Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Something Is Happening- That You MUST know

Unless you exist in a cave of illusion, you should know what is going on in the world is anything but normal.

There's a whole script going on right now that is fully dedicated to giving you "inside baseball" on the goings on of the world at large.

There will be a time, very soon, when cognitive dissonance will reign supreme in the minds of the "asleep" masses. Though I believe there are less and less people every day that believe what the news tells them to believe, I still think there are a staggering amount of you that refuse to look under the stone that is blocking your path to real freedom- emotionally and spiritually speaking.

The definition of cognitive dissonance is as follows:
Mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.

Sound familiar? It should. That is the modus operandi of how we have been conditioned to feel by the enormous stinking load of crap we've been fed through media... our entire lives.

Everyone to a certain degree is intimately familiar with this feeling, but that is the tip of the veritable iceberg.

Most people only look up information to prove their point of view. They rarely approach life like a trial lawyer would who had to take the defense of the opposing side. If you don't look at all sides of the cube, you might miss something. Something that truly liberates you from social programming.

The truth.

Right now MSM News (mainstream media news outlets) are pummeling your consciousness with direct assaults on your intelligence. You are told how to feel, what to think, who is right and who is wrong.

The truth of the situations going on might shock you.

Warning: Once you dive down the rabbit hole, there's no "tie off" at the top. You can't go back to what you once knew, how you once felt, and innocence cannot be reclaimed.

You can no longer say, "I don't know, I don't really follow world events... " You can no longer look at your justice system, political party icons, or history itself in the same way.

The truth is out there. It always has been. More and more gets leaked daily by brave souls who dove down that rabbit hole years ago and have been screaming at all of us with a bullhorn from the bottom of it. "Guys, get down here. Everything is a lie. You must believe me. Is anyone listening? Someone please listen to me. It's dangerous down here alone! You must join me and together we can help each other climb out of the abyss!"

In the next week or so, expect there to be huge revelations that no MSM outlet can squander away to the back of the "tin foil hat" section of the news. The "Choice Point" has arrived.

The Choice Point Defined: It is the act that moves us from purpose and meaning, through deliberation into choice and action. And right in the middle between purpose and action is the Choice Point. There is always a fraction of a second or a minute, or days and years when we are poised at the edge of a decision or Choice Point.

Right now, the MSM news media has slammed down your throat terms like: collusion, reform, corruption, MeToo, wrong button pushed, threats from North Korea, Russian dossier, Uranium 1, Immigration, DACA, etc...

They tell you how to feel about these thing, yet they never explain what these terms mean, what the story is about or who the players REALLY are.

We are at war. Not with guns or bombs, but an information war. One side is the nasty truth, the other side is a nasty agenda chalked full of lies that stretch back decades upon decades.

The war is over control of your consciousness. If enough energy is gained through the consciousness of humanity in their favor, then they win. Period. It's the Universal Law of manifestation. We are all co-creators with The Creator element of this universe. This is the soul element, the spirit, the Quantum Entanglement of all sentient beings.  It is sacred law.

I wrote in my last blog about Operation Mockingbird.

I linked the actual PDF of the Freedom of Information Act declassified document regarding this CIA operation that began in 1956 with the goal of changing the narrative in media to fit the agenda of the Intelligence agencies by placing highly skilled operatives or "assets" inside all of the Mainstream Media News outlets. That includes newspapers, magazines, movies, music, television, ALL OF IT.  They steer the narrative they want to emotionally convince you of so that you won't see what the REAL TRUTH  is. The truth that is going on right under your nose.

If you question anything, you are a threat to the overarching lord of freedom labeled, "National Security."

Questioning your government or questioning the supposed "facts" or story that is being piped into your mind 24/7, isn't a national security threat. It's being a patriot, a hero, and it's the right thing to do for all people, not just your biased political party's belief.

Throughout history, people who spoke the truth or questioned authority were killed, shamed, publicly discredited, or faded away in a mental institution or prison system with a label of "crazy" strapped to their head.

So people stopped questioning, stopped looking behind the curtains, and out of a justified fear of being dead (at worst) or losing the credibility they once had with family, job, and friends, they went along with the program.

Some people decided to get smarter than the evil select few who were trying to take over the world.

They learned that in order to prove their point, to show the truth to the masses, they would have to play a sinister game of cat and mouse. They would have to gather information together in secret, steal it if they had to, and they had to know that the risk involved was prison or worse.
Would it be worth it? Yes. Yes it would.

Just like the elite factions of all world governments, these rebels for The People also know how consciousness works.  If the TRUTH could reach the masses, or even some of them, it would exponentially grow into the minds of everyone, everywhere.

A Singularity would occur eventually. It may take time, but eventually it would saturate the populace so that at the very least, you could decide for yourself which way you will go. If you are only getting a lie, and the opposing view of that lie is just another lie, then you are further away from the truth. If however, the truth is leaked, "their" words are used against them, their secret agendas splayed out for all to see, then humanity might have a shot at beating the evil slave system we all live in. We are all slaves. If you aren't the select few that are at the tippy top, you are just rowing the boat for them. Period. Yet... if we knew that, we'd mutiny. So how do they keep us quiet?

By making you think you have a choice. Republican or Democrat? CNN or Fox? Paper or Plastic? Intolerant or Tolerant? Rich or Poor? Green or Gas?  When in fact, there are thousands of options that have been suppressed. Control is the name of the game, folks. If "they" make the choices, they know how to control the narrative, i.e. they control You.

This is how a video goes "viral" on YouTube. Remember, all the viral videos begin with one person viewing them. How does a woman wearing a stupid Chewy mask in her mini-van go from being a homemaker average person to having 8 million people viewing her "hilarious" semi-private laugh session in her car- overnight?

If something like that can go from 0 to 8 million people in less than 24 hours, then why doesn't this leaked info from heroic whistleblowers reach that level of saturation?

The reasons will or won't shock you.

1. At the point of saturation, it is de-monitized and downgraded in view counts by a systematic agenda that is funded by deeply shadowed government agencies. Twitter, Facebook, Google, all of them are filtering out anything that could turn the tide of the information war we are living in. Don't believe me? Look at the latest videos taken by Project Veritas. Twitter shadow banned millions of people who were speaking out about corruption of the Deep State.  I've seen ex-military intelligence officers who are speaking the truth on YouTube have their entire accounts, subscribers, and view count completely dismantled overnight.  They are silenced by a nameless corporation and "flagged as inappropriate or in violation of community guidelines." Why? What were they doing wrong? Telling the truth.

2. People watch stupid stuff more than they watch things that are trying to tell them to wake up and smell the rotten fish. We have grown weary of "bad news" and depressing subjects. We just want to watch puppy videos or share dumb cat memes. Those cute videos don't create cognitive dissonance. We can't handle any more uncomfortable truth, right?

Well I'm here today to tell you that you had better strap in for the ride of your life or bury yourself in puppy videos because the largest dump of "red pills" is about to hit your consciousness whether or not you want it to. It HAS to.

Do you want to live in a world controlled by a secret shadow government that has reigned supreme for eons? Do you want to live in a world where your family and friends are sent off to fight in a war that has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom!? Do you want to live in a world where you are told how to feel about everything from meaningless words like "shithole" to being labeled a "racist" just because you described someone as "latin, white, black, asian." Or do you want to be labeled a backwards hillbilly because you saw someone that looked female to you, and you said, "thank you ma'am," but they "identified as a man," and now you are an intolerant asshole when you truly meant no harm?

Do you think people are really this trivial? No. You've been duped ladies and gentleman. Duped. The Mainstream Media starts the trends that you swallow hole and accept as "change." They start the fire, you fan the flame. That's how it works.  Their fanning was free. The young Millennials who are addicted to social media were happy to feel important and needed. After all, they were handed iPads instead of socialization from birth. The fishhooks were already in their consciousness by the time they were old enough to matter, and the Deep State just reeled 'em in. They spout off judgment and labels faster than any secret social programming ever expected them to. They love feeling justified and like the 'good person' fighting the fight from the comfort of their gaming chair.

Don't worry, the older generations aren't off the hook either. You've been programmed in the "long game." Those strings are sewn into the very fabric of who you are. You may not be baited by an unexpected social justice movement on Twitter, but you have sealed any holes you might have left open for a "change of heart" long ago.

These movements that have millions of people seemingly "overnight," and concerted social media attacks on people or groups, or or or....
It's all controlled, directed, planned, and there's always either an agenda or a distraction outcome.
Distraction from the REAL news. The news that might call out the corruption of the people who are signing the checks for these "movements." These movements aren't organic anymore. They are funded by people like George Soros who are masterminds at social programming and public swaying for an ultimate goal that suits the powerful elite factions of the Deep State.

Notice how these massive corporations like Google or Exxon or Samsung are all making socially conscious ads now? Do you think they care about that? No. They started to see that the world was waking up to higher ideals like loving kindness and unity and they simply were scared of profit loss. If you found out they were evil and literally creating artificial intelligence to spy on everything you do, learn your behaviors, your driving routes, because they care about you, you'd call BS on that in a second.

Think. Think. Research. Be a citizen journalist. Do you care about the future of your life? Your kids life? Are you happy walking on egg shells?  Do you need media to tell you what is appropriate to think, feel, or be?  Do you?

Below is a list of VERY recent things that the mainstream news never reported on or redirected you away from by focusing on something else:

1.  Vegas Shooting & Saudi Arabia corruption round up. It was pitched to you as though the Saudi government takeover was a bad thing. It was a GREAT thing. The new Prince Salman rounded up the old regime of corrupted officials/elite family crime syndicates who had been in power for over 40 years and quarantined them in a hotel room, froze their assets, and they will probably be in prison for the rest of their lives.
Why does this matter to you? It shouldn't but it does, because the pockets of these corrupt Saudi officials were intrinsically linked with the good ol' United States. Notice how the ISIS attacks have died down? Kind of hard to convince paid mercenaries to stage attacks when they aren't getting the check in the mail.  The Saudi corruption implicated tons of our banks, and your charitable contributions, tax money and stock holdings were funding everything from child trafficking to paying for terror attacks... all in the name of good ol' Petroleum trade and fake wars to take over countries with it.
 Did you know that the current US Administration was meeting with Prince Salman to discuss his plan of rounding up these corrupt officials at the same time the Vegas Shooting happened? Who was in Las Vegas at the time of that shooting? The very people who were going to assist King Salman in his corruption truth lasso. Coincidence? No. Good news is, the bigger and more terrible outcome that these sick and twisted shadow elite deep state syndicates wanted to happen, didn't. Although, it was still a terrible body count, and the MSM news pulled a "this is who did it," and dropped the "Largest mass shooting event ever in the United States," from it's list of "important" stories.  People who had cell phone footage of multiple organized shooters at various locations were silenced. People who came forward on night of the incident, innocently claiming that they saw multiple armed shooters, couldn't get out of the exits because the gates were locked, the blasting lights of the venue were beaming at their face... all to just create a pool of chaos so that some evil sadistic plan could unfold and mass casualties would result.  If you still think it was ONE guy that did all that, I feel sorry for you.

2. Uranium 1. A deal brokered by the Clintons to sell Uranium to Russia. This deal was followed through by the Obama Administration and was kept "secret" from the government.  Loads of money was made but none of it went into our country. It went into the pockets of the players who brokered the deal and the foundations they own under the label "charity."  People are being arrested as I'm typing this. It was a cover up on a massive scale and it stinks to high heaven. It's a big deal.

3. Haiti- Haiti is a shithole. Why? Because they never received the BILLIONS of dollars of relief aid that was donated worldwide and filtered through the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the orphaned children following the 2010 Earthquake were being "taken to a better place" by a woman who worked for the Red Cross and she was busted for child trafficking. She was bailed out of prison by none other than Hilary Clinton. Her name was Laura Silsby. Also I advise you to look for the video of a member of the Haitian senate who stood up and "told it like it was," during a town hall meeting during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. His name: Bernard Sansaricq.  Back in the 90's, he refused to be bought or paid off by the Clinton Foundation and they revoked his work Visa and status within the government.  His testimony is powerful, and I urge all of you to watch it.

**When you go down the Rabbit Hole and look up this stuff, you'll find the top hit on most of it comes from Snopes.com who labels things as "debunked or hoaxes." Snopes is completely funded and created by George Soros. Soros is equivalent to Senator Palpatin from Star Wars. DARK SIDE.**

4. Executive Order Signed on December 21 that freezes all the assets and properties of anyone who was compliant with, assisted in, or contributed to- Human Rights Violations. This includes corporations, charities, individuals, etc.. Also, it includes persons who are affiliated with these organizations or corporations that may have fled to other countries. The Clinton's house fire happened shortly after this was issued. Also... the bizarre airport outages, rerouted flights, and strange emergency landings of aircraft. At one point on January 2nd/3rd (depending on what time zone you are in), all the major US Airports had computer system failure. Why? Not to worry. It was the good guys who did this. Nobody is escaping their crimes against humanity this time. No where to run, nowhere to hide. Period.  I urge you to look at whitehouse.gov. (Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.)

**Did you hear about this on Mainstream Media? No. It's literally the biggest round up of evil sick corporation corruption and twisted elite cabal syndicate crime families in the history of the planet. 72 CEO's mysteriously "stepped down" following this EO being signed.... And there are almost 10,000 Sealed Indictments that have been issued since then. The first to be opened is the one on Uranium 1.**

5. Pizzagate or Pedogate. What is it?  If you type it in, the immediate top hit is from Soros funded Snopes claiming it is nothing more than a crazy conspiracy. It isn't. Just ask Corey Feldman... Yep, Pizzagate or Pedogate was busted out in the WikiLeaks Vault 7 data dump that also contained the infamous "Hilary emails."  Shortly after the data dump of the corruption charges within the DNC, Seth Rich was dead. Seth Rich was the leaker to Julian Assange and he was tattling on the DNC and the corrupt crap that they were doing to secure the election and screw over Bernie Sanders in the process. Within these emails were back and forth emails between the Podesta brothers and others that contained terms like, "Pizza and hotdogs." There were so many of these emails that a few very smart investigative journalist started scratching their head. The "pizza and hotdogs" seemed to be "supplied" by a local pizza place and specifically the owner of this establishment was listed in the emails. The terminology was so bizarre and seemed to be irrelevant to the emails surrounding it, that these investigative freelance journalists began digging. Julian Assange of Wikileaks also dropped breadcrumbs kind of pointing out where they needed to dig deeper. The result is something so unspeakable and so ingrained and deeply rooted in the world of Washington DC's elite as well as Hollywood, that it makes you want to take a scalding hot shower.   I won't get into details here but if you don't believe me, then I'll give you one seemingly "benign" thing to look up.

**Look up Tony Podesta's Art collection.  (CEO of The Podesta Group, which has now been dismantled as of December 2017) **
The investigative journalist who "broke the story on Mainstream media's Huffington Post," was fired and had to go into hiding. He is unemployed now, and has re-emerged with thousands of people watching his videos and testimony on YouTube. Although, I will add that Twitter banned him for life for saying what I'm saying in this blog regarding Operation Mockingbird.  His name is David Seaman. There are many, many, many more out there who are speaking up about the horrors of pedophile rings in Washington and Hollywood and worldwide. It's all connected though and it is all part of a much darker and sinister ideology.   If you want to get REALLY Red Pilled, watch the documentary "An Open Secret" about pedophile rings in Hollywood, and if that didn't do it, then look up MK Ultra Survivor Kathy O'Brien. (She's been trying to bring these sickos to justice since the 90's and her story is hard to watch, but if you want to know the truth, you must face the monsters. It is the only way the world will change and this nightmare of control will end.)

6. You will be seeing justice. It is happening. Why now? Despite my personal feelings about a big orange Reality TV star running the country, I will say this... He had to be the one in the White House. I know how that sounds to those of you who can't fathom it, I couldn't either. Hear me out.. All of the things I listed above, and more, have been going on for a long long long time. The system was all in "collusion" with each other. It was all rigged. It was all like a big WWE Smackdown match but behind the scenes, everyone shook hands and knew the "plan was effective." Things I don't have time to cover but will tell you to look up in the rabbit hole: Fusion GPS, Adam Schiff Treason, DNC Hack, What happened to Seth Rich, Prescott Bush, Operation Paperclip, Declassified JFK documents, and so so so so so much more. So much more. The SAME players are in ALL OF IT.

Trump might have got through the cracks of that corrupt system by "stumbling backwards into a pot of gold." There are people on the inside, military people, good people in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, DOD, that have been waiting to have the opportunity to bust out of the stable doors. They couldn't do it before because every facet was predicted and controlled by key players who  all had the same agenda- the American people had no idea about. Now they can do more because the grip has loosened on their reigns. That's why we are seeing Executive Orders being signed to take down the very assets and properties of these evil people. Trump isn't the cause of this, but he's the reason it can be ignited. 

We are the pawns to the Deep state and cabal syndicate banking families.  The world government agenda has been systematically played out since the dawning of the Federal Reserve. Those who opposed the Federal Reserve were sent on a luxury cruise line... The Titanic. (I'm not lying, that is a fact. *see Astor Family*) Since then, it's been a big phat chess game with your consciousness, your money, your well-being, your LIFE. Understand this. 

I know it's depressing but it is far MORE depressing to think that this is "just how life is I guess." I guess I'm supposed to die of cancer right when I retire from my job that I slaved away at for 40 years. I guess I won't get to see the world after all because I have to keep working so that I can pay for basic human needs and hope that nothing unexpected happens to me because if it does I'm SCREWED... I guess I'll put all my dreams aside because society tells me that's stupid or irresponsible. I guess I'll get around to this or that when I get some time off. I can't take any time off because I can't afford to lose even one check... and if I do take my PTO but I get sick, then how am I going to be able to afford to go to the doctor?  





In closing... I'm not crazy. I'm just crazy enough to think that God gave me this brain that is obsessively curious for a reason. I am not crazy. I am just crazy enough to feel that human beings, animals, and the air we breath should not be at the mercy of a select few who pull the strings.  I'm not crazy. I'm just crazy enough to think by speaking loudly about this, we might be able to change the paradigm.   If I didn't blog, talk freely, speak my mind, break the mold... then I wouldn't be fulfilling my contract to the Universe. I want to see the world I love flourish without hidden tyranny. I want to see my Dad be able to stop working and live freely. I want to see kids NOT die of cancer. I want to see animals respected instead of living in disgusting environments where they are suffering so that we can have fast food when we want it.  I want to live to see the barriers of culture, race, religion and political affiliations be shattered with loving kindness. I hope the one day I will live to hear this sentence, "I can't believe we use to bomb people."  That is why we must slay the monsters. If you don't want to face it, I get it, believe me I do. But step aside and allow other's to uncover the lies without the ridicule. Deal? You'll be glad you did.