Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016- A Year of Disclosure?

Oh yeah, it's 2016  y'all! 

Wouldn't you think we would have more than just iPads, iPhones, internet, and 1080p streaming video by now?

I remember being a kid in the early 80's and thinking how vastly different things would be by the time I was 35 years old. I fully assumed that we would be living in a Star Trek type civilization by now. Growing up, my family raised cattle near San Antonio. One of my earliest memories of being, "a bit different," than those I was co-habitating with, was the very bizarre idea that we, "ate our animal friends."  This was absurd to me. I should also mention that another grossly horrific idea to my kid brain was, the very accepted practice of drinking milk from cows, but, hiding human breast feeding? Why are women quarantined rooms away from the public, just to feed their kids,  how is that's cool? "Wait? What? You mean we freely drink the breast milk for baby cows... but we aren't allowed to feed our own babies our own milk without public scrutiny or shame?  ...You people are Weird."  (said the 10 year old Melodee Lenz as she scratched her head in confusion)

My Dad would always answer with, "yeah, well, that's just how it is."

Most people wave the flag of, "that's just how it is," all of the time.

We've grown accustomed to the sound of that phrase. It being a viable response to any question, asked by anyone who just might not "get it."

 Much to the chagrin of my folks, I was the kid that asked inappropriate questions about "appropriate things." I genuinely wanted to know why we do what we do. I guess I expected reasonable or logical answers to my questions?
 However, typically I came up short in the metaphorical lottery bucket of "I don't know, that's just how it is," balls.

Children are often the ones leading the sheep astray. They are usually silenced, or worse,  shamed into silence about their very natural curiosity concerning life.

Children remind us of who we once were, what we once questioned, and what we DIDN'T assume about everyday life. Many wise teachers/healers over millennia have put a great deal of thought into proverbs like, "be of a child mind."

There is a reason for this being an attribute worth uncovering within ourselves.

We go through life trying to fit in, accepting the unacceptable, wearing clothes that metaphorically and literally -don't fit- with who we know ourselves to me.

Gradually, we age and the inner anarchist gets quieter, more still, more suffocated by the trickster judge & jury that we've put in charge of our consciousness.

The micro, often representing the macro;  We place similar tricksters into positions of power over us. The trickster/false god being government officials, teachers, or even personal relationships.

 It's easier to hold external power accountable for our internal failings, is it not?

"It's Obama's fault!" "If we hadn't listened to George W. Bush we wouldn't be in this mess!" "If we get our guns taken away we will fall victim to terrorists or the government!"  "All these damn Mexicans coming into our country takin' our jobs and living off the tax payers money..." "They are letting these immigrants over there in Syria come into our country, damn terrorist muslims."  

It's always someone else, some other law, some cause, some group, some country, some weather catastrophe to blame... It's not.

Beneath the chaos, the storm of voices shouting across the internet/television/radio/workplace/home...There is a stillness that we know as our true self.

The Self that probably doesn't care about all the shouting, the Self that is content with the calmness of just being you, the Self that wants to break through the waves of chaos and yell, "SHUT UP!!!"

Search your Self, if you wish, and you will know what I'm talking about with regard to this inner stillness. You need not fear this silence within. It isn't out to destroy your existence or make you divorce your wife or husband, ruin your reputation at work, or piss off your church community.

It is part of an altruistic love that is your divine right to express... and chances are, it wants answers.

I think everyone would agree that there's something not quite right about the conditions we are living in. I'm not selling fear porn here folks. Nor am I speaking of "the end of the world," or any such thing.

I'm talking about truth. 

"Something just ain't right."

WE ALL feel this to be true. Speaking personally, I feel like I'm walking around in a big Scooby Doo mystery and at any point now there has to be the big reveal of who the arch villains truly are.
 "If it hadn't been for You meddling kids."

We must be the "meddling kids." We must sort out the truth from fiction.

If not for ourselves, then for future generations.

My purpose for writing this blog, or creating this blog site, is simple and straightforward.

I don't want to be paid for writing this material. I don't want credit for being a whistleblower, or a philosopher for that matter. Writing is the only way I know how to get people to start paying attention to the "Scooby Doo mystery,"  we are living in. I'm not peddling fear, anxiety, or pushing any sort of movement to "take down" a group of people. I'm just asking you to allow yourself, if you want to,  the right of speculation. The speculation being "how are things?" instead of assuming "this is just how things are."

Quantum Entanglement, is a term that I adore. It's a fancy science-y way of explaining the power of collective intention, prayer, or loosely put "the vibes of people." Fun Fact or Coincidence: Did you know that a group of a few hundred people meditated on showering the city of Chicago with love and peace, and the crime rate dropped by 80% from the year before on the day they did that? Don't take my word for it, you can google this information yourself. I just gave you a small nugget of information regarding the power of Quantum Entanglement... there's a lot of cool stuff out there on the subject.

How does it work? Some would say it works through God, some would say that we are co-creators alongside the One Creator, thus being "made in His image," with our ability to create our reality, to  to have a direct creative part in our life either positively or negatively.

There's a verse that my Grandmother used to say to me often, "God is no respecter of persons."  In other words, God doesn't choose whom he loves more. We are all equally loved.  I think we can take that verse a step further and say that we have(as co-creators of our life) a choice of "entangling our conscious thoughts," toward positively directed outcomes or negative ones... whatever we choose, we get to be "right."

The scientist/inventor, Rupert Sheldrake, theorized that the nature of any experiment's outcome changes based on the intention of the person expecting the outcome. He had, in a paradox of conducting his own experiment on the nature of outcomes, realized that once someone had accomplished something that was previously unaccomplished, a flood of new participants would break the previous record almost immediately.  Sheldrake theorized that the only differential was human consciousness, i.e. the mental block of "that's impossible" becomes "possible" when ONE person decides to make it so.  

That is pretty powerful stuff to think about.  Again, don't take my word for it. If you want to look up these/and many other experiments like this, you can do that. I'm simply offering you a bread crumb to start you on your journey home.

What does all of this have to do with the title of this blog?  I'm getting there now.

We've been lied to our entire lives by people who think we can't handle the truth. This is how we as a society have been conditioned, trained, and programmed to be. This poisoned style of human conditioning keeps us from asking the "wrong questions/RIGHT questions," and it keeps us stupid. We keep distracted with the goings-on of fictional lives in REALITY shows, we hide ourselves behind labels like: Democrat, Republican, Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, White, Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, Nerd, Geek, Trekky, Hipster, Feminist, Masochist, Socialist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Science-minded, Esoteric, Extremist, Philanthropist, Sadist, Satanist, Pagan, Gentile, Immigrant....  NO! STOP. JUST STOP! SHUT THE HELL UP!


Do not let a handful of elite powerful(self-proclaimed) people tell you where you belong, what the truth is, or where you can get it. Just breathe. Get under the crashing yelling shouting waves of chaos that surrounds you through media, the workplace, your social atmosphere, wherever... just take 3 minutes to ask one simple question to yourself that you would've never asked before.  This will slowly chip away at the programmed responses and assimilation tactics we place on ourselves and allow others to place on us. There are no limitations other than the ones we set up in our own minds.

It's time to start asking questions that make yourself uncomfortable. It's time to start asking questions that aren't "acceptable" by the lame standards of our society! It's time to root for the underdog's of this world. They are the ones showing the greatest amount of courage by standing up and asking questions that nobody wants to think about.

You know what questions I have?  I'll happily give you an example of some of my questions. None of these are blasphemous to ask, and there's no harm in asking and seeking the answers/different answers than what is deemed "appropriate" to believe.

1. Why are all the ISIS videos on the news filmed with the most skilled camera work I've ever seen for a supposed "random" terrorist cell that sprung up out of nowhere? The videos are in 1080p HD, fully edited with cut-away shots that are of the ilk of big budget Hollywood films. How do we know where they are at all times via satellite feed and yet they are seemingly unbeatable? How do they all have the most highly technological materials for combat uniforms/they match and yet Al Qaeda terrorists(also touted as being unbreakable back in the day) were wearing thrift store shit with holes in it and raggedy shoes, homemade bombs and some cold war guns...oh and the WORST videographers in the "business."  Those assholes were  hiding in caves with camel spiders in 140 degree heat and below freezing temps at night!  ISIS is just forming a conga line across allied borders and we are all like, "well, there they are, guess they are invading another region now... oh yep, they just tweeted about it..."  WHAT THE F*&^?  Come on people. Do you really have no questions about this? Really? Is it not completely clear that they are not in this for any other reason other than they are being PAID to be ISIS?  

2. Why are we pissed off at Russia again? They won't assimilate into NATO's corrupt plans?   Russia  took out HUNDREDS of this "elusive & mysterious" ISIS group in 2 weeks y'all. Why did Turkey shoot down a Russian plane that wasn't technically in their airspace/ and was doing them a favor by killing ISIS troops close to their border? Oh, wait... Putin released satellite feed of the  re-supplying of ISIS convoys at a nearby NATO/Turkish military outpost? Oh... that's why they shot down Russian planes. Got it.   Gotta keep that lie up so that the people of the world will allow government to run them down with tanks to "keep 'em safe."  Can't know the truth, truth gets their planes shot down.

3. Why is it that there are a handful of banks owned by a  handful of families that own conflicting interests in conflicting enterprises?  The banks that fund the chemical plants that make drugs for Lung Cancer patients also make the chemicals that cause the cancer in cigarettes? (and a million other conflicting things like that... for more information, I suggest reading the air-tight research of G. Edward Griffith and Professor Jim Marrs)  

4. Why is Edward Snowden considered a criminal? (don't tell me it's because our troops aren't safe because of his leaked documents... that's what the government told you to say... know your facts first) Let's see here... Edward Snowden (among many other's who didn't get in the paper) blew the "rape whistle" of Justice by leaking documents that PROVED beyond any argument the endless snakes that run our country and preside over our security installations that are doing anything but keeping us secure. They are spying, terrorizing, controlling, and infiltrating your divine right of being human. Let me ask this question... If Edward Snowden lived in the early 1900's, would he be considered a hero for doing what he did? Many were considered heroes back then for doing less than that.  Now, he is a fugitive because he dared to ask questions, dared to find out the truth, and dared to give the truth to the people... for free.  However, the press (owned by the same banks that I mentioned above) quickly demonized Snowden, and then distracted everyone with some controversy related to Kim Kardashian's appearance on some stupid award show. Sadly, their attempt at distraction worked. Most American's have no idea who Edward Snowden is because they just continued texting "LOL and WTF" about someone's ass being photoshopped or how someone slept with someone, or how so-n-so has a "baby bump."  Ugh, kill me.  I'm just saying that it is sad to think he is safer holding out in countries like China or Russia than he is here at home. This can't be right. All he did was leak information that was lied about, information that is your American and HUMAN right to know.

**If you want a great documentary that isn't about Snowden but about other people, people like you and me, people who served in the military, CIA officials, who were literally terrorized by our own government for speaking out about what is right... I suggest watching the INCREDIBLE documentary called, "Silenced."   It's free now on streaming sites like Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu.

5. There are thousands of people that go missing each year at National Parks. They are never found, and the investigators rarely have cooperation from Federal Park officials. Evidence goes missing. Areas are blocked by park officials seemingly overnight. Family's of missing people are threatened if they press the issue past a certain allotted search duration of time.  Did you hear me? Thousands of people. Thousands. Gone. Not a trace of them is found anywhere. No bodies. No closure. Nothing.  Why?  The actual number of cases is so horrifying that I've mentally blocked the actual number from my head... trust me, it's a staggering, jaw dropping amount of missing people.   For the best and most detailed research on this subject, please look into David Paulides work, "Missing 411." He has a website as well.. www.canammissing.com/ 

6. So what about Aliens? www.exopolitics.com   www.earthfiles.com   www.disclosureproject.org  

Those are just a few of the questions I have "inappropriately" asked and received immense amounts of conflicting information about. 

Someone is lying to us. Don't let yourself be part of the lie. 

It's time to stop what you are doing(if you want, you know, free will n' all)and ask questions...