Monday, September 17, 2018

Spiritual Blocks, Your Determination and Rerouting The Brain

Spiritual blocks come in many forms. We often hear of "awareness" as being an attribute to a Buddhist monk or used in self-defense classes to teach us vigilance.

In my experience, awareness is the energy of mind in paying attention to the world you live in...but this is only the sensory level of awareness. Meaning: Awareness attained by the use of eyes, nose, ears, etc...

This level of awareness only informs the deeper level of mind to our supposed reality.

The deeper level of mind, the subconscious or super conscious mind could be visualized as a guard at a giant gate who is hearing knocking 24 hours of every day and has to determine who they "let in" to the palace.

If your "guardman" is a push-over, they could let in the criminals that are there to rob you of your way of life, peaceful state, or your precious resources.  The Guard is your lifeline. The Guard is the embodiment of what is typically called, "Deeper Awareness or Intuition."

As the world turns and days turn into months and months turn into years, your Guard can tire of hearing the incessant knocking at the gate.  Out of basic overwhelm, the Guard could just unlock the gate and let whatever is being brought in through sensory awareness into the "palace."

The Palace:

The Temple of You, The Palace of You, is the sacred part of you that belongs to the Infinite. It is perfect, complete, lacking in nothing. The imperfection came when you took notice of the material world and found it to be an indicator of your Inner world. This was the death of your Infinite perfection.
The first "sin" if you will. Take all religious connotation out of that statement.
The word 'sin' comes from the term used for archers or marksmen.. it simply means "to miss the mark."

Everyone is a little "off" the mark because you have to exist in a material existence. This is not our natural state of being. There is more to you than just electrons firing to a nervous system, pheromones, hormones, or carnal desires.
Hard core atheist will describe the human being as nothing more than cells informing other cells and impulse into action, then cause and effect of that autonomic response.

Even if that were all we knew, which it isn't, but for the sake of argument and in fairness to the atheist out there... That in and of itself implies a natural order that is intelligently designed. I think Atheist should rename themselves Accidentalists. If everything just happens by a spontaneous accidental process, (which is a paradoxical statement) then just check out of any process or system of life. Go live in the woods and live on impulse, carnal desires, and fear. You will not last long.

When we say someone is behaving like "an animal," this also is an unfair statement to animals! Animals have a respect for the natural order of things. A pack of wolves will only hunt what will sustain the pack. They are collaborative not competitive. There may be a hierarchy to their pack, but that is a natural order to sustain the pack against dangers and to prevent the cessation of the family unit's future in the world.

Moving along...

The sensory awareness is our way of navigating and informing us of the reality we perceive as being, "our life." We all have sensory awareness, animals have sensory awareness, insects have sensory awareness. But why? Because at the base level, we all love our life. No?  Even the smallest insect when it perceives a danger to it's life, it will move away from that perceived danger. (i.e. the human foot trying to smash it to bits or just walking on its pathway)

The current state of the world is due to relying on sensory awareness as being the Law instead of merely a Suggestion!
The Guard that is at the gate of Infinite Awareness or the Temple of the REAL you, doesn't have to tire or become complacent in who he lets into the gate. You can place an additional guard in place. You can see, hear, smell, and perceive your material physical world but with an awareness that it isn't what it seems to be. Why? Because everyone is existing using their senses so it has created the energy signature of the physical or material world. Meaning the world you can touch, taste, see, hear, and smell.

There is a moment that all human beings go through at some point when you are faced with something you see, hear, taste, smell, or perceive in any way that CANNOT be let into the gate that is being watched by The Guard, i.e. Your Subconscious.

It may be triggered by a bad relationship where someone is telling you they love you, but you are feeling on an emotional mind level something else. Something that isn't love. The Guard or your Super Self, knows what love is. It came from Love. Or in the ancient Coptic, Greek, and Latin.. the Logos.

Logos is the all caps proper noun LOVE. The Love that created the universe itself. Creation is love in action. Creating something from nothing requires an energy that is actively seeking to see a result that will be appreciated or loved.

So the subject of this blog is Spiritual blocks, determination, and rerouting the brain, right?

The brain in its physical functioning based on the nervous system, is not unlike a series of dog trails. You will see the route that your dog takes to bark at the postman every day. He may not know why he's barking at the postman 12 years into it. It's just what he instinctively does because he has a neurological pathway that is manifested in his actual dog pathway that he runs every single day.

We do the same thing. Take cigarette smoking... a scientist will tell you that it is just the nicotine people are addicted to. This isn't true. The neurological pathway that was formed by the physical actions and sensory awarenesses that were taken into the mind and taken to the Guard at the Gate, formed a path to that gate that is now worn down and the "obvious choice" mentally. When certain things are perceived by sensory awareness, as in seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, the conscious mind looks around and is constantly trying to deliver "a message" to the Guard of your Super Conscious Palace/Temple of You.
So... it looks around and after a while it is exactly like the route that the dog takes to bark at the postman.

I can say this because I use to be a smoker and went through years of quitting and starting again. The only time I was successful and remained that way was when I understood the "messages I was taking to the Guard."  I had to see that what I was perceiving was not related to the act of smoking a cigarette. If I was happy I smoked, if I was sad I smoked, if I had just eaten I smoked, if I was driving in the car... I SMOKED. All of these perceptions of the physical world were not being perceived accurately or if at all. It was taking me OUT of awareness and into the comfortable route I had developed to live in the physical world. It was in a sense, avoidance of Mind. Avoidance of the present Mind.

These are merely examples that I can share to put this into bite sized chunks for consumption.

I will say that before I began the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes at 16 years old, I had another route I had made that was essentially the same thing. It was the dog path of the previous dog who barked at the cyclist in the back alley but didn't bark at the postman!  Eventually the grass grew over that pathway and now a garden grows where once there wasn't even the slightest blade of grass.
That previous "dog path" for me before the age of 16 was food. Logically, the only thing I could use to cope with the physical world or to avoid it, was food. I ate when I was happy, sad, confused, relaxing, learning, overwhelmed, angry... Wait?! Those are the same feelings I had when I would reach for the cigarettes!
You see my point.

So how did I figure this out?

Now is the meat of this study. A study that is an active study for me. One that continuously is teaching me about my "dog pathssssssss"....

Suffering of all living things comes from just being alive. Yet all happiness we experience also comes from the same. Our suffering be it acute or benign is all dependant on what shit your Guard will take into the Palace of You.

Your Guard may be a big suspicious warrior that downvotes anything that seems "too good to be true." Or your Guard may be a sweet little old lady that is gullible and gets ripped off easily. Or you may have a Guard that is a bit of both depending on what is brought to the Gateway of your Palace... or Super Infinite/Subconscious Mind.

My Guard's weakness was guilt. When my Guard gets "too mean and rigid" then my Guard feels crumby about himself and paces around in a circle hashing over and over again about the why's of vetoing the "free pass into the Palace." The best way to get into my Subconscious Mind, past the Guard, is to guilt the Guard into feeling like he's hurt something by not letting in "in."  In other words, by telling my Guard that he's a "bad Guard." He will believe that and he will open the door, unfortunately.

This will take some introspection and practice because our dog paths don't grow grass overnight. They can, but unless you have the focus of Yoda, then I doubt you can do that in one 24 hour period. But desperation for change can propel you to focus that intensely if you are fully honest with how that path was created, what created it, and understand the nature of what can "grow back."

Some pathways can't re-grow grass. BUT... that doesn't mean you can't build on top of it! Good or bad.

Letting go of what you are perceiving in your physical world as being the reality of your life is the first step. You can still see the same things, hear the same things, smell the same things, touch the same things, but to have Awareness of what those things are triggering within you is the first step to "regrowing the grass over the dog path."

Example: I have had a tremendous amount of loss during the holiday seasons or events that happen that are out of the pattern of my routine. (going out of town, someone else going out of town that I live with, a season change, new workout routine, etc.)  So... when I go to (just an example) enjoy the holiday season or make plans to take a new dance class or whatever, this unsettling physical feeling happens in my solar plexus first, and then comes up to the mind and feels like panic or anxiety of some sort. I may get punchy or short with people, or bump into things or get clumsy because I have this chaotic energy that on a conscious level I am not understanding fully.

I may think, "come on Mel, you are being lazy." This is SHAMING THE GUARD at the gate. Remember how I said that the fastest way into my Subconscious Mind/Palace of Me/Temple is by shaming the guard?  This is how insidious the shaming can become. The dog wants so badly to bark at that mailman but there's now a big wheelbarrow in the way of the path. He will go around it, but will end up right back on the direct path he has worn down to bark at that mailman!

The mailman is going to come no matter what. We know this. This is a simple way of saying: If you are alive, living happens. So we must change our sensory awareness and fine tune it with a filter that doesn't perceive the same things as they are, but is perceiving with the help of The Guard of the gateway to your subconscious mind.

So back to my example above...
A new "thing" that I want to do or enjoy happens and when I start to do that thing, I somehow end up barking at the "mailman." Or in my case, some sort of traumatic situation will occur like my pet will get sick, or my father will get into a work related accident, or some weird bank account thing, or flat tire or care broken down, or I get sick....
Most people would just go back on the dog path of their mediocre awareness of the same routine, same sensory awareness without a second thought. Their first thought would be, "I don't like this gym," or "I hate Christmas," or "Yoga is not for me, it's stupid," or "I just don't like that person, I don't want to go out anymore with them." 

This is what I'm talking about regarding sensory awareness being a terrible indicator of our True Infinite reality. We've taken our primal perceptions to the Guard at the Gate and we've said, "Yeah, so this is what I've got again. Let me in please." The Guard hasn't been faced with new things in a while so he lets those sensory perceptions inside the Temple Gates. That's when the real shitstorm begins.

It can be anything from a breakdown like a panic attack, or worse. The Subconscious Mind remember is in constant communication with your Conscious mind. If the communication lines that are being utilized are the same old beaten pathways then there is no spiritual growth. In other words, a Spiritual Block will occur.

The only way to understand this and to prevent this is:
1. Awareness of Present Emotional Mind- How am I feeling? 
(there's no wrong answer here, any bread crumb will help you to remove the dog path that is pissing off your Guard and causing trouble in your life and preventing growth.)
*** As you deconstruct this, you will get more from just that simple question. Detach from it, do not judge how you are feeling, just accept it as how you are feeling. No guilt, no downplaying it, no shelving it for another time, no worry, no doubt... You must honor whatever the answer is by understanding that this is the truth of the Present Mind. It may not be a truth for long, but for that very moment it is the most truth you are capable of.

2. What are my sensory perceptions in my Present- What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching?  Pay attention. What colors are around? Are their males around you? Females? Birds singing in the trees? Is it sunny, warm, hot... cold, cloudy, rainy... day or night? What are you wearing? Who are you with? What day of the week is it? What different thing did you do? What did you eat? What has been said to you in the last few hours? Have you observed anything out of the normal routine? What sticks out in your mind? Or is it an ordinary day? If so, what is ordinary about it... get specific.

3. Isolating Unwanted Feeling- What category does my unwanted feeling fit into?
According to many ancient practices there are 8 spiritual fears:
*Ignorance(being faced with something you have no workable knowledge of nor understanding of)
* Pride (this is ego of the first... I know this better than anyone, how dare something confront me that denies me the superior feeling of Me... and no I will not ask for clarification or help. Who do think I am? An idiot? This is pride.)
*Anger (Anger comes from confusion first, and a sense of the first two I just listed... and this is destructive anger, not JUSTIFIED noble anger... yes there is a difference but it takes time to know what is motivating it)
*Jealousy (it's not normal and it's never helpful and it doesn't mean you care more. It's destructive and comes from a lack of wholeness in yourself)
*Erroneous Philosophies/Wrong View- (keeping old beliefs that are limiting to the growth of your spiritual life, your physical life, and tends to be the manifestation of a closed mind that lacks compassion)
*Greed (what's mine is mine and what is yours is also mine, and IF I give anything, it will only be a morsel that I will not need later but if I do, I will get it back double)
*Desire/Attachment- Endless wanting of material pleasures of the carnal mind. Attachment is unhealthy because it has no foundation, no roots. It is empty and provides only temporary satisfaction and typically grows and becomes more voracious over time. Vanity. (think about the people who are addicted to plastic surgery they cannot see themselves anymore, their vanity has taken the wheel of their mind)
*Doubt- The biggest of all the 8 spiritual fears is DOUBT. Doubt is an earthquake that shakes the foundation of your life. Doubting is the same as fearing but it cracks the window open that lets in all of the the rotten energies that want nothing more than to steal your peace and keep you locked in this world's suffering, violence, lack, and despair.

Think of the 8 Spiritual Fears in a circular pattern, each feeding to the next, the last feeding the first...
The term "spiraling out of control" comes from this. Enough cycling through these above Spiritual fears, you create momentum that spirals you to despair, depression, or worse... a sense of apathy about whom you hurt, including yourself.

4. Catch & Release- When you've gone through these steps and you've understood, even in the slightest sense, what is being given to the Guard of the Gate of your Subconscious Mind, you can give the Guard full power to catch the faulty conscious message coming from your sensory world and then you have the unique and opportune ability with your determination to oust or release it back from whence it came. It is not needed anymore. It is false. It is not allowed in. NONE SHALL PASS.

While you may feel silly saying that in your mind, I urge you to say it outloud. Don't worry, don't do it around other people, but in the car, or the bathroom or in the privacy of your own home say it out loud.
Say it with force. You will give your Guard a break for once because that guy has been fighting for you since you entered into this world. With both of you fending off the rotten stuff, you can get very savvy at seeing what the more subtle trickster perceptions are too. It is constant training of Present Mind Awareness, Catch and Release.   Ultimately you are the deciding factor in what you create for your life.

Does the energy that you have in your Present Mind Awareness feel good? Is it harmonious? Is it good for other people? Does it have love and kindness to life and living things? Is it understanding? Is it humble and a good steward of service to making the world better? Is it a trap? Is it desire? Is it greed? Is it doubt? Is it vanity? Is it Ignorance and Pride of the Ego unwilling to admit ignorance, or to humble itself to learn?

Whatever it is, you and You(The Guard) can build your reality and you will start having your physical sensory awareness see, hear, taste, smell and touch the things that build your purpose instead of keeping you stagnant or breaking you down.

I hope this reaches someone who really needs it. I am not a teacher, I am learning what I am trying to teach and teaching what I am learning, always.

.Live Long and Prosper.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sunspot Observatory Closure- Some Facts with Pics, Audio to Sheriff Dept, and More....

On September 6th, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico outside of Roswell, closed mysteriously. The Federal Bureau of Investigation came in, kicked everyone out, and shut down the observatory with no explanation given to the civilian workers, the residents who live around the area, and also shut down the post office in Sunspot, New Mexico. Residents of the area have to drive 60 miles to get their mail and there are more questions raised than answers given.

The news of this closure reached the mainstream media on September 10th, 2018. Coverage of this story was spoken or written about on CBS, Daily Mail, Alamagordo Local ABC affiliate, Zero Hedge, Drudge Report, Coast To Coast AM, Fox News, CNN, and more.

The online forums of Reddit subgroups like Reddit Conspiracy, were on fire with speculation. Misinformation was spreading faster than the facts could leak out to squash the theorizing.
This happened because there were NO answers given by local authorities of Sunspot or surrounding cities for one and only one reason...

They simply didn't know any more than you or I.

Reports came flooding in from the residents of Sunspot, New Mexico:

The above is a screen shot of the quotes gathered by the ABC News Affiliate in the local area around Sunspot, New Mexico.

A local man was also taking his child to the observatory for a family fun day and drove up to see caution tape and the FBI, Blackhawk Helicopters and unmarked black vehicles.
This man called the local sheriff to ask what was going on and whether or not it was safe for his family to be anywhere near the area. Below is the link to the phone call to the Sheriff's office.

The Sunspot Observatory is located very near the White Sands Missile Range. Those of you who are new to this stuff, you should read about what goes down at White Sands, but for all of the small swallowing red-pill people who are building their tolerance to the mirror world reality we all live in, I can sum what White Sands is all about by saying that it was the testing ground for:
(taken from NPS.GOV)

It is located on what is now the Holloman Air Force Base.

There are reports from this area that go from underground labs owned by major Military Industrial Complex developers to the most Top Secret development of Experimental Aircraft of the private and military contractors. If you want to dive down this rabbit hole, either tie off first or don't, but don't say that I didn't warn you.

Rumors started spreading almost immediately regarding the closure of the Sunspot Observatory. Rumors or theories ranging the gambit of plausible and unbelievable scenarios.

One of the first FALSE pieces of data that came out was that the closure came on the wake of a major CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) or "sunspot/solar flare" event. Though there were geomagnetic oddities captured on the various official space weather sites, there was nothing "major" as far as solar geomagnetic storms predicted until the 12th of September.  (Remember that the actual Observatory closed down on the 6th of September and was reported on in mainstream news on the 10th)

Another leaked "intel" report came from someone who claimed to be a DARPA "whistleblower" who surfaced on the controversial 4chan/8chan forums. This person claimed that China was hacking into the Observatory and also listed 6 more observatory links located all around the world that were now "closed."  The links provided went to ERROR messages and "Website no longer available," pages.

This began the the huge 2nd burst of "fake news" that spread all over the internet. The observatories that were listed by this anonymous 8chan user or "DARPA Insider" are not closed down and their websites are fully functional. They just aren't the exact links that were provided on that forum.

Second massive hole in that theory is this: Why would China hack a solar observatory to "spy on the White Sands Missile range and USAF base?"  We have nothing that they don't already have and we are working with China and have been working with China for decades now in our space programs. (I should mention that we also work with Russia very peacefully on the International Space Station, and share information ALL THE TIME)  So this "China Hack" theory is as stupid as it comes. It is just more palate cleansing for people who don't want to think of something far more strange that could've been noticed by the alphabet agencies like the FBI.
Secondly... the satellite technology that we've had in place alongside China for at least the last 20 years, can pin-point the heat signature of someone cooking eggs in their kitchen in the middle of the Kentucky woods! They don't need to hack an Observatory in New Mexico to see what we are up to. Look, if Google and Facebook have proven to have AI that can find your face in a crowd of 100,000 people, then I don't think you need a massive telescope to see what the USAF is up to. Use Logic.

The Sunspot Observatory overlooks the USAF base but it isn't LOOKING AT the base. It is a SOLAR observatory. Solar. Meaning THE SUN!
Don't believe me? Okay...
Here's a diagram of the design of the Observatory.

For my smarter friends out there and my engineers and mechanics and garage good ol' boys... it doesn't take a super genius to see that the Observatory design just isn't conducive for a nefarious spy operation based in China. If it is, then China isn't the superpower we think they are. Period.

So what is around the area other than the USAF base and White Sands and some hippies who go to burning man every year?

Don't worry, I have a map of that too.

Okay... so there's a weather station. A huge hurricane, Florence, is hitting the Southern East Coast right now.
There are other theories coming out about the weather modification stemming from HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Project) and various smaller "harps" around various military bases like Fort Hood in Central Texas, being the reason why the FBI seized the Observatory so that "we couldn't observe the weather modification or weaponization in action pre-Florence."

Look, these Observatories have been active during tons of probable weather modification stemming from HAARP being "turned up to 11."  It's HIGH FREQUENCY auroral manipulation and can only be detected if you KNOW what you are looking for. The average civilian worker at the Sunspot Observatory would have NO reason to look for something like that and it would be almost impossible for them to guess the area of "weather weaponization intended" based on the patterns of the sun. They can tell when solar storms or Kerrington level CME sun burps could happen and if they didn't catch it, a million other data collecting observatories would and would not be able to hide the intel because you'd see everyone running for the water and canned food supplies like rats during an earthquake. Also... if half of the world's elite seem to vaporize overnight from all forms of media, be worried. They are in their underground bunkers gettin' ready for Catastrophe 2018 in comfort.

So... I've logically scratched my head over this and then I had to use my intuition and test the "gut feeling" I had about it all.

I have various ideas of what would be a legitimate reason to shut it down...

1. Federal crimes that had to do with embezzling government funds and using them for inappropriately designated things...i.e. money laundering.
2. Federal crimes involving some sort of underground trafficking of drugs or humans through the intricate network of tunnels under the building.


3. Our space brothers who have been patiently waiting for us to get our sh*t together here on Earth and stop killing each other and using all of earth's resources up to make weapons or to make the pockets of evil sociopathic narcissistic banksters richer and more powerful (if that's even possible), are coming into the solar system because enough of us have said "ENOUGH! We KNOW you are out there!!! This place is being controlled by sociopathic nazis who are trying to take our free will, free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, rights to our own opinions, property, and body for their perverse de-population agenda!"   Don't stop reading. A part of you knows this in your heart and you can't get past the cognitive dissonance you are feeling. But bear with me...

A very common, reasonable, and ordinary woman named Maria Hill who lives in Indiana, posted her photos she took on Facebook in the unlikely attempt to figure out what in the hell she captured on her new iPhone and new telephoto attachment lens. She was taking pictures of the Sun.
She looked at the first few photos and thought, "oh that's odd, lens flare I guess." She put a nuts and bolts filter on the lens... the kind you use when you take a photo of an eclipse.

She took many more photos and after spending a great deal of time enjoying her new iPhone, she went back inside to take a look at her photos on the computer.  This is when Maria discovered something VERY unusual in each photograph.
She decided to do a Facebook video for her friends and show them the pictures by shooting the screen on the computer. (she has since uploaded  these photos to her FB page)
This woman is anything but an alien hunting "conspiracy theorist." She is clearly an average American who legitimately has no idea what she has in those photos. She very matter-of-factly states, "I don't know what this is but it looks like a fleet of space ships, don't it? I mean, I don't know what it is but that is what it looks like to me? Then there's this thing over here..."

Maria goes through several other photographs ranging from strange to stranger. You can clearly see the sun in the photo but you see objects by the hundreds that are surrounding the sun and HUGE Jupiter sized plasma looking orbs that are clearly semi-solid and textured spheres. She shot several photos over a fairly large span of time and the results only became stranger. More and more of these anomalies showed up with each shot.  They seemed to be in motion and would change from frame to frame in direction. The size of the "ships" in comparison to the sun would be something the size of several aircraft carriers if not much much larger. The semi-opaque spheres are planet sized and they are moving and seem to have some sort of core to them.. but you can see textures.

Maria in her ignorance of what these could be compared them to ocean life in the deepest trenches, and went on to state how strange everything is that lives in those deepest regions of the ocean and she states, "I don't know, they kind of remind me of the creatures you see miles and miles down in the darkest part of the ocean. It's so cool though, isn't it?"

Ms. Hill is obviously elated by her photographs and so is the rest of the truth seeking curious minds out there that are trying to find answers in a world that routinely feels like navigating through a labyrinth of mirrors and upside-down is right side up carnival Not-So-Funhouses.

Here are some of the photos taken by Maria Hill: ALL photos belong to Gina Maria Colvin Hill, and I ask that if you want to see more, you should DM her on Facebook.  She seems like a lovely person and she's definitely not selling anything or trying to gain anything from this. The curious minds out there (like myself and many other great researchers who have dug through the weeds  more than I have) found this when we were all scratching our heads over the Sunspot Observatory mysterious shutdown. Whether or not these things are related, I don't know. I do not care if they are related or not related because whatever the case is, these photographs from a humble, hard-working, ordinary person who has nothing to gain from this, are spectacular and make us think about what is going on "up there."  Remember to Subscribe please and let me know what you think or if you have any theories on the closure of the observatory or about anything really....

Live Long and Prosper.
-Melodee Lenz