Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Is Happening!

Many people are feeling the effects of the chaos that is perpetually happening in the world. From the mass shootings, riots, rogue factions creating fear, disinformation of information, it's all seeming like too much to mentally process.

Have you asked yourself in your quiet moments if this all seems kind of unreal?
Something feels off, no doubt about it.

I'd like to pose a question/theory about why it seems so horrible right now. Roll with me here...

When a disease is being eradicated, knows it's being "dealt with," it holds on for dear life, your life. The body knows it is something that shouldn't be there, but oftentimes, the virus or disease will mask itself, hide, or worsen something else that was dormant in the body for years.

I believe the micro always represents the Macro, or as the ancient Egyptians believed, "as above, so below."

We  have a very real, very intense battle going on right now between good and evil, enlightenment and ignorance, and love vs. fear.  Why didn't I say Love vs. Hate? I didn't use the word hate, because "hatred" isn't what the core issue is here. The root of hatred is and always has been- Fear.

We destroy what we don't understand. We dissect and dismantle what we want to know more about, but fear knowing when the deconstructed 'thing' is active or alive. It's too close to us when it's moving about, alert, aware, or behaving in its natural habitat. We must render it inactive before we take it apart to see all of it's moving parts.

This is human nature, or so we  have been programmed to believe.

I don't believe this.

When an athlete conditions himself/herself for a big competition, they build to the peak level of performance. They don't start off by blowing out their body in a long distance run followed by a 7 hour weight lifting session. They begin by slowly introducing new habits, new routines, and gradually add or level up their training at a very methodically planned out pace.

 In other words, a good conditioning program is one that begins slowly and knows the long-game results of each incremental step to perfection of the "win."

Why am I talking about conditioning in athletes?
Conditioning is one of the oldest psychological techniques in recorded history. The Roman's wouldn't barge into a place and just massacre everyone the first day of the siege. They did something far more sinister.

They would build their camps within eye-shot of the soon-to-be sieged area. They had a "long game" approach to take over the city. The camps weren't shoddy tents or cheaply built sleeping arrangements either. They were as elaborate as a temporary structure could be.

Most of these siege camps had running water, plumbing, and resources that sustained the Roman army for months, even years!

The local people who could see the construction of these camps would watch in fear. Eventually, they became accustomed to seeing the Roman's outside of their village. They became complacent and lost their fear of the original threat eventually. T

he Romans knew this and when everyone was desensitized to their presence, they struck. It was as easy as stomping on a bug or destroying an ant hill at that point. They would take over the city and then would psychologically manipulate the people to the point that the victims would feel "grateful" and see the Romans in a positive light!

 They would feel appreciative of the high tech plumbing, running water, beautiful architecture, exotic foods.

Never realizing what they lost. They lost their home, lost their identity, and lost all of their personal freedoms.

Sound familiar? It should. Our entire westernized system of government, banking, and acquisition is based on the Roman empire's psychological tactics. Before Rome, it was called the Babylonian Money Magik system. First is the fear, then the choice, then the apathy, then the effortless take over of personal liberties, property, authenticity of the individual, the rich get richer, the poor work harder.

If you don't believe that, let me give you another example.

When an impoverished region of the world gets "aid" by wealthy nations, the first thing that changes in the region is their trade system. Currency is introduced instead of trade among neighboring villages. (which is what they did successfully for thousands of years)

Usually their own trading system has failed because the closest developed region no longer gives them essentials, medical care, or supply routes to do trade. A faction of "terrorists" are usually along these supply lines and eventually after many sad and horribly violent acts have taken place, the people decide it is best to starve than to be raped, imprisoned, or for their family units to be broken up by these guerrilla mafia type groups. These militia types are on a payroll. They have the best weapons, they come from the general area... So why are they raping and torturing and slaughtering innocent nomadic people for wanting food? What is it to them? Money? Well, they didn't have a monetary system for thousands of years, so they are willing to slaughter their own people over pieces of paper? You bet they are. And you can also bet that they are on the direct deposit of some "civilized" government that created them to break the spirit of the already broken people of the region. But don't worry... the savior is coming... and it's a piece of paper.

That neighboring "successful" region was once just like the impoverished one... and the same type of Romanized conquering method happened to them. So, the more progressive locals try to talk to the impoverished tribal people and say, "the best thing is to just let them come in and help you. You'll have hospitals, schools, clothing, And those militia guys will stop killing you and raping your wives."

Bear in mind that these tribal people never needed western medicine before the 'west' moved into the region and brought their diseases with them.  They weren't hungry until their land was pilfered and polluted by big industrial plants or mining operations. They had schools, but their schools were more spiritually based, lessons of the forefathers, survival, astronomy, charting the seasons, when to plant crops, how to heal the spirit, mind, and body... how to mother, how to make goods that provide for everyone in the village.  Now their schools include classes about the Founders of Government or Economy, or my favorite... American & British History. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Fast forward to a decade in the future... Huge industrial plants were built on their once sacred ground. Generations of people who once charted the stars and knew how to provide for their entire community are now in polluted industrial assembly lines, disconnected from nature, animals, and other-selves.

I use the term "other selves" because your neighbor, fellow humans, we are all connected. They are you, you are them, we are each other. We are individual as far as our gifts, personality, and distinct vibrational frequency that we project to the world... but if I hurt you, I hurt myself.
If I enslave you, I have enslaved myself. There's a pact between us all, a balance.

"Every action has an equal or opposite reaction." -Isaac Newton.

On a quantum level, all energy, matter, you, I, them... Everything has a force/action. So that being said, every Action must be met with an additional action of equal or opposite REACTION.
That means, to me, we are connected on an energetic level with every single thing in the universe. There is no action without reaction. Looks like that takes more than just 'self' to make the laws of energy and inertia applicable, right?

This is a scientific way of explaining the ancient eastern philosophies of Karma. It isn't that we are punished because something decided to react without our "act." It is because we acted that there is a Reaction. Push and pull. Light and Dark. Up and down.

What happens when action is directed to something that isn't acting? If I push you and you don't fall, you have either to react by pushing back, or by standing there and taking it. Either one of those options is still a reaction. There cannot be non-reaction.

Some may quote the biblical verse, "turn the other cheek." That was still a Reaction.

My point is coming... I promise. Stay strapped in, and we will reach the end of the ride, you have my word.

Everything happening in our world right now is a Reaction to something, right? We know that Reaction and Action are one in the same. Infinitely interweaving within each other.

It may seem like all of the chaos is just an unstoppable snake eating it's own tail. If we react to all of the problems, we cause another action, causing more problems that we react to... rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

In order to know how to jump out of the tornado, we have to see what all was swept up within it.  That tornado is a torsion field that is now spiraling out of control and gobbling up people, places, ideas,  joy, happiness, dignity, liberties... you name it, it's going to be swallowed up by that vortex of destruction, right?  What is fueling it? Why on earth isn't that tornado slowing down?


We have been conditioned, just like the athlete, or just like the frog in boiling water, to not realize we are building up layers of tolerance to things we shouldn't tolerate. Who is conditioning us? How? Is this just a bunch of conspiracy crap? No, sadly it's not.

What if you didn't watch or look at any mainstream media for one week. Just one. Imagine it. One week you didn't read the paper, didn't check Twitter, didn't log on to Facebook, didn't flip on CNN or Fox or your local news at 9pm.

Instead, you decided to meet everyone that lives on the street you live on, or the apartment complex you rent from. For one week, your information is just getting to know everyone that lives within a mile of you.
 First thing in the morning, you go outside and have a conversation with a couple of people who are also outside. Maybe they tell you about their grandchildren, or how they saw a shooting star the night before, or how a squirrel was pestering them all morning... or maybe they want nothing to do with you at all and flip you the bird and walk off.

 Whatever the case is, by the end of that week, there would be such a sense of realness, interdependence, love, support, understanding, compassion... Now, let's say that for the next following week, you were told that you couldn't speak to any of those people and you could only use your phone to check social media, CNN, Fox, read the paper, etc...

I can tell you this...
 It would be shocking to your system. You would feel like everything you experienced within that week of zero media was like a dream. "That's not the real world anyway. I can't believe that I was talking about stupid squirrels with my neighbor and terrorists were raiding another city and slaughtering everyone!" Were they? As far as you were concerned, the squirrel that was banging on your window with acorns was the terrorist that week.  How would you feel if your community was infiltrated by actual terrorists before you spent a week bonding with them? Second option is if you never knew any of them but "read about it" or "saw it on the news."

Very different outcomes of that cause and effect thing I was talking about a few paragraphs earlier.

The conditioning is the key element here. 

We are being conditioned, have been conditioned, to accept that there is nothing we can do, our feelings aren't valid, everything the media says is happening is actually happening.  They condition us to know who the bad guys are, who the good guys are, who the victims are, the why's, where, when and how, are all spelled out for us every day.

We haven't met our "neighbors" folks. We have no idea about why any of this is happening in our world because we are just told that it's "our problem now."

"What are we going to do about it!" "Our lives matter!" "See there, the cops are out of control!" "They are killing everyone for no damn reason." "This ISIS group is a bunch of muslims and Islam is bringing down the world!" "Trump is bad, Trump is good, Hilary is a crook, Hilary is a woman savior, the anti-Christ... "Another shooting, this time in...." "Innocent people were mowed down by a truck...." "Munich shooting kills 9, possible terrorist ties...."  

It goes on and on and on and on and on.... We react, they act, we react, they act, we act, they react.... Through this process we are conditioning ourselves to expect the worst. Each day brings "additional weight" to our conditioning program.  By the end of this conditioning, we will be apathetic, numb, and conditioned perfectly to expect horrible things, roll over and take it.  What's the use, right?

Wrong. We have to know what and who we are reacting to before it becomes a juggernaut and stops the momentum of all of these attacks on our collective consciousness. We do have power. We have all of the power.

"Rome" has built the camps around our consciousness.  All it is waiting for is for our renunciation, our apathy, our complacency. Then our consciousness will be sieged and we will not even remember why we fought so hard to keep "rome" out? They brought us solutions! They brought us a new way to live, a new way to think, they delivered us from this apathy and gave us amenities that we didn't have before... What are we lacking, we have Everything, right?

We will have nothing. We only have what they told us we have, what they brought with them, and we have lost our consciousness or birthright in the process to a manipulative few that have a template for how they condition the masses. We just reacted to it for so long that now,  we built up a tolerance to the pain, the lies, the social engineering. That's it. Show is over.

What can we do now?

We can be aware of this conditioning. We can dare ourselves to see beyond what is being said, or force fed as fact and power shoved down our throats. We can choose to not be sheep. Our shepherd is and has been a monster for a long time... But we've been steadily eating the poisoned grass as we edge closer and closer to the side of the cliff. That false "shepherd" or "system" doesn't care if we fall off the edge, die from poisoned grass. There are always more sheep, there are always new ways to poison those sheep. Those sheep do a lot of the heavy lifting. They "mow the back 40" for FREE? Yeah, I think I want to own some of those sheep.  The fine print is this... "

Warning: Please keep the sheep unaware of the true nature of the shepherd's monstrous appearance or they won't herd together and they will not follow you. Make sure to give them some delicious food every once in a while, but not very much. Just enough to make them think they earned it. If they want too much of the good stuff, start poisoning it. If they begin to wander off,  make an example out of the one that wandered off in front of the herd. If the herd lives too long, add more poison to their water supply. Keep the herd at a manageable size. They don't know what is best for them, but we, the monsters do. If you have a black sheep born into your herd, be very careful. The black sheep tend to be a bit more unruly than the white sheep. You may need to scare them more than the others. If a real shepherd stops by and suspects that you are mistreating your herd, just take his herd and ridicule his abilities to lead. Soon enough, all the shepherds will be our kind, and the herd won't even realize it."

I urge all of us to not react, not eat the poisoned grass, pay attention to where the razor's edge is, and for the love of Humanity, let's unmask the shepherd and face the REAL monster!  We must wake up folks. There is no separation. We've been told to be separate. We've been instructed ever so subtly who to hate. We don't even know what team we are playing on anymore! What is the game we are playing? What inning is it? We've been told that you must be this or that. Republican or Democrat. Rich or Poor. Smart and Stupid. Crazy or Sane. Christian or Muslim. Gay or Straight. Male and Female. And with each option, there are sub options that go along with those things... not because they actually do apply to those descriptions, but because we've been conditioned to believe certain things and reject any type of open ended idea or inquiry.

"What box do you want to fit in? Here are your options... there are only the options we provide for you. If you don't check the box, you can't be here. Only the people who check the options we've provided are allowed here. Everyone else  can wait in the other area and we will be in shortly to condition you some more. "  

"Resistance is futile." -The Borg, Star Trek. "All will be assimilated." 

We must raise our awareness of this type of conditioning. We are being brainwashed and poisoned a little bit at a time, each day, to ready all of our consciousness for some Major change/takeover. That is what is happening. History repeats itself until it doesn't!

We must start asking questions about what is truth, what is disinformation, what is distracting us from something we all need to be asking questions about and holding people accountable for. We must proudly display our "tin foil hats" and march into the face of all that we are being fed right now about who the terrorists are, why they are doing what they are, who is to blame, why guns are killing cops, why black people are being targeted, why transgendered bathroom drama is getting top billing...
Why why why are we having to power dunked by the media into tubs of  pain, tragedy, injustice, racial inequality, religious wars... Why are we being told EXACTLY who the "bad guys are," instead of why it's happening and why it isn't stopping? It's getting stupid.

"Clean your plate, or you don't get any dessert."  Oh, I guess I better eat all that was given to me whether or not I even like it because I really want the pleasure of that pay off brownie sundae later.
The sundae never comes. The sundae was a lie. But before you get that sundae, you have to eat another plate, then another, then another...then you are violently puking up your force fed dinners and that is when the dessert tray comes rolling out. "Oh you don't want dessert now? I thought you wanted dessert? Well, this is the last time you are going to see this dessert tray for a while so are you absolutely sure you don't want it?"

We end up refusing what originally would have made us happy because we were forcibly eating things that did not make us happy for so long that we are now sick. Very sick.

Let's get our heads out of the sand. Let's start asking the tough questions. Let's flip up the couch and see what kind of nasty roaches are living under there. It's going to suck, but we have to do this or we will be overrun by vermin.

We are all One. We are in this together. We must start acting like it. Love each other. Love your neighbor. Love the weirdo down the street. What can it possibly hurt just to think loving thoughts about others? What can it strip from you to think that we are all more connected than we are separate? This is actually our super hero power, our Divine right...

Quantum Entanglement is our secret Avenger's weapon against all of this horror, fear and hatred. That weapon can also destroy us. That is what it is doing now.  If we are all focused or "entangled" in the conditioning of fear and separation, we will play right into the trap.

We must entangle our consciousness with love and wisdom. We must want to wish love to those who we have been conditioned to think are different or separate from us. They aren't. They ARE us. We Are them. It is scientifically impossible for us to not be connected to each other on an energetic level!

So why are we being brow beaten into thinking that we aren't connected, that we Are different, that you are this and I am that...?

Maybe, just maybe, the "roman army" that is waiting to siege our consciousness, our freedom, our identity, our humanity... Maybe they have the same knowledge of how Quantum Entanglement works too.  It works both ways. Remember that.

We must begin thinking of Loving each other.  Listen to me, we can do this. We must do this. We can and will win this time if we all join together and accept each other as ourselves. It's not unrealistic. Just start by smiling at someone you don't know. Saying hello to the gas station attendant and wishing him/her a happy day. That annoying person that drives you crazy? Try laughing instead of fuming. After all, it is hilarious how worked up we can get over someone who smacks their food or has a stupid look on their face. Just laugh about it. Release it. Begin small. One kind act leads to a reaction.  Let's start a domino effect of healing action. Let's redirect our normal Reactions to actions that are not passive, not violent, but entirely opposite from what we typically do.  It's up to us to lead ourselves. It's up to us to help each other. It's up to us to love one another and forgive ourselves and others.

Thanks for reading this.

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