Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nikola Tesla's Adjustments For Living, Pt. 1

I remember the first time I discovered the work of Nikola Tesla as an adult. The movie, "The Prestige," came out and the role of Nikola Tesla was played by the late David Bowie. What better way to make someone as mysterious and elusively forgotten in mainstream consciousness, cool and relevant, than by casting David Bowie in this role.  Bravo!

Growing up, my Dad had a machine shop, LAW Engineering. It was run out of an extension of the house we lived in... in rural Texas. My Dad would get huge contracts for the Military Industrial Complex, ex. building the cabinet structures inside the unknown (at that time) Stealth Bomber.  He had these big magnets, about the size of a silver dollar. I would sneak into the shop and gather 4 or 5 of these magnets and I'd sit on the kitchen floor for hours just playing with these magnets. I would see how close I could get one to the opposite magnet before they repelled each other. I suppose, in retrospect, it was sort of a visual learning tool for what I would eventually become fascinated with later on in life.  I was equally obsessed with tornados, radar, sonar, and anything having to do with the stars.  I reckoned that the magnets had some sort of correlation to these things, but I was never allowed to fully dive into the nuts and bolts of this sort of science as a kid.

Instead, my Mom was pushing me in other ways. Performing. I would do little mental experiments with my energy field before I went on stage. I would sort of "power up," before I got in front of the crowd. I would try to connect energetically with every person in the audience. I knew if I made it "personal" then I could win over the crowd and sprinkle some magic sauce over the room.
Unbeknownst to me, at the time this was probably very draining to my physical body.  I was sick all of the time. Not your average "kid sick" kind of issues, but things like pneumonia, fevers exceeding 104 degrees, anemia, repeated bouts of mononucleosis, digestive problems, etc...  I felt like I was in the doctors office weekly, but in reality it was probably about once or twice a month.

I'd bounce back and jump right back into my life of performing and being adventurous.

In the back of my mind, I knew that the bouts of sickness were because of something much more related to spirit than of the body itself. It seemed to me that when I was emotionally spent, I'd have an instant reaction in my body.  My kid brain thought, "there is a connection here."  The magnets I played with showed me the laws of rudimentary physics. When there is a push, there can be a pull or an equidistant pushing depending on polarization. Little did I know that I had figured out Newton's Law on the kitchen floor... using "borrowed" magnets from my Dad's machine shop.

What does this have to do with Nikola Tesla?

There was an interview published toward the end of Tesla's life by a journalist in NYC. A candid interview, and the kind of reporting that you rarely get to see in mainstream media of any kind these days.

You see, back at the turn of the century, there was a wave of "magic sauce" sprinkling across the world. You could say that this wave of new thinking, innovation, and creativity was caustic, rather a result of the base level progress of the human condition due to industry. People had more abundance of food, trade, and the printing press made information easier to acquire and therefore more people were being educated. However, you would be wrong and right all at the same time. The industry was an effect of the cause. The cause being: Consciousness. The consciousness of the world was adapting to it's innate version of  Newton's Law. It was both pulling and pushing creative energy into form and substance.

If you look at who was contributing to society's consciousness at the turn of the century, you have a list of quite possibly the greatest minds in recorded history. I'd also like to mention that science and spirituality were holding hands back then. This is no coincidence. In fact, there are no coincidences in life. These days, in the coined phrase by the great John Anthony West, "Quackademia," we have boxed in educational systems. The physicist isn't probing the great creative works of Plato or probing literature for the hidden treasures in Rumi or William Blake. They say, "That is literary study. It has its place. We are science and academia. We no nothing of poetry, painting, dance or music and it has no place here."

In all fairness, this is changing but it's the old phrase of "it's like pulling teeth,"for this change to rediscover itself without the careers of prominent scientists being questioned and tenured professors losing their pensions.  There is a real fear among these refugees of science "quackademics," to admit that they aren't as evolved in their work as a Serbian Immigrant back in the early 1900's was, i.e. Nikola Tesla.  The real change in consciousness is coming through channels such as this blog site, or alternative opinion newsletters online, the DIY people on Pinterest who are rediscovering how to sew, make jewelry, and even build clean energy devices out of crap laying around in their garage. This is the new revolution of forward thinking. Not CERN, not Nasa, not political carnival barking on CNN or FOX. They are like old dusty armchairs inside of an Ikea showroom... they don't belong and we've rethought more efficient/healthy methods to our "living room." Dig?

What caused this shift into "quackademia," was/is greed, power, and control.

This isn't a conspiracy theory. This is as obvious as the nose on your face if you study the waves of sociological trends and follow the money poop trail.

When creative energy was skipping through the fields with hard nosed science research, you had a big fat baby of technology being birthed at every turn. The railroad was snaking through unknown parts of the country delivering goods, materials, and perspectives to people who were hundreds of miles away. The printing press was distributing more than newspapers and books. It was like Hermes reincarnated - Delivering messages, perspective, and IDEAS to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Sound oddly familiar? It should. The only difference is that our version currently of this rebirth of creative innovation is being ridiculed by the mainstream media instead of being embraced by it. It's not the reporters or news anchors fault. They are doing a job just like you are. You are given the requirements for your job, and they are given the requirements for theirs.  Now are you asking the obvious question? Who is giving the requirements?  That's where the greed, power and control come into play.

Nikola Tesla knew this ol' hat better than anyone. Despite his hundreds upon hundreds of innovative inventions (most of which are still in a vault somewhere or being used by secret black budget projects) Tesla was not interested in money.  He was quoted as saying at the end of his life to this journalist who I spoke of earlier in this blog...

"I am a defeated man. I just wanted to illuminate the whole Earth."  -Nikola Tesla

Nikola had created free energy on a level that we can barely fathom today and one that borders on the magical side of things to someone who isn't a student of the laws of energy and ancient mysticism.

Tesla was using a radio telescoping device he created to speak to the "music of the spheres." 
Only recently, as in 2016, NASA transmitted the sounds of certain planetary spheres to the general public as though this was the most innovative new discovery of modern human existence. The only part of their discovery that was "new" is the fact that we can hear it on our smart phones. That's it.
All of the geniuses of the turn of the century were like no bullshit Chicken Little's. "The sky really is falling..."  Nobody in our "progressive culture" believed these chickens 100 years ago, but if an alphabet soup organization like NASA, CIA, NSA, FBI, CERN... if they say it then we all perk up.

So how does this type of mentality change in the masses of human consciousness more rapidly?

It must begin with the individual and then as the great Edgar Cayce, while in a deep state of meditation, said:

  "Know thyself to be thyself, and still One with Creation."
 -Edgar Cayce 
"The Ideals Workbook," courtesy of the A.R.E., Virginia Beach, VA.

Nikola Tesla gave a step by step process that he went through in his life to embody that knowing of thyself, whilst knowing the Oneness of All.

Nikola Tesla's Adjustments For Living

1. High Awareness of Mission/Purpose
"A high awareness of mission or purpose. This does exist in the early days of childhood, even dimly."

Explanation: Tesla told the journalist that when he was a boy he enjoyed electricity, the thunder, lightning. These things excited him and he claimed that these sparks of excitement we all experience as children are to be recalled and remembered as a pure message of our mission here. As in, but not limited to, our innate gifts that could drive our fullness of development.  
Edgar Cayce explained this as our true self/Ideals. Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist claimed that we all have these indicator moments in our childhood that will propel our own 'hero journey' into living. If we all can get clear on even 1% of our true self's excitement and try to honor it bit by bit, the entire collective consciousness or energy of "the people" would transform the planet. 

2. Determination or Activating of the Will
"All that I might, I finish." 

Explanation:  Be like the little engine that could... and did. Activation of our will power is essential to the infusion of our vital energy as beings. It is a juggernaut that gains momentum and breaks barriers and limitations. The power is equal in both positive and negative ways. Nobody can say that Adolf Hitler didn't have will power, you know? However, with the construct or framework of the surrounding ideals of self that are aligned with creative energy, we will not tread on the same path as Mr. Hitler. Determination is also silent and still like Mahatma Ghandi facing the British troops and sitting still in peaceful resistance. This was a force much greater than anything that Stalin or Hitler could sustain. By knowing our true self's ideals, we can use this Determination or Will for positive momentum that begins with Self but encompasses Other Selves.  

3. Guidance in Spiritual Energies and Purification of Needs
"Write down that Mr. Tesla enjoyed each day and night and was a happy man." 

Explanation:  Tesla was speaking here about the spiritual and vital energies of labor. This harkens back to King Solomon's personal writing in Ecclesiastes when he had come to the later part of his life and was going through a sort of mid-life/end of life crisis of self. He wondered why anything was anything. What did it mean? He had all that anyone could hope or wish for yet he was broken and miserable in spirit.  By the end of Ecclesiastes, Solomon has an epiphany and realizes that point of life is to enjoy ones work, give thanks, show love to others, and find happiness in each moment no matter how difficult it may seem to be.   Nikola Tesla said that the third adjustment of living was to find joy in the labor one must endure to find completion of "one's mission." Understanding and thereby purifying the human needs so that they are uplifted and reformed by the Will and by the guidance of spiritual energies.  He said, "I have not lost anything, I have only gained." We falsely assume that the monks of Nepal are "going without" and therefore it must be very difficult to choose that life. They would argue that it must be difficult to choose our life. Surrounded by 'wants' that parade around in the costume of 'needs.' How to discern? We can discern by the purification of these needs. Choosing to feed the spirit rather than the body, first by the awareness of it, second by the will, and thirdly the purification of needs, not wants. 

4. Adjust the Physical Body With A Work
"Know your body because it is a perfect machine for your individual spirit." 

Explanation:  Nikola Tesla was known to only sleep a couple of hours a day, eat sparsely and rarely, and routinely subjected himself to his own inventions. There is a famous picture of him sitting in a metal chair in the center of his famous Tesla Coil. Arms and branches of electricity were sprawling out all around him and he was calmly writing in his journal, peaceful as a Hindu cow.  

This mastery of knowing Self was what enabled him to not endure these seemingly torturous devices, but to benefit from them. He had become good friends with the infamous Mark Twain, accrediting Mr. Twain with healing him as a child by the immersion of his stories in books like, "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn."  Twain took an interest in Nikola's work, being a student himself of the esoteric principles of energy, and made a habit of visiting Tesla's laboratory whenever he readily could find the time.  On one occasion, just to illuminate the Fourth principle of Adjustment for Living, Nikola Tesla had Mr. Twain try out a machine that used various frequencies and vibrations to stimulate the brain's joy receptors. 

Tesla warned Mr. Twain that his body was not as attuned to the frequencies as his own body was, and to only subject himself to the device for a brief amount of time. Mark Twain was bullheaded and in true fashion of his noted personality flaws, he told Nikola to tune the device to whatever level Nikola used and to "stop messing about, just do it." Tesla, not wanting to mix words with Twain, said, "sure thing." 

The result according to Tesla to the journalist I am referencing in this blog was this,  "I warned him. He stayed longer and then had to hold his pants up, like a rocket he dashed to a certain room(bathroom) and I must say, it was diabolically funny."  Although this explanation seems lengthy, and it is, I feel it is one of the most pertinent to our current society. We are bombarded with messages and advice of the dietary nature. From low carb diets to raw vegan regimes, we are constantly confused about our physical body's needs. Know what your body responds to, how it is tuned, what seems to resonate with it instead of what repels it or damages it. You will find out regardless, but it should be something that is actively sought out so that the SPIRIT can be housed in the "perfect machine." I will relate a personal example. I have several people in my life that thrive on the low carb meat eating diet. They've lost weight, have energy, and feel great. They also require 8-10 hours of sleep and typically when they sleep, there is no waking them up. 

I experimented for several months, years ago,  with the same diet plan that these people were doing.  I gained 40 pounds, had physical pain in my back and legs, and had NO energy at all for anything. I knew that my body didn't function or house my spirit in an ideal way by doing that type of nutrition plan. I went back to eating sprouted grains, peanut butter, fruit, beans, and black coffee and always having dessert. I dropped all the pounds I had gained, had energy again, and felt more in tune with the mind/body/spirit connection.  The same goes for physical activity. What works for some, seems to destroy others. Know this. The mass fads or trends are not attuned for the individual. 

This will take some introspection and experimentation but the body will always respond either way. Again, take into consideration more than just the body. This is also about the spirit, mostly about the spirit. If your "purpose/ideal" isn't in alignment with the body, you will be like the magnets I played with on the kitchen floor, i.e. repelling and pushing away the other. When they snapped together, the result was just a bigger magnet, more powerful. This is good visualization for anyone who wants to tune up the body/mind/spirit for it's ultimate wholeness. 

5. Memory
"All that you've seen, heard, or learned accompanies you in the form of light particles."

Explanation: Memory was explained by Nikola Tesla as being one of the Nine principles of Adjustments for Living. He was quick to note that he was not speaking about memory as in the mundane day to day memorizing of grocery lists, schedules, or directions to your kid's daycare. He was speaking about uppercase Memory. Some could call this Intuitive Memory. He said, "not remembering but picking what is required at any given moment for knowledge and wisdom is all around us. It is for consuming. All that you've seen, heard, or learned accompanies you in the form of light particles. These particles are obedient and faithful to us."  He would often say that when he was hung up on a problem with an invention, he would take a nap and consciously ask his mind to solve the problem. Invariably he would wake from a nap and have the solution or even fully formed blueprints of a new invention that would supersede the previous one. We have a falsehood in our current society regarding this 'hall of records' that is invisible and only accessible to us in the dream or meditation states. We don't trust this because it isn't material. It is only etherial. Yet, it is Einstein who said, "All thoughts are matter." What is etherial becomes material if we choose to utilize this. This fifth Adjustment for Living comes as no surprise to anyone who navigates through life going against the 'status quo.' My biggest personal peeve is being called, "clever." I suppose I loathe that term because it reminds me of cats... fickle, selfish, and rude most of the time.  I think this term "clever" is lobbed out at those of us who are doing this Fifth Adjustment of Living. We are navigating through life, picking the particles of light that surround us, and using them as the classic "Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail."  Some may call it synchrony but that implies coincidence, and random actions resulting in a discernible orderly and applicable modality.  Even if that were the case, one must think about this as also being as Einstein called it, "spooky action." He called certain mysterious phenomenon, "spooky action physics," because, well, for one, he had a sense of humor. Secondly, because it was invisible and yet resulted in the visible. This is the true nature of all living things. It begins in the invisible and becomes the material. 

6. Adaptation to Disease or Dis-Ease
"purification of the Vital Force within sometimes requires the body to suffer...The source of most disease is of the spirit." 

Explanation:  We don't enjoy hearing that most of disease or illness comes from the maladjusted body to the needs of the soul. For some reason, we'd like to have a pill or treatment that we can  hold in our hands that will heal the disease that afflicts us. If you go within and consider this, wouldn't it be much more effective to sort out where the resistance of our true Self is stemming from instead of spending a  fortune on drugs that create a domino effect of chaos in our bodies? No. We much prefer the veil to hide the boogeyman in the mirror. Nobody wants to believe that they are the cause of their busted body. What horror it is to find out that the true self is trying to teach you about vanity by manifesting horrendous acne! Or having tremendous fertility issues is caused by the divine Self trying to say, "This is not what will save your marriage or This is not what you need right now, you need to work with animals or paint or write that book you have in the back of your head... "  When we are not in alignment with our Higher Ideals, we will have consequences and due to the nature of how we are existing on earth, those repercussions are often in the material/our body. This is not the exception, this is the rule.  Nikola Tesla related a story that I found to be quite beautiful and personal. 
"As a child student, I got sick with Cholera which was raging in the region of Lika, Serbia. I was cured instantaneously when my father finally said I was allowed to study technology, which was my life, my heart. " 

7. Control of Vital Energy over Feelings
"of myself, I created a thoughtful and spiritual machine..." 

Explanation:  Conscious, deliberate control, mastery over the primal forces and reactionary responses to stimulus or lack of. This one should be obvious but as I watch the political landscape of our "modern" world, I am seeing more and more how this seventh principle is the most overlooked. How many of you have been snapped at by someone who was "having a bad day." Everyone? How many of you have thought, "what does that have to do with me? I didn't do anything to you!" I remember growing up and even now, when someone was being moody or sulking around, people would typically say these two crass statements: "So and so just needs to get laid." Or "So and so is on the rag." I always felt/feel like I'm fully alien when I hear those two things. I never understood why those were viable excuses for bad behavior. To me, and I'm sure to many of you, it felt like something that someone said because they heard it in a movie somewhere. Sadly, the older I got, the more I realized that people were really controlled by their primal nature. 

They don't have to be, but they have been conditioned to think that it's perfectly acceptable to be a moody sulking jerk because someone didn't have sex with them. It's a hilarious conundrum because by being a moody sulking a-hole, nobody will! Moving past that example...the reactionary cycle of feelings is twofold. It is helpful as well as being a hindrance of personal growth/sociological evolution.  

In our society, we have embraced the outbursts of reactionary individuals and labeled it as strength or worse- leadership. It is neither. If we consider the Other Selves and get out of our crazy bubble for a moment, we will see that what we react to should be carefully sifted and sorted. There are things we should have strong reactions about, but in doing so, we still must carry the framework of our other Higher Ideals. Tesla knew this better than most. The unfair treatment he received in  his life when he should've received prizes was pathological. His life's work was stolen by men in suits, who wanted nothing but power and greed. He died penniless at a hotel in New York City after inventing thousands of things that he wanted to GIVE the world FREE of Charge. We would be living in a Star Trek world, free of disease, pollution, and corruption if the elite financiers/war mongering profiteers had developed a Higher Ideal.  Control over the VITAL energy related to feelings means to preemptively initiate damage control before there is damage to yourself and others. 

8. Service To Others
"Do everything, at any day, at any moment, If possible to not forget who we are and why we are on the Earth." 

Explanation: Does it need one? We are not alone. We share our air, water, and earth with Other Selves. Nikola Tesla said that the music of life, or frequencies of light were present in everything from the stone to the thunder. All being varied forms of conscious and sentient life. This sounds more like the Dalai Llama or Christ than it does a physicist, right? We have separated too much. We have separated thoughts from Inspired thought, poetry from physics, art from mathematics, and we are disconnected from love of Other Selves because of this. I say "Other Selves" because that is what we are together. The flame of the candle can light millions of wicks, yet it is the same flame. We know this. 

9. Play
"I have so loved to play with electricity! I always cringe when I hear the myth of Greek that stole fire. A terrible story...Did Zeus not have enough lightning and thunder and was damaged by one favor? To me, seriousness reduces life. Write this in your journals...He dared to take upon himself the prerogatives of Indri, Zeus and Peron. Imagine one of these gods in a black evening suit, with bowler hat and wearing white cotton gloves preparing feats of lightning, fires, and earthquakes to the New York City elite! (he laughs)."

Journalist comments: Readers love the humor of our paper. But you confuse me stating that at your findings, which have immense benefits for all people, you are representing a game? Many will frown on this I'm afraid Mr. Tesla. 

Tesla: Dear Mr. Smith, the trouble is that people are too serious. If they were not, they would be happier and much longer lived. But let's get back to what will not make the newspaper readers frown. 

Journalist: They want to hear what your philosophy is. 

Tesla: Life is a rhythm that must be comprehended. I feel the rhythm and direct on it and pamper it. Everything that lives is related to a deep and wonderful relationship. Man and the stars, amoebas and the sun, the heart and the circulation of an infinite number of world. These ties are unbreakable. They can be tamed and begin to create new and different relationships in the world. This does NOT violate the old. 

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you are biased toward Electricity. 

Tesla: Electricity I am. Or, if you wish, I am the electricity in the human form. You are the Electricity too Mr. Smith, but you do not realize it.