Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Red Pill and Snot Rockets

I'm laying down as I write this blog because I'm dealing with a never-ending (as it seems) sinus infection. I have blown my nose at least 1500 times in the last 2 days and my skin hurts. I've taken Mucinex to the point where it might be dangerous. I've consumed 72 thousand quarts (as it seems) of various herbal teas. I've eaten only soup, prepared by a loved one, that has so much ginger and cayenne in it that it burns going in and out of my body.

So in a sense... I'm merely writing this blog to pass the time and to be a distraction from the horror of my face plumbing.

Thanksgiving came and went, but not without it's fair share of drama... Hence the relapse of my facial anarchy.

We've all been "there," that much I know to be true.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I love a good n' juicy conspiracy, riddle, or brain teaser. If anyone ever questions my sanity, which I'm sure people have, I don't retreat back into normalcy out of peer pressure to be, well, "normal." Normal is insanity, to me anyway.

I've often thought that I'd be equally happy being a brick maker as I would be doing what I do.  My nightmare is working in an office filing papers and having to attend meetings.  GAWWWWD I hate meetings. HATE them. Especially now in the age of technological conveniences. There's no need for tradish' meetings.
 If I jumped in a time machine and blasted back to 1950 and told a bunch of executives that in 67 years they could have meetings while sitting in bed, eating dinner, and still be able to read body language via a 15 inch screen right in front of them....they'd start building a time machine just to have their meetings in the future.

**If I told these same people, "yeah, no, there will still be those people who love playing grown up so hard that they will want meetings where you have to drive to a building and sit in a cold room while wearing your Sunday best suits... oh... and you'll still come out of that meeting with tons of useless pieces of paper that someone took the time to print out... even though they could've sent it to you electronically, in seconds, while you ate breakfast... AT HOME.....etc.... etc... **

You get my point.

My ultimate arch nemesis is group related meetings or the dreaded forced group "fun."
 I hate it.
This is why I had to stop going to acting/specialized classes ' or 'workshops,' because it was some self-righteous pompous ego maniac teacher had "group fun" planned and forced everyone to "play" or "explore themselves."

 Granted, I may like everyone at that class/meeting/workshop or even the teacher, but after the forced activity is done, I typically steep in hot hot self-regret. Why?
Because I end up saying something that mysteriously offends someone or worse... 
I get a clinger that wants to suck the life out of me because they are attracted to the enormous front I had to put on in order to be in a manic group setting.

I call that "front" the Neon Melodee. It's the flashing sign that represents the regular Melodee. Neon Melodee get's unwanted clingers or ruthless haters. There's no middle ground with Neon Mel's group poll opinion.

It takes a lot to run the program of Neon Mel. Lots of voltage goes into that. Sometimes if I keep Neon Mel burning for too long, it gets hot and burns people.
It's best to only keep it "on" during working hours and shut it down when it isn't needed.

In fact, I rarely turn on Neon Mel because I've found the eco-friendly version of Self that runs off of solar energy instead. When the sun isn't shining, Eco-Mel doesn't waste power.

Eco-Mel really has closed the 'hole in the ozone' with RD Mel. (Real Deal Mel)

Real Deal Mel was about to go extinct at one point in her life. The energy reserves were being depleted so fast that I couldn't insulate the grid.

I realized that many people operate their entire lives via the voltage of whatever their Artificial Self is made of. They send out the Artificial Self to work, school, church, and eventually the AS goes home with you.

Then one day you look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at you.

I think most people operate through the Artificial Self program. I call it a program because that is exactly how it functions. Our mind is an incredible machine. It is extremely complex in it's automatic subroutine objective of "protecting the valuable asset," i.e. Your TRUE self, Real Deal Self.

Your True Self or Real Deal Self :
This is higher functioning, all-knowing, self healing, and is an altruistically loving entity that is who you REALLY are.  It is the Self that is infinite, not bound by the material world, the body or even the mind.

Some people are so far gone into the Artificial Self program that they appear to be happy, or worse-successful!
Successful Artificial Self only serves as a bad catalyst for other people. They begin constructing their Artificial Self to navigate through life too.

Pretty soon, you have an entire social structure of living beings who have lost their personality, individuality, and authenticity. Congratulations, we are living in that world right now and have been for a long, long, long time.

 Some of us have awakened from this AI program,  and are screaming at the "normies" of life.  We say, "this is not who you are! You are infinite and capable of understanding what is behind the veil you've decided is reality!" 

We have a whole society (in the Western World especially) that fully relies on the Artificial Self to run the "program."  Here's a news flash... the Artificial Self has no anti-virus protection, no firewall. 

You are vulnerable to all forms of hacks and hijacking of your beliefs because you have forgotten what your true Self actually believes in!

Do you know how many times I sit back and listen to a group of young women talking to each other and I think, "WHY are you all talking exactly at the same pitch, tone, timbre, and pace?" The Real version of these people isn't the one standing there talking in an unbearably high and mono-cadenced pace. That's the Artificial Selves running the program!

If you think for one second that there aren't groups of people who run the world that KNOW you are operating out of your Artificial Self( and have no "anti-virus" protection) you are sorely misguided.  They MARKET products to your Artificial Self! They know you are letting it take center stage, and they hack into your consciousness by affirming the Artificial Self's costume needs.  The news media wouldn't have a business without this knowledge of how easily swayed the majority of people are when it comes down to it. From tampon choices or  huge over-arching subject matter like FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, the power hungry people of the world are relying on You to operate under the jurisdiction of your Artificial Self.

If you take a step back from the Artificial Self, in your alone moments in life, start asking the question, "how do I FEEL about this or that?"... When you ask this question, imagine yourself as you were when you were in 4th grade.  Seriously, do this exercise.  The 4th grader version of you is about the realist you've been in life with a passable education of critical thinking skills.
You might come up with a far more interesting conclusion than your 'Adult program' knee-jerk response typically gives you.

The fear of peer based ridicule has led us by the nose for FAR too long. 

What is the worst thing that could happen if everyone decided to jump out on a different branch of thought and question things around us? What could happen? You lose the respect of your friends? Your job?  So what!

If that is the case, then doesn't that confirm my entire point about "running the Artificial Self program" en masse? If the Artificial 'other SELVES' are so threatened by you thinking outside of the normal expected program, then doesn't that prove that our social constructs aren't as solid as we believed them to be? Doesn't that fragility of friends and peer group's respect toward you demonstrate how false it was to begin with?

Break the illusion. Shatter it. It isn't serving you or anyone else!

Let me tell you a story....  (don't sigh... don't. It's a good one) 

When I was a kid in elementary school, I was extremely overweight. Being a girl, the "program" was to like dolls, playing house, and hang out with other girls who had ambitions of being cheerleaders or princesses. I didn't understand that there was a "program" so I just developed my personality based on what I found genuinely interesting. (dinosaurs, animals, space ships, time machines, archeology, cars, boats, trains...) Hardly the "program" for a girl in the 1980's.

I went to a TERRIBLE private school until 7th grade-ish. I'm going to call it out right here and now because I still secretly hope that someone from that school (teacher or student) reads my blogs one day and knows how I still feel...  The school's name was Dallas CHRISTIAN School.

I all-cap'd that middle word because it was anything but Christ-like in it's treatment of people who weren't rich, white, or good-looking. They should've called it just "Dallas School," and they wouldn't be lying.

 I remember being told by my 5th grade teacher,  "sit out in the hall during recess with Tracy (one of two African American kids in the whole school)... because you are fat and she is stupid."  This was an exact quote. Tracy wasn't stupid, she was just not painted the same color as everyone else, and I wasn't the same shape, or the same social class (I wasn't rich) as everyone else. I was the kid(and so was Tracy) they filled their charity quota with so they looked "christian like" to other people.  "let the black and the fat poor kid in this year....Amen."

I remember  thinking, "this is wrong. This is unfair and wrong and these adults need to be fired for this."  I tried telling my family but they didn't believe me. Nobody did. I felt alone, even more alone than I always had. Tracy looked at me in that hallway and said, "why are you out here? I told her it was because I am fat." She then said, "well, at least you aren't black," and she looked away and cast her eyes to the ground in shame.  UNACCEPTABLE.

Remember that we were in 5th grade. That means we were 11 years old. ELEVEN years old! Children!!!!!

Let the Program Install: 
So what did we do? We had to survive right? Eventually Tracy left the school for good(thank God) and so did I. However, before I escaped with what was left of my dignity, I had developed an Artificial Self... the one I call Neon Mel. It's the "life of the party" Me. The hilarious, quick witted, seemingly unmovable pillar of confidence and character. Neon Mel can't be hurt! She's made of bright n' hot light that burns your ass if you get too close. Neon Mel was very successful for many many years.

Neon Mel's "program" updated itself and de-bugged all the kinks and lag as the years went by. The programmer of Neon Mel was Real Deal Mel, or Me.  I kept mySelf deliberately hidden behind the Neon light of that Artificial Mel's construction. I only "turned off the light" when I was alone.

To this day, I value my alone time more than I value money,  my job, car, friends...  In fact, I don't have friends that don't accept this facet of Real Deal Mel. It isn't that I am rigid or incapable of meeting in the middle with friendships. Quite the contrary. Life in and of itself functions, or is dysfunctional, due to compromises we make each and every day.

If we bend our Real Deal Self too far over the middle, and too often,  we risk having to live in the Artificial Self program.... thus becoming more dysfunctional instead of authentic and  valuable in society.

Our Artificial Self can be Neon bright or it can be dimmer than who we know ourselves to be.

I know some people (who will remain very much nameless) that have created an Artificial Self that is  anti-matter or a black hole. They suck in all the light and fun around them and steal all the air out of the room. I work with someone like this.

He's running an artificial self program that is based on what his father and his culture expects him to be. He is alone, miserable, and lacks creativity, even though he is in a creative job that relies on that talent to be successful.

Though I do not wish him ill will, there will come a day when his Artificial Self program takes the entire wheel of his life and crashes him smack dab into a rude awakening of "I have nothing but this stupid ass front I've been living."

So why do we run such a destructive and risky program such as the Artificial Self anyway? 

We run that program because at some point in our life, we thought that was a 'safer application' than the one we were born with, within the environment we must adapt to.

*Maybe we started running the Artificial Self program when we were humiliated for the first time by our peers?

 *Maybe it was out of rebellion because we saw someone else being torn to shreds emotionally and figured it was best to hide the similar part of ourselves so that we could avoid the same fate?

 *Maybe we began running the Artificial Self program because our Real Deal Self wasn't stimulated by our environment and we needed to spice it up by creating a "make believe" part of our personality so we could gain interesting friends or experiences!

I've seen the latter version of this mode too(the example directly above this sentence).

These Artificial Self people are the ones who are born with the "silver spoon," so to speak.

They aren't hungry for anything because everything is at their fingertips at any time they want it to be. Their social groups are other silver spoon people who are expected to continue the legacy of the silver spoon breeding program through marriage, or the family's college alma mater, family professions, etc...

These  Artificial Self people are the most dangerous.  IF they get "hungry for something,"  they CAN and DO commit fully to the development of their False Personality Self's required "daily care."

They do this by "dressing the part," or acquiring the skills that "go with that role," or taking massive risks like venturing out of their silver spoon social familial expectations to find another group that could potentially-  prop up/validate their false persona game.  They are like LIFE LONG and DAILY Cosplayers with an unlimited budget for disillusionment.

These people are labeled as "eccentric types," because they still retain an element of elitism. (in spite of their seemingly opposite persona)  In other words, they may dress the part of the bohemian starving artist, but they've padded their own "tip jar."

They have no real authenticity at all. Even their Real Deal Self isn't developed through hardships and struggle because they've never had to navigate through anything without money or the ability to fix their problems by utilizing social influence, family name, or family legacy.

 These types "run the program" of their Artificial Self so well that OTHER people who "Real Deal people" get sucked into their vortex of "collected friends". Their "people collection" are only useful as long as they are propping up the Artificial Persona.

These silver spoon fakers are leaning toward being a bit crazy and are prone to being obsessive. If they want something or fantasize about something that "suits their Eccentric Artificial Self program upgrades", they will stop at nothing to acquire it... including using their trusty ol' Real Deal Self's money and influence to bend the situation or someone's will more toward joining them in their bubble of illusions. 

Again, I know a few people like this, an they are 100% unaware of how crazy they look to everyone outside of their mirrored bubble. You can spot these types of Artificial silver spoon people because they are TERRIBLE listeners. Imagine if you lived in a bubble full of mirrored walls? Someone is trying to talk to you outside of the bubble, but all you see is your own reflection within those confines!

More simply stated....They rarely pay attention to anything other than their own mumbling thoughts that are swimming around in the crazy juice of their brain, desperately trying to maintain this false persona.

Think about it folks... think about wearing a Pokemon costume for the rest of your life... I know, I know, extreme example, but it works to illustrate my point. You decided you were Pokemon long ago because you were just a rich kid that was bored and liked Japanese shit. Now, you're 62 and you are "collecting them all," and hoping that you "evolve your Pokemon." Sounds crazy right? Yeah. That's because it is. It's crazy to commit that hard to a persona that doesn't have any room in the real world to evolve.

In fact, it seems almost impossible to maintain it, doesn't it?

So how are they able to maintain this Artificial Self when everyone else "drops theirs at the door" when they are in a safe environment?

The answer is... money. They have bought this persona and continued to make massive life decisions that require enormous monetary investments in order to "keep the secret of their false persona" safe from being exposed to the glaring light of truth.

If you know anyone like the silver spoon Artificial Persona People,  my advice is to run the other direction. These people are the worst ones to be tangled up with. Here's why... if you aren't ruined by them first, then you'll be given free lifeboats by them when you have been ruined. The legalese of that little/not little  'gift' only leads you right back into their crazy bubble software upgrade.

There's a lot of these people in politics. You can spot them immediately because they can't keep their silver spoons a secret for too long usually.  There are also a lot of these people that are guru types, motivational speakers, or ragged out musicians/entertainers.  They may have some obscure talent, but you'll scratch your head in confusion over how they became so successful when they are mediocre at best, and at worst-they are embarrassingly bad. 

Don't worry- I'm almost done you ADHD freaks who can't commit 15 minutes to reading!

You can see how operating a program of the Artificial Self can be destructive to more than just you. It has a ripple effect through society.  It is the reason "we can't have nice things." That program is also why the masses are referred to as "sheeple." Next time you see a group of people behaving the same and acting like they are all onboard with an activity or idea, do a little harmless experiment for yourself...

Say "Guys, Gals... hey, I'm going to sit this one out. I'm not really into wine parties(or whatever the activity is)... But you guys have fun!" 

If you do this, you'll see other people begin to squirm. This is a good thing. That feeling of "hey I didn't think it was possible to NOT go along with the crowd," is the start of something that may end up helping them discover how to get out of the Artificial Self program. Baby steps, right?

In my case, the Neon Mel has a career that is very much rooted in being extraordinarily charming, quick minded, funny, and confident.

However, I had to drop Neon Mel as a default in social environments so that I could utilize that brightness when it was needed for inspiring others through my talent and creative work.

I had to face facts. Those being- If my friends were only my friends when I was fully lit, as Neon Mel, then they are missing something within themselves. Which means they are  basically parasites that have attached themselves the the most energetic person in the room, i.e. Me.  I don't like parasites.

However if I can say to someone, "hey, I don't really feel like going out because I'm drained and just want to stare at a wall," (and they say) "I understand, thanks for letting me know, get some rest,"....those people are whole people who understand that you can't turn on the charm or fun factor, because you've tapped it out for the day.  They aren't parasites because they don't need to feed off of you to have a good time, or to feel inspired, creative, or confident.

Additional Experiment: If you have one of the Silver Spoon Artificial Self people in your life, you must let them know that you are not part of their illusion.

How? Show them you are a regular ol' gross human being that doesn't care about their "special" interests 24/7. Meaning, you refuse to discuss their "costume or props"  that they use to fill the gaps in their Artificial Self's persona.  A fun thing to do with these types is to crash n' shatter their illusion by saying something about yourself that is so totally human and real that also goes against their "idea" of you.  For instance... If they've "collected" you because you are in a similar field,have a related interest, or have a similar talent...  State very matter-of-factly that  you are "starting to really get into...." (then insert something that is completely COUNTER to their ideas of what and who you are)... 

Example: If this silver spoon Artificial Self person has "collected" you in their life because you reeked of poverty at one point, and had a genius level raw talent in painting... This went along with their bohemian eccentric/starving artist symbolic costume and they ADDED you to their  museum of "starving artist types," that do nothing essentially other than PROP UP their Artificial Persona.  Here's what you do....
Tell them you are going to law school, or starting a Hedge Fund asset company, or tell them that accounting world fascinates you. Just tell them anything that could remind them of the ACTUAL world they come from. If their family were traditionally Neurologists, tell them you are going to enroll in medical school. If their family money came from Oil trade, tell them you are interested in being a Petroleum engineer. Of course it's a lie, but WHEN they get that dumb look of confusion on their face, then you commit further by saying, "well... I'm just tired of being broke and want to have a nice car, fancy house, and money in the bank so I can truly enjoy life. Yeppers, I'm just tired of being a weirdo artist. Time for me to grow the f*** up. You know?"   

***Even if this is the actual antithesis of your wants in life, just say it.  It will begin to chip away at their illusion(s) and it will puncture a hole in their crazy bubble. It might create a large enough hole that they can see out of! Warning: If they do see out of the crazy bubble, then it's best to be far away from them because a melt-down of the 10th degree is next on the list. They will see how they've been viewed by the "outside world" and if the shame doesn't get them first, then the rage will. ***

In my experience with these types, they usually go off the deep end. Any sort of relationship you may have had with them, be it at work, or in a friendship setting, it's best to remove yourself from their path. Remember, it took Crazy to be Crazy, and it's only Crazy that can undo Crazy.
Stay out of their way and don't pity them because their money will save them from jail time or an actual insane asylum.

Trust me, you are doing yourself and them a favor. Once their 'simulation' stops looping, they realize they imprisoned themselves in a holographic world of illusion... and not even a cool hologram.

So... That's it for now.  Hope that all is food for thought.

"Know thyself to Be thyself and yet One with all of creation." -Edgar Cayce


Write me and let me know what your version of Artificial Self is, and how you came to creating that, and what you did to break free from it...

What do you do in order to feed and nurture your Real Deal Self. How is your Real Deal Self different from your Artificial Program Self? How have you navigated between the two? How have you integrated them?

Thanks for reading this...
I'm currently blowing my nose and whining about how horribly chapped my face is from improper paper products used as snot rags... Finally was spared from the scratchy paper towel situation with lotion and Aloe Vera.
 #BeingSickSucks. #SnotRockets #MyNoseIsMadeOfSand

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Millennials and You

There is much debate about the true generational time frame of the group called "millennials." This group is defined as being anyone born from about 1982-2002.

I disagree with this generalization of this millennial "generation." I think the group that most people complain about were born around 1995-2001.

I know that isn't a "generation," but it is the social group that everyone loves to hate. They are the "Island of misfit toys." They have over protective parents, unavailable parents, and any complaint they make in life is honored with a movement of some sort. They are lost and have not sought out a way to be found except for asking everyone around them for a "ride home."

Make no mistake, they have power. They may not drive, pay their own rent, or know anything about their higher purpose in life, but they will convince people who have power that it these flaws aren't because of ignorance, but because it is "their choice." So, in essence, the older people view them as having some sort of claim to a throne of decision spouting.

They have no recognition of the previous way-makers who made it possible for them to speak up about taboo issues, or for them to have a choice in their self-expression. It's all "their idea." Everyone thinks it actually is their idea, which feeds the self-generated monster ego of the youngest of the generation known as "millennials."

At the root of this branch of that generation is shame and self-loathing. They are ashamed that they can't navigate through social constructs or be uncomfortable in any way. They loathe themselves for being too weak to handle the school bully in the way previous generations HAD to deal with that archetype... by standing up to them without going on Facebook live threatening to commit suicide.
They hate themselves because they feed off of attention in any form, mostly negative attention, or pity parties. They were "born the wrong gender," they watch YouTube videos of people reacting to watching YouTube videos reacting to a video game or movie trailer. Don't think about it too hard or you'll want to set the world on fire. Trust me.

 If you don't believe me, just go on YouTube and look up any movie trailer that is coming out and you'll find more videos of fresh faced pasty couch potatoes reacting to the movie trailer than you will find the ACTUAL movie trailer. Then look at the view count... the reaction video will have more than Marvel Studios will on their Official Trailer.

They also hate themselves because they have had zero will power for self-transformation. If they were overweight and bullied, they won't eat right, lose weight, or improve their health. Instead, they will start a "group" and they will all talk about how phoney everyone is who is fit and healthy. They claim to have the most tolerance for various differences, but if you are successful, healthy, and motivated, they will resent you.

These folks were born during the 'everyone gets a ribbon' prize at school. I agree that everyone should be supported and uplifted by their progenitors, but if you don't reward the ones who are achieving at a higher rate, then you will not see that budding scientist, architect, artist, inventor- blossom. Everyone will "blossom" without actually having to develop a root.

The most hilarious part of this conundrum is that those of us who have had to pound the pavement, bust our ass, maneuver through the traps set by the Baby Boomers, accumulate 70,000 dollars worth of student debt just to get a job doing something you didn't go to school to do... all of us have to work and live alongside the youngest ones of this millennial generation. We are losing our minds trying to figure out what went wrong.

The Baby Boomers of this country are ignoring it entirely and lumping anyone who is younger than they are into the group of "the masses trying to take their jobs." Yes, yes we are. In fact, we need your jobs so if you wouldn't mind doing what your predecessors did and RETIRE, then we could actually lead this country into a new age of prosperity! However, as it is now, we are all on equal f*****g footing with the babies of the millennial generation and we are pissed off about it.

We have developed our own industries, we have learned about technology, we have watched and learned from the Boomer's mistakes and we are ready to make our own epic mistakes if you guys would sit the F**** down.

In order to understand what went wrong with the "babies" of the millennial generation, you need only to look at the trickle down of our elders.

The Golden Ones- These are the ones who rolled up their sleeves during WWII, got busy cooperating with one another for a common goal. They were happy to join a cause, but a worthy one. They knew how to make a little go a long, long, long way because they lived through the worst possible economic failure in history. They were resourceful, spiritual, humorous, inventive, tough as nails and soft as bunnies. They helped their neighbors. They KNEW their neighbors. They married the love of their life and had children because they WANTED to have children. Children were not a nuisance, they were the next torch bearers to the legacy they worked so hard to build. They fought off terrible diseases like malaria, Tuberculosis, Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Measles, even the flu was epic back then. If it didn't kill them, it made them stronger.

The Baby Boomers- These were the children of the Golden Ones. After and during WWII, people were breeding like rabbits. They didn't have a lot of kids, but everyone was having kids. The kids were healthy. They had immunities to the "old timer" diseases that killed off millions in the early 1900's. Technology made it possible to store food safely without having to buy canned goods, or pickle everything. Abundance was everywhere. The Golden One's told the Boomers that "if they worked hard, they could have anything they wanted." This was the message implanted in the Boomer's heads. They took great pride in the stories of their parent's during the war efforts. Like the days of ancient Greece, they viewed their mentors on par with the likes of Apollo or Prometheus. They were raised with abundance and knew that it was everyone's right to have a car, house, job, and a family. They held strong and fast to the values of their parents and grandparents even in the face of change, they were going to "keep morality alive." Of course, their version of "morality" was American Patriotism, Government is ALWAYS right, and if you are poor then that means you are lazy.
Children were born. (Gen X)

Late Boomers- The hippies. They resented their older brother or sister for their rigidity regarding race, religion and undying loyalty to American Patriotic ideals. They questioned things. When rumors of the Vietnam conflicts were raging across America, these babies of the boomer generation were trying to sit at the "big boy table" and say "hey wait a minute... does this seem right to you guys?" Of course, they couldn't sit at the adult table and the noble rigid beliefs of the Golden Ones and Baby Boomers were as thick as steel. So... they found each other and started exploring their place in the world and decided that in order to sit at the table of life with their older peer group, they needed to get their attention... hard & fast.  They did the unthinkable. They danced publicly with ripped up jeans on, burned bras in front of the courthouse, smoked any and everything in order to expand their cookie cutter world illusions. They got behind the underdogs and shouted to the towers of power, "hell no we won't go..." Out of these Aquarian behaviors, children were born. (Gen X)

Generation X- This generation was from outer space. ha ha
 They were either born to hippies (Late Boomers) who were disillusioned and had run out of "hippy activist" steam then eventually conformed to their Baby Boomer peer group's demands... OR... Gen X'ers were born to the big boss Baby Boomers who viewed their younger hippy siblings as total losers... thus this fear was projected onto their children (Gen X'ers) who never had a flying chance in hell to impress "daddy." The Gen X'ers were smart. They were completely driven to set themselves apart from the extremes of their "cool hippy aunt that tries to offer them pot" or their Nazi-esque Father and enabling brow beaten Mother who always "did what she was told."  They understood that the real wisdom was in their grandparents. They were closer to their grandparents than they were their parents. By this time, the Golden One's had chilled out. They still retained their hero's story but with an element of "meh, the world is the way it is, so you might as well laugh and live a little... your father is a stick in the mud, and your mother can't pump her own gas... I don't know what we did wrong, but just don't be like your parents, okay kiddo?"

Generation Y-Z (the early- Millennials)- Just as soon as the 'x' group started mastering BASIC in computer lab, the world of tech giants began developing more common sense applications to the everyday usage of computing. No longer was "computer lab" a class, typing was obsolete within a few years, and the internet was taking over every home computer as fast as you could say, "BASIC SUCKS!"
Of course, the "Millennials" were a broad range of births. The initial wave of these kids were confused because they were trapped between the world of old vs. new. They had no recollection of the Cold War, had no memory of any type of grand event except the fear driven 'terror alerts' and 'never forget' propaganda of the Bush jr. administration. They dove deeper into debt, and covered themselves in single serving distractions of the internet boom. The music was morphing from the Grunge n' Gritty to the Glitz n' Glamour. They had no battle cry except the musings of boy bands and "hit me baby one more time," a la Brit' Spears. Surface level music, surface level movies, surface level friends made up the rolodex of their angsty teenage years. Then the later Millennials were coming of age, born in the mid-1990's....

The Millennials you love to hate:
These are the ones that make you cringe with questions of "how did we go wrong?" They are self-obsessed, budding narcissists, and view most events in their life from either the screen of an iPhone or the amount of 'likes' something has on social media. They think everyone but themselves are "old" and though this may sound like every teenager/early 20's person you've ever encountered, it isn't. This group means it. They have no basis of reality because they have never been pushed out of the nest. They cry out "wolf wolf wolf" so much that the rest of us are afraid to say anything that might offer them a megaphone to yell a false "attack" on their individuality. They get media coverage. The Late Boomers of the 1960's hippy movement sympathize (initially) with these young "whistle blowers," because they too were full of angst over bullies, equal rights, and breaking the status quo. The difference is/was, the Late Boomer's had justification and a reason to be pissed off. Though their music festivals ended up being pot smoking hazes and acid trips most of the time, they were at least exploring the limits of consciousness within themselves. They are mistakenly believing that the Young Millennials are doing the same. They aren't. They have no reasons, no justification, no driving force that is bigger than they are. They are just angry temper tantrum filled toddlers who are throwing a fit that they are being forced to grow up and get out. They've latched onto excuse cards like a hoarder latches on to coupons. They get misdiagnosed with everything from ADHD to Autism when only a small percentage actually are affected by those disorders. They are bullied because anything that is difficult is "abusive" and anything that is confusing socially is rendered "unacceptable."

Nobody wants to see anyone being bullied or told they aren't equal with the rest of us, but these youngsters are delighted by their "disease of difference." They latch on to movements faster than a movement is created. They will be the first to deem someone as 'racist' or 'homophobic' or 'intolerant' just because they collectively decided to point something out that they didn't socially understand. They have been educated by memes, forums, sound bites, and 38 second YouTube clips of 7th hand information. They don't dig deeper, they don't discuss topics where people might be able to show them how they have the facts wrong, and if their identity is threatened by anyone knowing more than they do, they will toss out a label on social media that will spread like wildfire and ruin lives.

If they are marching for 'such and such equal rights,' it's only because it's trending and it might make them look intelligent and socially progressive. If you asked them the history of how the movement began or why it is a legitimate protest, they will know nothing except for what they've seen on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat....the day before.

So who's fault is it? We always want to know who is to blame for failures of society. The sad truth is, we all are to blame. While we have kept our heads firmly buried in the sand, we've neglected a huge group of (now) young adults who needed us to tell them why things suck and how we got here. We've relied on technology to educate them and when we do that, we have given the 'keys to the car' to a soul-less sociopath. The internet has no soul. It has no compassion. It can't educate people on intuitive reasoning, listening to your heart, reading body language, higher spiritual advancement through interpersonal relationships. It is a data stream and if you have the cognitive functioning and higher consciousness development, you can use this data stream to expand your mind, connect, and learn most anything.... YOU have discernment. Discernment is a skill that you learned through the hard knocks, swings at the chest, and uplifting beautiful connections you've made with all of nature.

Discernment is the one missing piece in the young millennial's toolbox. Discernment is like a multi-tool though. It isn't just a Phillips head screwdriver that 'came with the box.' It's a knife, a bottle opener, a can opener, screwdriver, sander, scissors, et al. It services a lot of problems as well as parties. The only way you get this 'multi-tool called Discernment' is by understanding that you might need all of those items at some point in your day to day life. Furthermore, you only understand that you will need those multi-purposed tools by trying to make it through life without them.

These later millennials don't understand because they have never had to solve a problem themselves. They cry out for the older people to do their bidding and give them what they want All.The.Time.  It's a real problem. Sure, it's funny in some ways, but it won't be when these people are refusing to stand up and be leaders of the world. They are waiting for everyone to die so they will inherit the house and all of your things. This way they can just keep existing in limbo and never understanding who they are in the bigger scheme of things. It's safe there. That's their modus operandi, "it's safe here."  They may not verbalize that, in fact, it's doubtful they would ever admit that they are terrified of everything that isn't "them," but deep down they are scared sh**less.

Sadly, it is all of us that have created this monster in the lab of life. We were all so abused by mixed messages and the "walk it out" mentality of our parents, their parents and even the great grandparents, that we've wanted nothing more than for future generations to embrace themselves in a way that we never were allowed to do until we rebelled against our family's wishes or in some cases, went along with the herd to just "keep the peace."  We were so busy surviving the rushing waves of change that we failed to see any value in the hard knocks of our past until we were faced with an entire generation of failed 20 year old toddlers who are sucking us dry.

What do we do?

I have some ideas. Some of which are just hilarious 'what if' scenarios that will never happen except in my dreams, but some of them are actually applicable.

Here it goes...
Why don't we just stop giving energy to anything they are 'crying wolf' about. Just let them yell it out with each other and maybe they will come up with a solution without the assistance of the rest of us. If they are refusing to live on their own and continuously expect the 'gate keeper' to feed them, do their laundry, and give them a high speed internet connection... shut off the internet for a month. Tell them that you just can't afford it right now. See what happens. Internet is more important to the millennials than food is to most of us. They might die without internet. If they have a 'new passion' and it involves you bending your bank account to give them what they want because you feel that maybe this is being 'supportive'... don't.  It's just a trick. They have a new "passion" every other week and it ALWAYS involves YOUR money. If they are serious about their "passion" then they will figure out how to acquire it.  If they resort of stealing money, then you press charges because then they will get the "multi-tool" of DISCERNMENT.   If you see a post by one of them on FB or Twitter that is highly self-righteous and calling out someone as being 'racist, intolerant, or or or...' IGNORE IT.  Do not feed them your opinion or it will be gobbled up by the Opinion monster and recycled for future use against you. Just leave it alone. Let them feel alone in their 'informed wolf crying' and maybe they will start wondering why they aren't able to gaslight anyone. This self-doubt is great for them. It might springboard them into something they don't do... ASK QUESTIONS.

The bottomline...
They must be pushed out of the nest. It takes a village to ruin a generation and it takes a generation to fix it. If you don't think you have the nerve to stand up to the 20 Year Old Toddler, then I ask you to go within and remember a time when you stood up for something bigger than you, against all odds, and think about how that shaped your life.  Or... I ask you to think of a time when someone older than you took the time to 'check you' in a way that made you rethink how you were navigating through life. Who would you be now if nobody opposed you, ever? Think about it. Hard. Who would you be if everyone in your life said "okay sure."

You know what I would be? I'd be living in a box I made that was a "time machine" and I wouldn't wear a bra because I didn't want to when I was 12, and I would eat only donuts, I'd be playing "radio show" on my Fisher Price cassette recorder and feeling like it was the height of my creativity, I would've married a Ninja Turtle, and I'd eventually have died from trying to use my Dad's industrial rock tumbler as a centrifuge to create "anti-gravity" in my TIME MACHINE CARDBOARD BOX!
I also would've been eaten by sharks (I wanted to pet one once), had a pet bear, and my Mom would've given me the baby alligator we found at Caddo Lake because she didn't want me to cry.
I also would've continued my pursuit of being a superhuman by trying to stop a moving car because I just watched Batman and was super pumped up. If nobody had checked me, I would have died by the age of 12... but in the rare case that I had lived through it, I'd be 360 pounds, paralysed, and making a man in a Ninja Turtle costume buy me donuts.

Push them out of the nest. Say no or don't acknowledge the wolf cries. They aren't hurt. They aren't going to die. They might fail, but they have failed already because you have enabled the worst parts of them. If they call you 'abusive' because you tell them to grow up and walk it out, then have a party because you might have just saved their life and the future of the developed world.

That's all folks.