Sunday, April 30, 2017

Who's Ready For A Good Ol' Catastrophe?

Being an avid student of anything ancient, hard to understand, or misinterpreted in the modern human experience, one thing holds true...

We are due for an asswhoopin'.

In the Hopi, Mayan, Sumerian, and Egyptian sacred knowledge, the earth goes through a big fat spankin' from the universe every 26,000 years. I hear the news reports on how horrible everything is, how big stupid idiots running world have their finger on the trigger, and how all of us are just being forced to accept that this is our reality. We don't. In fact, I think we aren't accepting this as our paradigm anymore. Sure, some are, but those people are miserable and full of self-loathing and shame.

How many people do you know that  have officially lost their mind? Maybe not "officially," as in the cliche "white padded van carry-off," scenario, but you know they aren't, "good ol' Jim from work," anymore.

It's scary, right? I've had this experience with more than a few people. I did the classic self-diagnosis of  "maybe I'm the crazy one.. and they are how they've always been?"

Being analytical to a fault, I covered this topic from every angle I could think of before labeling it with the giant red, "OVER THEM," stamp.

What is causing this polarization in people? Has it always been there and we are just finally seeing it for the first time? Or is it something more...

It's something more. Did you know that the Schumann Resonance of the Earth has changed? Don't know what that is? I'll tell you.

Everything has a frequency. All of life has an electromagnetic frequency to it, our "electron identification stamp" so to speak. The Earth itself has a signature of EMF. It has always been a steady 7.83hz.  This frequency is kind of like Mother Earth's heartbeat. It's been a healthy 7.83hz and spikes occasionally when there are earthquakes several miles in depth, or during Coronal Mass Ejection waves hitting earth from a Sun spot/solar storm.

The highest it  has ever peaked was 33.3hz and it didn't stay that way for very long- minutes at most.

It all changed in January of 2017, yeah, this year.

I know, I know, there are jokes already forming in my mind too. However, let's put that aside for just a moment and look at the facts. And there are FACTS.

The Shumann Resonance spiked to 90hz in January of 2017 and hasn't dropped below 50hz since then. That is like every subwoofer at South by Southwest being turned to the max volume and all of our cell phones giving feedback interference through them for 5 months. Would you lose your mind? Yup. However, it's not quite that simple and that model doesn't truly explain why this 90hz thing is significant.

Nikola Tesla stated that "if you want know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration." 

The SECRETS of the universe. Catch that? To me, that implies that this abrupt shift in the Earth's "heartbeat" or frequency, is letting us all "in on it's little secret"....

Things are changing outside of our little human hands, and yet, probably because of our NOT so little human influence. This tiny blue speck of a planet is doing cardio at the gym, and we are along for the ride... like fleas on the back of a dog.

Some of us are operating at a higher frequency, so this change isn't affecting us in a negative way.
How do I know this? I'll prove it.

The Maharishi Effect. This was an experiment that was done in the 1960's, and has been repeated many times over in recent years. The principal is "quantum entanglement."
Or if you prefer, "group consciousness," "directed prayer," or focused meditation.

The experiment was astounding. The objective was/is to focus one's intent, positively, to stop violent attacks, create peace, love, and other hippy ideals through a focused, directed, prayer/meditation for a set amount of time, at the exact day/time with a large mass of people.

Did it work?

 It was hard to negate because many police departments across the world had huge shifts in their violent crime statistics beginning on the exact day when the focused meditation experiment took place.

I'm not trying to sell you on this, but the reports and research is out there and you can read it for yourself.  You will also find a massive amount of the scientific naysayer community who will poo-poo anything that isn't within their very small minded set of "nothing that is unexplainable is real," principles.

For every great & FREE project like Maharishi's TM experiment, there are double the haters/quadruple the naysayers. They want to believe we are all just meat suits that will die, nothing is magical, nothing is extraordinary, and if you believe anything is bigger than their scientific journals of controlled academia...well, then you are just uneducated hilljacks.

Similar to Maharishi's experiment, we have the brilliant Japanese Alternative Medicine Doctor named, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Emoto  photographed how human consciousness affected the water molecule. You may have seen his work in the documentary, "What the Bleep Do We Know."
(Clearly, nothing. We know nothing. We have lost our way, our mind, and we have forgotten how we are energetic beings having a physical experience. We are interconnected to everyone, everything, and all that is seen or unseen. )

Dr. Emoto used words like "love, happiness, joy, kindness," directed through water molecules and focused positive sound waves like children laughing, birds singing, etc..

He also did the opposite and used words like, "hatred, war, death, pain, fear," and played sounds of crying, agony, audio clips from horrible atrocities world wide...

The result? The water that was played the negative sounds was distorted to the point that it was literally undrinkable. The molecules had been affected so negatively by human consciousness, it was contaminated.

He didn't stop there. He went to the extreme end of this experiment by just meditating focused thoughts of both positive and negative ideas at the water. Same result.

The water subjected to the positive directed human consciousness... You'll have to see for yourself. It is remarkable what happened. The water crystalized, purified, and each molecule under the microscope was in various patterns of perfect symmetry... much like a snowflake or the facets of a diamond. Not only was the water purified, but the frequency of the water was raised. The Ph factor was altered and it became alkaline, and similar/yet higher quality than the Artisan Springs that are touted as being the best drinking water in the world.

If you get a chance to look up any of this stuff, please do.

What is my point in listing examples like I did above?

It should be obvious.

We have power. Loads of it.

Our ability to focus on something and bring it into a positive focus or a fear based one is our "creative power." We create/we destroy. The animals of the world do not possess this power- though they are conscious and sentient beings.

They do not have the co-creative consciousness that humans do. They have instinct, genetic patterns, and survival mechanisms that are built in to the "hardwiring."  When do they go against this hardwiring?

When human consciousness has domesticated them into being more Human! We have the ability to change a completely instinctual sentient being just by giving our attention, love, and focus and care to it.

Here's the question... Are we the cause of Earth's frequency change? Or is Earth deciding to raise the frequency of her heartbeat in hopes that we will too?

Either way, it is an inevitable result of the higher frequency people getting more  happy, inspired, creative, and energetic to suit their vibration/frequency... and the lower vibrational energy folks are feeling like it's "too hot in the kitchen" and are scrambling in fight or flight panic mode.

They have itchy trigger fingers, and are set off in a tailspin of hatred at the first smell of anything that isn't matching their energy.  Thus, you have the "is so-and-so crazy now?"  Sadly, they might be GOING a bit nuts, but it is because their lower frequency/energy field cannot exist in the world anymore.

Sure it feels like there are more of them than there are of the "high vibe guys," but that simply isn't true. Here's how I know this... we aren't on fire. There is still a world we are standing on. There isn't nuclear fallout raining down on every country with a cross wind. Children are still laughing outside. Birds are singing on my back porch. Squirrels are happily scampering around and forgetting where they buried their acorns.

The low frequency panicked and flailing folks are trying their hardest to make their ecosystem suit their frequency and energetic field by creating war, fear in the media, and trying to spout off their poisonous rhetoric on every public platform they can get their hands on so that they can continue to exist in this world. They can't. This world is "working' out and getting' bikini ready" right now and ain't nothin' stopping her from being all She has wanted to be for eons.  Let's let her shine for once.

It's time for history to NOT repeat itself. We have had thousands of years to get our act together, so I think it's time to just get on the world's stage and stand in the spotlight and give our gifts to the "audience" because that is WHO we are, WHAT we are, and if you don't want to see how this "plays out" then don't block the ticket window.

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