do. We have been given the illusion of choice. Think about it. Why  is there only 2 options for voting in this country? Democrat and Republican. Sure there are more, but they don't see the light of day do they? We erroneously think that those are our options and we stockpile our opinions in "I'm this and you are that."

What does that do? That puts the people in a state of duality. We aren't thinking in ways that will provide change for ALL of us, we are thinking and forming opinions out of an illusion of choice, put in place to distract and divide. Start questioning that. Start with one question, "What if everything I'm being told in the news is a lie? What if... what would be the purpose of the lie?"

Tie off before you jump down that rabbit hole.

When I began questioning the mass media news outlets was shortly after 911. WE were being fed fear porn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why? What is the point? Do these government officials actually believe we are all in danger just because of a few rogue extremists with box cutters? This is America right? Didn't we defeat the most corrupt regime ever in the history of time during WW2? Now we are worried about some crazy people with box cutters who took down 2 buildings in NYC and now we have terror alerts more than severe weather alerts? What?

 Distraction. Fear. Keep the masses thinking that we have their best interest at heart. Meanwhile let's invade Iraq and pretend it has something to do with Al Qaeda... oh wait... it doesn't.  It's "WMD's"...oh wait... nope. Wrong again. The reason we can't let go of 911 isn't because people died. It's because subconsciously we know something more was at play there. That off-center feeling we all have about it is the DIVINE spark trying to scream at us to WAKE UP!  Sadly though, 911 was not the start of the disinformation, control, and flat out ruthless manipulation of the majority.  In other words, "we built to that."

In the upcoming posts, I'll help you with providing research and REAL information that you can accept or reject.  But I promise that after you've seen what I have gathered, experienced myself, and obtained through extremely qualified/vetted professionals/doctors/military personnel, etc... I think at the very least, you'll start questioning what is going on behind the veil. You'll wonder who the "Wizard(s) of Oz" really are, and hopefully begin taking back your power as a co-creator of your own life.

I'll be covering everything from the history of our corruption in government to ancient texts that were purposefully buried by the Council of Nicaea in order to limit you- keeping you in fear and guilt. I'll share my own experiences with working around the elite of the world, and I'll tell you about their manipulation/how they think/and why they do what they do.  I'll be covering UFO cover ups that have dated back to the late 1800's, the corruption of the Smithsonian by squirreling away artifacts that  would blow the lid off of the scientific ideas we've come to erroneously accept as 'fact.'  I will also direct you to hidden studies and scientific journals that have been suppressed by the .01% of the folks who control EVERYTHING... no, really, they do. And get this- they are into some freaky stuff in order to keep/maintain/exponentially grow their power over humanity. Fact.  

Why would I dig all this dirty laundry up? The change.  WE must start waking up, and flying right. WE are the ones with the power, not "them." WE have been controlled much to long and for nefarious reasons/even sick and disgusting reasons that you won't even believe are real. They are. The truth is out there if you LOOK UP STUPID!  Start questioning!

Warning: There are actual paid disinformation agents within certain factions of the more secretive parts of our government. They are paid to tell the public something that creates a distraction from what is actually happening. Guess what? We fall for it every single time. How do we weed out real information from DISinformation?  This is what I found to be my own personal methods of narrowing the margin of error.

1. What are they selling? Fear? Worry? Hope?  (hope is still fear based by the way because you are "hoping" that something good happens  instead of insisting that it does) What solutions are they providing you with? Do they refuse to be questioned or cross examined? You'll find that most experts or skeptics are so self-righteous and smug that they squirm when they are faced with anything other than their own rigid belief system... and usually, they get downright rude and condescending. Which we've been conditioned to think of as "intelligence." It's not. It's hateful and uses humiliation as a way to prevent people from questioning the "expert."  I'm saying... Question the expert. Nobody is an expert at opinions!

2. Is what their saying, over simplifying a not-so-simple subject?
Example: The Phoenix Lights.
Thousands of people saw the hundreds of lights hovering in the skies. There are hundreds of videos of it, photographs, eye-witness testimonies, etc..  If an "expert" comes forward and says, "that was actually a military exercise using a special type of weather balloon that emits a gas, etc..." They dismissed thousands of people's eye-witness testimonies, video, etc... all of it was swept under the rug and not spoken about in mainstream media following the event. Even the elected Mayor (who saw it himself and has since disclosed his true feeling on the subject) came out and gave a press conference with a cheap alien costume and made every resident of Phoenix feel like a chump.  He was NOT re-elected the next term. He made an enemy out of "the people," by becoming a disinformation agent himself.  My point? Why do thousands of people allow one or two people to shut them down and make them all look like nutty UFO foil-hat wearing weirdos? Because we are conditioned that way, we have been conditioned to roll over and play dumb because if not- you will be publicly humiliated, lose your job, be socially rejected by your peers, etc... This is not OUR doing. This is how disinformation agents work, have worked, and will continue to work if WE don't...

WAKE UP!!!!!

3. How does it feel in your gut? Read body language, listen to vocal tonality, clear your mind and quietly ask for guidance. You'll find synchronistic things will start lining up and you'll co-create the information you need to truly KNOW for yourself. Trust me on this, you'll be shocked at how matter itself will organize in your favor, once you trust yourself and ask your compass for "the road home."

Thank you for reading my first post on this site. They will become less scatterbrained and better edited. I can't wait for perfection to occur with my skills in grammar, and figured that I need to just BEGIN.

So there it is... Hey, and... Look up, stupid.