Friday, October 7, 2016

Not An Excuse-Team Psychosis

I've never fully understood the mania around sports. In my house growing up, if the Cowboys lost a game, the family dynamic turned sour, even aggressive. 

The last two days I've spent sitting on the highway behind pile up accidents and the local radio broadcasts ranting about baseball games and projections of wins/losses of future's all so stupid that I have to publically and unapologetically state that I officially DO NOT CARE about your bad mood over a frivolous sports team's loss. 

Look, I'm sorry you wore your team's colors to work and thought anyone would be more understanding when you stomp around acting like a 6 year old when he's told he has to stop playing Xbox and eat dinner. 

It's no excuse. It's not. I'm not sorry. I don't care. Your rage is stupid. Dare I say, your rage is feigned. It's a dumb display of passion for something that will not impact the world, save a life, stop murders, create peace and kindness .... It does nothing but separate humanity further. 

Yeah I said it. 

I have nothing against athleticism, sport, or enjoying the activity of watching or playing sports. 

What I'm sick of is the self-important emotional outbursts of power fans. Behavior of people who let the outcome of a game, a GAME- ruin their day. 

When I inuit that you are no longer "rational and are behaving erratically," therefore, you are no longer emotionally safe to be around..Well, your stupid fandom has gone too far. 

Fist fights in the parking lots if NFL games over team loyalty?! Are you kidding? 

Drunken road rage that almost kills an entire family on their way to the fair because some testerone filled jack ass had to drive how HE wanted his outfielder to run in the game they just lost.... 

Get a grip people. 

If these sports fanatics had as much passion for helping others as they do for throwing a ball around, we would have no more problems! 

I wish I could really give specific examples of what happened that spawned this blog, but I can't without risk of exposing far more than I legally can. 

We place far too much value in sports teams. Emotional value, monetary value, even spiritual value.

Yet, if a gathering of 25,000 people could get together and focus their mind's on: Loving what has lost hope, healing broken hearts, peace and healing for all... 

The collective consciousness or quantum entanglement would bring those things about with the speed of Angels. 

If just one Sunday crowd watching the Cowboys game were to think loving thoughts toward those suffering with war, being homeless due to weather catastrophes, children dying in our own country due to lack of food or proper hygiene, veterans getting zero treatment for permanent conditions resulting from the horrors of battle, animals getting abused by violent ignorant losers... 
Listen Folks. Listen good n' plenty to my following statement... 

One solitary Sunday crowd of "passionate" sports fans directing 10 minutes of energy, collectively, toward the loving thoughts and prayers to all I listed above, would single handedly change the vibrational energy of the entire planet! 

I'm not exaggerating. It's been scientifically proven with groups of 40, 50, 200, and 1000 people meditating on clean water for a minimal time duration that the bacterial content of the water,  went from toxic to drinkable within 2 hours. How? 

"To understand how everything in the universe works, think in terms of Frequency and Vibration." 
-Nikola Tesla 

If you don't know who he is, I suggest Googling his 45,000 pages of patents that have been suppressed from the public for 100 years. You have iPhones, X-Ray, Generators, Electrical outlets, wind turbines, solar energy panels, kinetic self-charging devices, and a million other MAJOR inventions. We have these  because of someone who wanted to create FREE energy for humankind so we weren't enslaved by our own inefficient energy consumption. He knew the universe in its entirety, functioned(positively or negatively)   on frequency and vibration. 

Negative action, thoughts, and words have a literal and documented lower vibrational frequency or hertz. The word "love," just saying it outloud produces a higher vibrational sound wave/frequency that cleanses bacteria in plant test subjects. 

Negative words, disharmonic melodies, screaming, crying, fear, all produce frequencies that in some studies killed plants! 

Imagine what they can do in large unruly groups all directed at something?  The ripple effect of negative outbursts IS Newton's Law being played out in real life. Real life! Not just the clever metal ball toy you get from novelty stores.  (The one where you pull one ball  back and it pops the other ball on the opposite side?) Yeah. 

This is Newtons Law: 
 "Every action creates an equal or opposite reaction." 

Next time you or your friends want to be nasty brooding semi-aggressive assholes because "your team" metaphorically or literally, "dropped the ball," remember the energy that you explain as "passion" could be directed into transformative world changing progress on a quantum level. 

Be it a rage-filled 3 car pile up on the highway which killed a family of four, or creating miracles of peace that ripple through the vibrational sea of our world...
It is your choice, but either way you aren't alone in that choice. 

There will always be an equal or opposite reaction. 

It's the physics of emotion, then motion. 

While you bang your fists, stomp around, drink heavily, spin out in your oversized stupid truck, yell at someone because they wear a color that isn't "your team," just remember that those of us who are thinking about how to lift up humanity in whatever way we can... We think you should be "benched." 

Mic drop. Guitar smash. Lotus position. Om... 

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